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    Idea for series/parallel + coil tap wiring: feedback please?

    As someone relatively new to guitar pickups and their tonalities, I want a setup that lets me test humbuckers in series, parallel and split coil all in the same guitar. I couldn't find any exact wiring for what I had in mind, so I came up with this and thought I'd share (firstly to get feedback...
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    Single-sized humbuckers that sound like Teles when coil tapped?

    Hi! I'm new here, let me know if I'm not doing this right. Okay I have a tele thinline with two stock single coils. Right now this is my only guitar, and i don't have space to get another. I'm missing the sound of humbuckers, but I really like the feel of this guitar, and I don't want to route...

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