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  1. Bruxist

    Rest in Peace Fred Ward
  2. Bruxist

    The Guitars of Keith Richards: A Short History from Five Watt World

    Cool video. Forgive me if it was posted elsewhere. I definitely learned a few things. I do not think I knew the Can't Get No Satisfaction riff was played on a Firebird.
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    NGD: Epiphone Firebird

    So, Firebirds have never been among my "always wanted one" guitars, like a black 70's strat with maple fretboard, Ric 330, or Gibson Les Paul Custom. At least, not until recently. I have a firebird pickup in the neck of a tele and it is amazing, so I have been thinking about how much I...
  4. Bruxist

    Neck-through guitar and GC Warranty

    I have a neck-through guitar on layaway at Guitar Center, waiting for Pawn Clearance (stay tuned for a NGD soon). When I put the deposit down, they made the pitch for their warranty and how the manufacturer would not honor any warranty with it being used. Normally, I would not be too worried...
  5. Bruxist

    Black Screws for Telecaster Neck Pickup Pickguard Mount?

    Anyone know of a source for these? I have some of the DiMarzio ones that say they are for strat or tele, but they have huge screwheads compared to standard ones. Thanks!
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    Cavalier spotted in the wild!

    On my local Craigslist:
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    4 Way with Out of Phase

    Anyone have a diagram for a 4 way switch config that is B, B+N in phase, B+N OoP, N? (Or B, B+N OoP, B+N in phase, N -- I don't care) Whenever you search for 4 way with out of phase the diags that come up are usually 4-way series wiring with a separate switch or P-P pot for OoP. Thanks!
  8. Bruxist

    NND: New Neck Day

    Got my Squier Tele Deluxe neck from Stratosphere yesterday and attached to my Telecaster Custom II. Added some Gotoh SD-91 locking tuners I had bought for my SRV sig strat but then decided to keep the gold hardware. Other changes I had already made were a new black pickguard, new fillisters...
  9. Bruxist

    Wire Question

    I have recently runout of modern insulated wire and was wondering were you folks usually get yours. I still have some pushback, cloth insulated. I usually use like with like. Additionally, the next wiring job is going to be a little tight so I think the thinner overall diameter of the modern...
  10. Bruxist

    Body and neck matchup

    Was looking at putting a CV Tele Deluxe neck on a Squier VM Telecaster Custom II. I *looks* like the neck is rounded like a strat neck and the pocket on the body is squared like a standard tele. Other than the possibility of a slight gap at the corners, does this matchup look like it will work...
  11. Bruxist

    Well, that's different: 2021 Gibson Les Paul Junior Rhythm
  12. Bruxist

    Squier Serial Number Anomolies

    So, I have a couple of classic vibes, and all have the standard waterslide serial number on the back. I noticed several Squiers at Music Go Round that have what looks like a decal under one or more layers of clear coat. Basses, teles, and others. Pics from a CV Tele Deluxe at MGR vs one I...
  13. Bruxist

    Do you use your phase switch?

    Do you use out-of-phase sounds if you have them installed in your tele? Am thinking of putting a phase switch in a HS tele build but trying to decide if it is worth it. Thanks for your input!
  14. Bruxist

    Help with this funny humbucker I bought

    I have a Seymour Duncan 59 Neck pickup. Has a third, white wire though and I confirmed with Seymour Duncan that 1) it is a 59, but 2) that wire is not original. So, it looks like a coil shunt (hope I am using the right word). The full pickup reads 7.54 k normally and the white reads 3.73...
  15. Bruxist

    New Pickguard Day!

    Yellow tortoise shell from Warmoth. Thought I would try the Prince vibe. (I am aware this is the wrong side ;) , but since the pickguard is translucent this is the best way to show off how it is going to look on the front.)
  16. Bruxist

    Which tool for cutting a telecaster bridge?

    I hear of folks cutting them down from time to time and wondered what is usually used. Was guessing an angle grinder? I have one I want to cut down but was unsure what tool was best. I have an angle grinder and a Dremel Sawmax (which is surprisingly useful, if a little bulky and non-ergonomic)...
  17. Bruxist

    Talk me out of the TC Spark Mini pedal that is on sale at Sweetwater

    $40 Do I need this? Update: I bought one.
  18. Bruxist

    Mini-switch through standard Control Plate Hole

    I am trying to install a mini-switch in the middle hole of a 3-hole telecaster control plate and wondered if anyone has any advice about washers, etc., to make this work. I am starting to think it would be better to just get a 2-hole plate and drill a smaller hole. If anyone has an experience...
  19. Bruxist

    Question for someone who has both Bootstrap and Cavalier Strat Pups

    Thinking of combining an Oatmeal Stout bridge with Cavalier SRV Tiger neck and middle. Anyone have experience with both to comment on how you think this combo will work out? Thanks!
  20. Bruxist

    Favourite Saddles for a 6-saddle Bridge?

    What are you favourite saddles for a 6 saddle bridge? I am in the market for some for a partscaster tele and might replace the vintage saddles on my strat if I like them. Thanks!