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  1. Charlie Bernstein

    Grabbing a song off Reverb Nation

    For no good reason, I posted a few songs on a while back. I've lost the original recording of one of them. Is there a way to grab it off my Reverb Nation page and put it on my desktop? I hate losing it. Thanks!
  2. Charlie Bernstein

    I only like playing two kinds of songs:

    The ones I wrote and the ones I wish I wrote. Realized it yesterday while I was playing Billy Joe Royal's "Down In the Boondocks."
  3. Charlie Bernstein

    DAW advice, please.

    I'd like to do some live recording via a Focusrite Claret eight-pre interface. No effects, plug-ins, or additional tracks. What's a laptop that can do a good job of it? I'm a Mac guy, but maybe there are good PCs that cost less and will do the same thing. And the only software I've ever used...
  4. Charlie Bernstein

    Do you use an ART tube mic preamp?

    Someone gave me an ART Professional Mic Preamp, and I don't know what to do with it. What do you use it for? What happens? What do you like about it? I've read the description but still don't quite get it. Thanks!
  5. Charlie Bernstein

    The latest

    Don't need any help with this, just thought I'd share. Haven't done much writing lately, so it was nice to bang this one out: “Don’t Knock It Till You Try It” copyright Leon Fullerton verses: G C / G D / G C / G D G - / chorus: C G / D G / C G / D G / Open G Piedmont rag...
  6. Charlie Bernstein

    My wife wants to make shepherd's pie for Saint Pat's Day . . .

    . . . so now I have to go out and kill a shepherd. . . .
  7. Charlie Bernstein

    Quilter versus Tech 21 Blonde

    Hey! I have a Quilter Microblock 45 mini-amp and a Tech 21 Blonde stompbox. The Quilter is for plugging into a 210 cabinet, and the Blonde is for plugging into PAs. My questions: - Can the Quilter run straight into a PA? - Can the Blonde run straight into the 210 cab? If they can, I...
  8. Charlie Bernstein

    Your favorite acoustic blues guitar tunes

    When the virus has blown over, I'll be getting back together with my blues harp buddy and with luck gigging again. So I've been adding a few blues songs to my rep. Have any recommendations — tunes you love to play and people like hearing? What are your must-plays? Here's a highly incomplete...
  9. Charlie Bernstein

    What's your favorite Billy Bragg album?

    I've loved the guy for years but have never gotten around to buying one. What do you recommend? (I already have the BB/Wilco Mermaid Avenue CDs.) Thanks! cb
  10. Charlie Bernstein

    Clarett USB or Thunderbolt?

    Aside from prices, what's the difference? Yes, I'm a total techno-weenie. Thanks! cb ( •)—:::
  11. Charlie Bernstein

    Know anything about melodicas?

    . . . a.k.a. pianicas, melodions . . . . I want one. I'll spend from $50 to $150. I won't get another, so this one has to last. What's hot? What's not? Thanks! cb
  12. Charlie Bernstein

    Guild Orpheum TKL cases

    I've been looking online at cases for my Guild dreadnought. I like TKLs. There are several ads for Guild Orpheum dread cases by TKL. I know Orpheums are a Guild line, but I don't know what the word has to do with cases. So: - Are they made in Canada like other TKLs? - Will a standard Guild...
  13. Charlie Bernstein

    Follow-up to my rum question: a great website!

    I got a lot of great answers to my recent question about your favorite rums. (Thank you thank you thank you!) And today I found this: American Rum Report If you're a rummy, you can find all the rum distilleries in your state, with website links. How much fun is that? There are seven in...
  14. Charlie Bernstein

    Best three out of four?

    My new board has room for three overdrives. There are four kinds I like: - clean boosts (Yes, I'm calling that overdrive. Work with me here.) - TS clones - Klon clones - Marshall Guv'nor clones So which three would you pick, and why? Thanks! cb
  15. Charlie Bernstein

    Rum advice

    Winter's around the corner. What are some good unspiced dark rums?
  16. Charlie Bernstein

    A question for music teachers

    After years of playing guitar and writing songs as a hobby, retirement has given me the chance to gig. Before the Coronapocalypse, I had two pub gigs a month plus a couple of summer festivals every year. The Coronocaust has put the kibosh on that, but I still hope to get back to gigging someday...
  17. Charlie Bernstein

    New project: learning more of 'em!

    I can sing and play some of my songs at gigs. But just a handful. And that's not enough. And since gigging is yesterday's papers, I've started a learn-a-few-more project. It's something I should've done a long time ago: 1. I put all my instruments into their cases except the flattop...
  18. Charlie Bernstein

    Help! Too many verses!

    Warning: If you don't like lines that childishly rhyme (ref. the current imperfect rhyme thread), stop reading here! Okay, now for the rest of you: I'm working on a musical. This tune will be the grand finale. You know how sometimes you just can't stop coming up with verses to a song? There...
  19. Charlie Bernstein

    Line inputs? What are THEY for? =O.

    I'm thinking of getting the Focusrite Clarett 4Pre. It's blurb says it has "four variable line inputs." What does that mean? What do they do? How do they work? What do you need to use them? Can you hear them when recording? Thanks!
  20. Charlie Bernstein

    Round straps for mandos

    The round straps for mandolins that Lakota Leathers sells look kind of cool. I have my forever mando but still haven't found its forever strap. Have you used a round mando strap? How does it compare with flat straps? Round Lakota straps Thanks!
  21. Charlie Bernstein

    Having trouble getting into Mandolin Cafe?

    When I try to go there, I get this: What gives? =O.
  22. Charlie Bernstein

    Faulkner: Help!

    Just started reading his book Go Down, Moses. Slogged through the first story, "Was." I'm going to give it another try, because I kept getting lost. I usually don't have reading comprehension problems. I'm fine with Shakespeare and Pynchon, made it through Ulysses unscathed, and have enjoyed...
  23. Charlie Bernstein

    Richard Russo on writing

    As we've mentioned here a few times, some artists make art to go into themselves and others make art to get out of themselves. (There are other reasons, but those are biggies.) Novelist Richard Russo wrote the cover story for this month's Harper's Magazine, "If I Were You." Like me, he writes...
  24. Charlie Bernstein

    Rewriting covers

    When I'm not writing and playing my own stuff, I do covers. But I rewrite 'em my way. Musically, it's almost always a new arrangement, a new groove. Lyrically, sometimes I just change a few words, sometimes I swap out most of 'em. For us blues hounds it's legitimate because that's the...
  25. Charlie Bernstein

    Pick three lyricists . . .

    Pick three lyricists living or dead you'd like to have critique or respond to your lyrics - and tell why. I'll go first: Ray Davies: the jaded romantic. Woody Guthrie: the soul of America. Bob Hunter: the quintessential space cowboy. They write about what I think about - and they do it so...