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    Help with replacing input jacks on AC30CC2 please

    The input jacks on my AC30CC2 have gone bad. They use those crappy plastic Cliff jacks that are flimsy as hell. The jacks are attached to an printed circuit board which is removable when the jack nuts are unscrewed and the ribbon cable is disconnected from the chassis. In addition to the jacks...
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    Help with unknown guitar brand

    Hi guys, a friend of mine returned to her hometown to retrieve some of her late father’s stuff and found this guitar he used to play. The name on the headstock is faded and not easy to decipher. It looks sorta like a Danelectro but who knows. I haven’t seen it first hand, only these pictures...
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    Pickup pole adjustment screws: Type of steel make a difference?

    I read an article a while back regarding the type of steel used for pole adjustment screws can make a difference in tone. I'd like some opinion on this, generally speaking and for P90's in particular. Mojotone has 1010 steel screws for cheap I thought I might give them a try. I've seen...
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    Broken elbow recovery update

    A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had broken my left elbow. I had surgery to fix it, the doctor installed a plate with a cup at the end to hold the broken pieces together. The week before and week after the surgery sucked. Living with only one arm, and the pain. Oh the pain. Things are...
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    Update: Won’t be playing guitar for a good while

    Saw the surgeon today. The elbow is a ball and socket joint, and the socket part of mine is broken into two pieces. He said the best way to fix it is install it plate with a cupped end that will hold the two pieces together and strengthen them. The plate will be screwed into the bone of my...
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    Won’t be playing guitar for a good while

    I fell last night and broke my elbow. Spent 5 hours in the ER. They had a surgeon look at the X-ray and he said I would need surgery to fix it. It sucks. It really sucks.
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    Got a bum finger, and I’m worried.

    Last summer I was installing a light bulb when it broke in my hand. I was cut in two or three places, and after they healed I realized that one spot had a piece of glass inside. It didn’t bother me too much and I figured I’d get it removed sooner or later. Last week it flared up and became...
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    Question about going to an upper crust restaurant

    I'm taking my girlfriend to a swanky steakhouse this weekend, one of the best in the city (Atlanta has several) and as usual with this kind of place the portions are enormous. This isn't my first time at a place like this, I've done it numerous times through the years. Now that I'm older I...
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    Check out these custom made metal picks

    I recently facebooked a woman who seemed interesting to me. She is a metalsmith who makes custom jewelry out of all sorts of interesting materials. I messaged her asking if she could make me a metal pick, not knowing one of products she produces was exactly that. She uses different metals and I...
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    Ready for Armageddon now

    Tropical storm Zeta is coming for a visit to Georgia tomorrow and Thursday, and since the power fails in my area when a bird flaps its wings, I figured out a way to keep the power from going out because if it. I went out and bought some non-perishable stuff to tide me over, a butane burner to...
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    Botox injections for migraines

    Yesterday I had Botox injections for my headaches. We had tried a number of preventative medications and nothing has worked. My neurologist explained about it and said it was quite successful, and has been used as treatment for more than twenty years. At the point I'm at I'll try just about...
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    Dumb question about fiber board

    I need to make a baseplate out of the stuff but not sure what I should use to cut it. Coping saw? Hacksaw? Razor knive?
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    Harley Benton SC Junior update yet again...

    Ok, I gave up on the 250k long shaft pots, I couldn't get them loose enough for me. I know I'm not alone in preferring low torque pots, I don't know why more manufacturers don't make them. As it turns out, The 500k pots worked fine anyway. I had to replace the knobs for the imperial sized pots...
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    Volume pot dilemma for Harley Benton Junior

    This will probably seem like comedy. So I've got this Harley Benton Junior, it's a well made guitar. I don't like the pots in it however, too high torque. I like them to be low torque for volume swells and whatever. I've been using Mojotone Vintage Taper pots in my other guitars, I like them. I...
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    Just arrived: Harley Benton single cut Junior!

    I literally just unboxed it and had a look. My work week ended today and I'm bushed, so it will have to wait until tomorrow before i put it through it's paces, but here are first impressions. Finish superb, I mean it. Shiny, man shiny. Hardware very good. I've seen a lot of cheap hardware...
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    Old hifi speaker cab conversion

    Last year I bought an old two cabinet tube record player from the late fifties at a thrift store for $40. I haven't looked at the amp in detail, it's some kind of weird early stereo amp, hence it had two cabinets. The cabs are real nice furniture. For speaker design, not so much. As enormous...
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    Had a humbling experience Saturday night, a life lesson.

    I got home from work and didn't feel like cooking that night so after sunset I went to a local restaurant where I am a regular. The owner was in a festive mood and was buying people drinks and was giving the regulars a bottle of wine as they left as a Christmas gift. I had a very nice dinner and...
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    Update on my "Stressed and Depressed" thread from last June

    Some of you may remember a thread I started back in June, stating I was feeling really low and depressed due to the death of one of my sisters and other issues in my life, that thread is here. A lot has happened since then, I'd like to supply a follow up. The issue I mentioned in the original...
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    Told Alexa to play some Kansas tonight

    It’s been a while. It’s nice to remember how great this band was in their heyday and how much enjoyment they gave me. They sure don’t make them like that anymore.
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    Been watching a Munsters marathon, I love this show

    I have to say: To hell with Marilyn, Lily Munster is ******* HOT!!!!
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    I'm having no success frying potatoes, please help.

    I'm a good cook. I just can't seem to successfully fry a pan of potatoes. They turn out burnt, they turn out raw, they just generally suck. A friend of mine at work brings a huge pan of fried potatoes to our department breakfasts done by his sister and they are just wonderful. Tips and advise...
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    GFS body/neck combos, get one while you can

    GFS has another lot of closeout bodies and necks for sale, these are the set neck Fender types that are prefinished, and some Gibson types too. I have an Esquire I built from one of these and it's a very good guitar. A little fret work and a better nut was all it needed, and the hardware of...
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    I’m depressed and need to laugh. Tell me a joke.

    I’ll start: A man went to a night club for an audition as a piano player. He sat down and began to play the most beautiful melody. People began to gather around to listen and when he was done the room burst into applause. The manager said "that was the most beautiful song I have ever heard...
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    I’m depressed and need to laugh. Tell me a joke.

    I’ll start: A man went to a night club for an audition as a piano player. He sat down and began to play the most beautiful melody. People began to gather around to listen and when he was done the room burst into applause. The manager said "that was the most beautiful song I have ever heard, was...
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    Help needed with speaker date code please

    I have an old record player from the fifties I am working on. I haven’t removed the amp yet so I’m trying to figure out how old it is via the speakers. I got the manufacture, Consolidated, but the rest of the code doesn’t match any date code chart I’ve found. Any ideas?

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