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    The Tube Screamer Club!

    I have a ts5, 9, 808, visual sound rt808,
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Just added last weekend an SD-1 Wazacraft. So i now have Made in Taiwan, Malaysia, and waza. Hopefully, i will still find a Japanese one
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Updating my collection list with a new SD1 40TH Anniversary edition.
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    Sd1 question

    Thats what i did to my 2 THD SD-1. to cut if there is too much treble, its easier since you only have to roll back the tone control
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    Sd1 question

    Hello, does anybody think the SD-1 SMT needs the C6 mod? If yes, has anybody done it? Thanks
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    Zakk Wylde OD. Who knew?

    Hello all. I have an MXR bezerker overdrive, however the switch is a little hard. Can the switch be replaced easily? What part number? Thanks
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    Mxr swtch question

    Hello all. I have an MXR bezerker overdrive, however the switch is a little hard. Can the switch be replaced easily? What part number? Thanks
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    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    Maybe for 1 guitar bands, the bd2 comes out, but when theres amother guitar player keyboards horns, the ts9 or the sd1 (my favorite) does the job
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    An interesting FYI for DOD Gunslinger owners...

    good to know. i thought it was a very good pedal and for a while it was my replacement for the hm2 but the too much mids probably was ear fatiguing. i remember using it with a borrowed roland cube 80 and it sounded so nice. i'll try to look for a used one again
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    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    if you want a very versatile pedal that can be transparent, midboost, more bass etc the EHX Crayon is hard to beat.very affordable too. i have tried stacking it with an OCD you can easily find a tone tomatch or compensate. it does the bd2 and ts9/sd1 thing very well
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    Gave away some pedals

    yeah thats what i figured. Im not so guilty about having a lot of pedals i wont be able to use.
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    Gave away some pedals

    I scored a whole boss pedalboard with pedals inside and increased my pedal count. it also made me have several pedals i wont ever use so i when i went to jam i gave away my budget copies of tubescreamer, flanger, and EQ. Made some friends really happy before Christmas
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    Do you own any Boss pedals?

    my boss pedals so far: sd1- 2 od3- 2 ch1- 2 dd3- 2 mt-2 2 bf1 1 ps6 1 bd2 1 ds14a 1 tu-3 1
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Adding to my humble collection. For the price of the bcb 60, i scored it at the pawnshop with the following pedals inside, all MIT, and in like new condition: TU3, OD-3, MT2, PS-6, CH -1 and DD3.
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    Boss SD-1 40th Anniversary Pedal

    For the guys who have both the old and new SMT Sd1, do you think the SMT needs the C6 mod?
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    just got it today Boss BF-2 MIT used!
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    high nut question

    hello, does a high nut throw off the intonation? the G note on my low E sounds sharp when i play the cowbow G chord, tried moving the bridge saddle but the intonation on the 12 fret will also be off
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    Jimmy McCulloch playing a sunburst Fender Stratocaster

    " I thought he was a real solid-blues rocker type, tasty too. Kind of that journeyman many of us aspire to be. He has good phrasing and IMO, good playing will produce good tone because the player's style transcends gear...." i saw him on the Wings Rockshow and impressed me, his melodic blues...
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    strat "yellowing" question

    would using automotive paint be great for a guitar? its shiny but not needs clear gloss
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    strat "yellowing" question

    remember reading its not the white paint that yellows but the clear coat. so maybe the question should be : what white guitars are not clear coated?
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    strat "yellowing" question

    Howdy, i'd like to have a white strat that WILL NOT yellow or amber. is there a white fender or squier that will not yellow? thanks , LDR
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    New Blues Driver SMT

    THD through hole design- the old circuit where the components go through the PCB- most pre-2016 boss pedals SMT- surface mount design/technology- post 201 circuit boards heres an image i grabbed from Monte Allums mods
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    updating again: NEW BD-2 Bluesdriver SMT more quieter and no fizz/splatt
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    New Blues Driver SMT

    hello guys, just got a new BD-2 Blues driver which is in the black box and SMT circuit. the SMT version is quieter and more importantly, no more of that fizz that plagued the THD version. currently, im going to use it as my slightly dirty sound/boost to the SD1(medium gain) and whatever higher...
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    So what's your guitar store riff?

    Something from Judas priest, Dokken , Acdc

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