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  1. mrsongbird

    “Save the Last Dance for Me” Saturday Jam

    My take on this Drifters classic- hope you enjoy!
  2. mrsongbird

    “The Times They Are a-Changin’” Saturday Jam

    I’ve still got a bit of Covid-voice, but here’s a little Bob for you, if you’re so inclined: Hope you enjoy!
  3. mrsongbird

    “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” Saturday Jam

    A little Mother’s Day treat from my sister and me- hope you enjoy!
  4. mrsongbird

    “What Light” Wilco Cover

    Enjoying a nice day in my backyard for once (after one long winter)- here’s a Wilco tune!
  5. mrsongbird

    “Break It to Me Gently” Saturday Jam

    My take on Brenda Lee’s weeper of a song- hope you enjoy!
  6. mrsongbird

    “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” Elvis Costello Cover

    Figured this one out this week- it has a ton of crazy lyrics. A clam here and there, but anyways, hope you enjoy!
  7. mrsongbird

    “Take These Chains From My Heart” Saturday Jam

    A little Hank for my dad’s birthday- hope you enjoy!
  8. mrsongbird

    “Can’t Stay Away From You” Saturday Slow Jam

    My take on Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions- hope you enjoy!
  9. mrsongbird

    “Jerusalem, New York, Berlin” Vampire Weekend Cover

    Today’s Saturday Jam is the closing track off of Vampire Weekend’s album Father of the Bride: “Jerusalem, New York, Berlin.” I was listening to this on my way to school the other day and thought it might sound good with just my Martin. Also, sometimes for quieter songs like this, I turn off...
  10. mrsongbird

    “Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet” Saturday Jam

    Today’s Saturday Jam is a lullaby I learned from The Everly Brothers’ Songs Our Daddy Taught Us- I used to sing this to all my kids whenever I rocked them to sleep. My mom requested more mandolin, so I threw a little bit of that in too with my second vocal. Just a sweet little tune with a...
  11. mrsongbird

    “Uptown” Roy Orbison Cover

    I remember driving through the mountains of Colorado on a road trip with my family and my parents listening to a Roy Orbison Monument greatest hits collection, which is probably where I fell in love with Roy’s voice and way with a song. When I’ve done a Roy number in the past on this channel...
  12. mrsongbird

    “Killing the Blues” Plant/Krauss cover w/ my sister

    Here’s me and my sister taking on this awesome tune that I first heard from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss- hope you enjoy!
  13. mrsongbird

    “There’s a Place” Saturday Morning Beatles Cover

    My garage-rocky take on this early Beatles gem- vocals are kinda low because I was rocking a little too hard. This song is a lot of fun and sounds like it could’ve came out yesterday, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy!
  14. mrsongbird

    “No Expectations” Stones Saturday Jam

    My pal Jim and I doing one of our favorites off of Beggars Banquet after school the other day- hope you enjoy!
  15. mrsongbird

    “Thick as a Brick pt. 1” Saturday Jam

    I was too much of a wimp to do all 18 minutes, but here’s me and my sister doing some Tull! Hope you like it!
  16. mrsongbird

    “Be My Baby” Saturday Jam

    Seemed like a good one to put together yesterday with the worst drummer and bass player I’ve ever had on my channel (me and also me)- hope you enjoy! RIP Ronnie!
  17. mrsongbird

    “Hearts on Fire” Gram Parsons Saturday Morning Jam

    My take on this Gram Parsons weeper on a lovely snowy Saturday morning- hope you enjoy!
  18. mrsongbird

    “Lost in the Supermarket” Saturday Jam

    One for my oldest boy, who is obsessed with The Clash right now- here’s my take on this classic from London Calling- hope you like it- Happy New Year!
  19. mrsongbird

    “Pretty Paper” Christmas Jam

    My pals and I jamming out on this Willie Nelson/Roy Orbison Christmas classic after hours in my classroom earlier this week- hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!
  20. mrsongbird

    “Joanne” Saturday Jam (RIP Michael Nesmith)

    Had pneumonia last week for the first time (!) and was finally able to do a little bit of singing and playing yesterday (though not my best, for sure)- recorded this little Nesmith tune that I’ve always loved. Hope you enjoy!
  21. mrsongbird

    “The Long and Winding Road” Saturday Jam

    I have been fighting the flu all week and between that and being away from my students for most of this week (it was a very hard week to be away for three days), I was feeling very melancholy and blue. Decided to figure this one out and post it- I’ll warn you: I’m not at my best. This is me with...
  22. mrsongbird

    “Brokedown Palace” Grateful Thanksgiving Jam

    A little take on the Dead for today! Happy Thanksgiving, TDPRI!
  23. mrsongbird

    “Helpless” Saturday Jam

    Another Neil cover from a trip up north a month ago- I really like the vibes of this video my wife took! Hope you enjoy!
  24. mrsongbird

    “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)” Saturday Jam

    Heard this one for the first time in the closing credits of Midsommar- I was struck by how lovely it was and decided to take a spin on it!
  25. mrsongbird

    “Tell Me Why” Saturday Jam

    Took a trip up north a couple weeks ago and my wife took a couple videos of me playing- here’s my take on Neil Young’s classic! Hope you enjoy!