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  1. RLee77

    If you're REALLY into the Who...

    Now you can have the van... ... except it's sold out.
  2. RLee77

    Fender Custom Shop HST Journeyman

    I thought this looked pretty cool, then I saw the price... ha. Still cool, but too much $$.
  3. RLee77

    Replaced my warped pickguard

    It started with a string change on my tele, and ended up with a new pickguard. After getting the new strings on, I noticed that fretting notes around the 10th fret on the g b e strings caused a muted “plink” sound. I’m like wtf, did the neck somehow shift? Then I noticed that the plinking was...
  4. RLee77

    Brilliant Missing dog flyer

    Saw this sign for a lost dog online, cracked me up, thought I’d share... reward marked down 50%, lol.
  5. RLee77


    So I was doing final sanding on my truOiled neck, got it pretty much where I wanted it, sort of a satin finish. Decided to pull the protective tape off the fretboard, as I was not going to apply any more truOil. Was holding the neck in one hand, sitting at my workbench, and started pulling the...
  6. RLee77

    Wood neck vs ... solid aluminum!

    New Joe Gore video... a very nicely done before/after comparison between standard wood neck and a solid aluminum neck on a strat. What do you think?
  7. RLee77

    Soldering Defluxificator

    Just got this soldering fume filtering unit today, seems fairly decent. Looked at many, read reviews, this one seemed the best fit and function for me for the price. What do others here use, to allow safe soldering in a home office type situation? For me, garage workshop is too chilly here...
  8. RLee77

    “Science” in Advertising

    I find an abundance of hilarity in tv advertisements that attempt to show “scientific” proof that their product is truly amazing. This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it... The product is a weighted heating pad. They seem dead set on proving it weighs more than other cheap &...
  9. RLee77

    New BYOC Harmonic Trem kit

    Just got an email announce from byoc that their new brownface harmonic trem kit is now shipping...
  10. RLee77

    NSA: New Supro Amp!

    I finally pulled the trigger on an amp I’ve been threatening to buy for a few years: a Supro Comet 1610RT. I ran across a reverb deal on a used one, heavily discounted even though it was marked as excellent condition, and I couldn’t resist. Single-ended 6L6 output, switchable 6/14w output...
  11. RLee77

    Slide guitar

    For the slide guitarists here — do you typically just grab a slide and use it on your normal guitars, or do you mostly have a special guitar that you’ve set up for slide, with a higher action or elevated nut? For songs that require mostly normal (non-slide) fretting work and chords, with just a...
  12. RLee77

    Mineral cheese?

    i just opened up a container of mineral spirits to clean out some brushes I used to apply danish oil to an old dresser I’m refinishing, and when I poured it, the first 6 ounces or so looked normal, then it started glopping out looking very much like cottage cheese... wth? Is that normal? I...
  13. RLee77

    A wood fired convert

    Last Saturday I bought a Traeger Ironwood 885 wood pellet grill, and I’ve discovered that this thing is an amazing smoking and grilling monster, and it’s so simple that even I can fool people into thinking I know what I’m doing. I knew nothing about wood pellet grills until a few days ago (what...
  14. RLee77

    Simple and natural finishes for pine

    I have an old pine dresser I’m refinishing, and although it’s not guitar shaped, I thought I’d ask here for advice on what types of finishes others like on pine. I want a natural-looking finish that maybe darkens the wood slightly, but not too much, dries odor-free after 3 or 4 days (or a week...
  15. RLee77

    Hot/cold water conundrum

    I recently moved into a new (to me) house in Reno. It’s appointed very nicely, high quality fixtures, great construction throughout. But several of the sinks exhibit very weird and inexplicable behavior when attempting to adjust the hot & cold water temp. I’ll start the hot water running with...
  16. RLee77

    Headphones at a concert?

    Just saw this article, and my first thought was, "That's silly!" And I still tend to think it is, but after reading it, I can see where it might be cool to be able to control the mix. Especially since some venues (and sometimes...
  17. RLee77

    We’re outnumbered...

    Just glanced at the Members Online Now stats banner at the bottom of the home page, and there are more robots here than members... :eek: Total: 1,139 (members: 101, guests: 754, robots: 284) Don’t make any threatening moves, I’m thinking... unless you’re a robot, I suppose. I’m not. Or am I?
  18. RLee77

    Neck break fixable?

    My dad sent me this pic of his acoustic that he knocked over and broke the neck. He asked me if it was fixable, or worth fixing, and I’m not experienced with this type of repair. He’s not really sure what the guitar is worth. What do you think?
  19. RLee77

    Tele hardcases

    So I just returned from a GC store visit (and also the local Starving Musician store) empty-handed. I had a small hope that I’d be able to find an acceptable-quality hardcase for my built tele for under $60 or $70. Cheap, but not junk. I just need something to protect it during a 4 hour drive...
  20. RLee77

    The Vantasner Danger Meridian

    Anyone watching the Amazon series “Patriot”? I just finished episode 3 of the recently available season 2 (which the title of the thread refers to). If you have never seen it, it is hands down the most hilarious, brilliant, offbeat and satisfying show I have ever seen. Seriously. The...
  21. RLee77

    Finish testing done, time to choose

    In a previous thread I mentioned that I was experimenting with several types of finishing methods on a test board of white maple, before picking one to use on my flame maple warmoth neck. Well I completed putting the finishes on the test board of white maple, and as promised here are the...
  22. RLee77


    An all-acronym title, but somehow I think everyone will immediately get it... I stumbled across this pine cab Princeton reverb reissue on Reverb, and love the look and the 12” speaker. GASSING! I should stop browsing Reverb...
  23. RLee77

    New Fender American Pro strat

    Just saw this come across my email... has some cool things about it. For those who always wanted a pink(ish) (actually rose gold) strat, here ya go. But I really like the neck, the way the rosewood looks on the headstock itself. Back of the neck is cool too. Link...
  24. RLee77

    Oooh oohh that smell...

    So there's this guy at work that rather obviously, a number of weeks ago, decided to start liberally applying Axe body spray before coming in. I work in a very large company, in a building that is several floors, with each floor being many thousands of sq. ft. of cubes. The humorous thing is...
  25. RLee77

    Vocal ability... natural vs training

    I’m interested to hear what others think on this topic. Can a great vocalist emerge from someone who did not start out with what we’d call “natural ability”, but who devotes him/herself to constant training and practice? By natural ability, I don’t mean someone who is instantly spot-on, since...