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  1. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Idle Noise Cured

    I've posted snippets about what I've been doing with the new 68 CDR I bought last year around this time that was infested with racket that made the thing a door stop. The simple stuff, tube swapping, bias, reverb tank spin, new reverb tank & cables, etc. were not really what I could call...
  2. SoK66

    Windows 10 & VMWare Fusion 12 No USB

    Last summer I finally upgraded the OS on my iMac 27" to Catalina. I have run VMWare Fusion & Windows 10 on it for years flawlessly, but after the Catalina upgrade I lost external USB drive functionality under Windows 10. However, USB drives works great with Catalina. Now the odd part. Fusion...
  3. SoK66

    Fender Robben Ford Guitar - Who Out The Has One?

    I have two, both '93 Ibanez made Ultras. I had a 2000 Custom Shop Elite that I didn't care for and sold. Curious what other Forum mavens have 'em and their setups, etc.
  4. SoK66

    Xicon Carbon Comp Resistor Drift.

    Realizing it has been 15 years since I had recapped my beloved warhorse AB763 '68 Super Reverb, I got into it with the intent of a simple recap...WRONG! It has been infrequently used over the period of time since I went through it last. When I recapped it back then I discovered many of the...
  5. SoK66

    Orange Drop Caps 418P vs 715?

    Can someone explain the difference between these two types of Orange Drop caps? In my capacitor inventory I discovered some Torres SBE418P .1 capacitors, which some Google work appear to be the same as the PS6 caps. These I somehow got from Torres a long time ago and never used. I also have a...
  6. SoK66


    Probably WAY past time I should have purchased a ‘scope. I see some fairly inexpensive ones on Ebay, mostly Chinese. Would something like that be adequate for amp work? I’m not sure the spec I should be looking for. I’ve seen some old Heathkits advertised as well. I’m told I can adapt a PC to...
  7. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, where are the main chassis grounding points?

    My new '68 Cusom Deluxe Reverb has an unacceptable hum that doesn't change with the volume pot position(s). Unmistakeable PT or filament hum to me. I've studied the layout diagram and schematic and now know where the heater leads from the PT connect to the main board, and where the 100 ohm...
  8. SoK66

    Z5U Ceramic Caps as Vintage Amp Service Replacements?

    Searched this extensively but haven't found a specific answer or consensus on this topic. Given their temperature-related variability, is it acceptable to use Z5U rated ceramic caps as replacements in vintage amps? We're seeing more & more vintage Fenders where the old red Sprague 500v caps have...
  9. SoK66

    ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb...BAH!!!!

    Not exactly thrilled with this new amp. Yeah, it has the hum, hiss & trem tick, and the speaker & tubes are a meh. But, my favorite: The primary input jacknon the Custom channel is crackling if you move it even slightly. Could be a bad jack, or maybe just a poor solder connection to the pots &...
  10. SoK66

    What soldering station do you use?

    Time for me to get a soldering station. I had assumed one of the Wellers would be the ticket, but I've read some bad reviews that put me off. Apparently their designs were dumbed down and China production not great. There are some other brands out there but I'm not familiar with any of them. So...
  11. SoK66

    Power Transformer Hum, Not Through The Speakers

    My home built low power Twin (Mojo kit mostly) exhibits a faint hum when you power it on. The hum doesn't come through the speakers, the unit itself hums. The amp is otherwise fairly silent and sounds great. Never encountered this before. I checked the mounting screws, etc. to make sure it...
  12. SoK66

    Vertex Ultraphonix Pedal - Yea, Nay?

    Saw a video on this one and it sounded like an excellent unit. Any real world experinces to report?
  13. SoK66

    Fender's Reissue '64 DR, Why the 10k Grid Resistors?

    Noticed looking at photos of the '64 RI that Fender added what appear to be 10k resistors directly on the grids of the preamp tubes. Noticed this on the '57 Bandmaster they released some time ago. Can anyone tell us what those are for? They are in addition to the normal 68k resistors onn the jacks.
  14. SoK66

    57 Twin Ri

    Both triodes of V3 & the first triode of v4 are the tone & presence stages. The second triode of V4 is the phase inverter.
  15. SoK66

    '68 Sparkle Tele Neck Pickup

    Without going too long winded, I have an original '68 silver sparkle Tele I've owned since '73. Althugh it had been extensively, "modified" over the years, I'd kept the original parts. Since '07 its undergone a restoration back to its original spec. The dilema is now the weak neck...
  16. SoK66

    New AVRI vs Old AVRI?

    In a nutshell, other than the price increase, what's actually changed on the latest AVRI? Are there actually any changes or is this just Fender hype?
  17. SoK66

    Fender Pro Reverb

    I found this one in an upstate NY guitar store about 20 years ago. Was on consignment by an old gent who'd used it for years on the Chitlin' Circuit, backing up everbody who was anybody in R&B. When you fired it up it smelled like fried chicken, I swear. Just needed a cap job & a couple...
  18. SoK66

    AVRI '56 vs CS '56?

    Just curious if anyone has been able to compare the new AVRI '56 Strat with a Custom Shop '56?
  19. SoK66

    Speakers for Low Power Twin?

    I recently finished a low power Twin build, which I'd planned to use a pair of Kendrick 12's I've had on the shelf for years. Turned out the magnets are about 1/4" too large and they won't fit. Used a pair of Weber 12F150s I had as a temporary fit, but want to get some alnicos. So, here's some...
  20. SoK66

    Low Power Twin Speakers

    I recently finished a "mostly Mojo" LPTT build into which I'd planned to use a set of Kendrick black frame 12s I've had laying around since the early 90s. Turned out they were about 1/4" too tall to fit into the cabinet. Had a pair of 25w 12F150s laying around so for the time being they're...
  21. SoK66

    1960 ES335 Case? HAH!

    Scam alert: This is NOT a 1960 case. Seller insists it is, buyer beware. Purple lined, logoed cases started around mid - '69.
  22. SoK66

    Metroamps shutters their kit business

    Metroamps was offering by far the best amp kits on the market, all Marshall clones from the classic mid - late 60s era. Great as the kits were, they just couldn't make a profit on them, or the very cool parts business that accompanied it. Owner George Metropolous recently posted on his website...
  23. SoK66

    '68 Tele Wiring & Pots Question

    I've got a Feb '68 Tele refurb project I'm working on and am down to getting the wiring & pots right. Most of the details on it are more '67 than later '68. That is, it has threaded saddles, recessed ferrules, etc. Looking at the switch it appears it may have been originally been wired like a...
  24. SoK66

    Late 60s Tele pot values?

    Anyone know what the pot values were 67 - 69? I've been searching my archives and it's not well delineated, but a some point CBS Fender started using 1 meg pots for both vol & tone, ratehr than the more customary 250k'ers. I've googled the subject but info seems to be pretty sketchy. Thanks!
  25. SoK66

    Sparkle Silver Tele Resurrection

    I've posted the story of my restored '68 sparkle tele here on the TDPRI before, but I'm now at a crossroads with it and need some feedback before I take the next step. I've got this '68 Tele that I've had since '73. (Pic attached) It was originally sparkle silver, one of about 50 sparkle...