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  1. Jakedog

    My old Marshall is coming home tomorrow.

    My first JCM 900 4102 combo is coming home. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I bought it new in 1992. I had it until 2014. I didn’t know it at the time but my head wasn’t working straight at all. July of ‘16 I had a massive mental and physical breakdown, and ended up in the hospital...
  2. Jakedog

    What’s in a name?

    I’ve never liked my name. Ever. Even as a child, I hated it. It just never felt like me. I never identified with it. It’s not a bad name. It doesn’t carry any real negative connotations. It’s just not who I am. I knew from the time I was old enough to answer to it. I started going...
  3. Jakedog

    Any real world reviews of the new Royal Enfield bikes?

    Specifically looking at the INT650. Any owners here? On paper it sure looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Jakedog

    Gigged the Mesa! It was a blast.

    Update on the DC-5 head I picked up a couple weeks ago. I cleaned it up. Pulled the chassis and cleaned everything. Blew the dust bunnies and dirt out of it with a can of air. Sprayed all the pots, soaked the dirt off the knobs, cleaned the faceplate, wiped out the inside of the cabinet, etc...
  5. Jakedog

    Sometimes you just have to set up the flaming rig of doom and destruction.

    Right in the dining room. Cause why not?
  6. Jakedog

    New wiring setup on “The Phantom”.

    I never really had a problem with the volume knob placement on a Stratocaster. Then I got my Silver Sky. It’s ever so slightly different. Now any time I pick up a Fender Strat, the volume knob is RIGHT in my way. I also generally dislike tone knobs. I find that they generally serve no useful...
  7. Jakedog

    I love modern technology.

    I drive a Hyundai Tucson. Just loaded up for tonight’s gig. This is an entire PA, FOH and monitors, for a four piece band. Plus all assorted stands and accoutrements. Plus my entire guitar rig- Two guitars, head, cab, and pedal board. Plus my big mic and cable bag. And the back window is...
  8. Jakedog

    Let’s talk trem blocks.

    I have a parts strat, that is basically an American Special. US neck, MIM body, just like the specials were. Both pieces are from 2010. It’s got the stock PW-36 import trem that was used on both the MIM standard and American Special at that time. At that time, MIM had gone to a full sized...
  9. Jakedog

    NAD- I’ve been after this one for years.

    Yep. This exact one. Seller didn’t want to sell it. I’ve tried to buy it several times. I’ve played other DC-5 amps and they were very good, but this one has a little extra sugar on top. Not sure what it is, but it just sounds sweeter. I sold an amp yesterday, and was kind of on the prowl to...
  10. Jakedog

    Acoustic amp for bass?

    I’m 100% sure I’m ok with this. I just want to poll the peanut gallery and make sure I haven’t lost my marbles. My reasoning is that the acoustic amp is basically just a miniature PA. It’s totally full range. It’s even got Bluetooth, (and killer low end cause it’s not a Fishman) and I’ve used...
  11. Jakedog

    NBD. It’s another G&L!

    I got my second ever G&L bass the first of the year. A brand new L1000. Since the day I pulled it out of the box from Sweetwater, my American Elite Jazz Bass did nothing but sit on a stand and collect dust. I put it up for sale, hoping to get enough to buy another G&L, but didn’t get any...
  12. Jakedog

    ‘77 Ibanez Professional in the house.

    Just went and picked this up. It belonged to a very dear friend. He ended up with it back in the 80’s when his cousin, who was a touring musician, passed away. He says he’s “pretty sure” his cousin was the original owner. My friend John has had the guitar since then. He doesn’t really play, he...
  13. Jakedog

    New JV Strats!

    Just dropped. Colors are crap, with the exception of the Firemist Gold on the 60’s Tele. But the specs look great. I’m gonna try one out asap. With MIA getting so pricey, and MIM’s quality issues, I’m hoping this hits a sweet spot. If it starts being produced in a decent color, I think I might...
  14. Jakedog

    Markbass 121H on sale at MF.

    No affiliation, just a heads up. I’ve been wanting one for a while, so at $180 off my CFO said “just do it”. $419 for the 8 ohm version. Even the used ones I’m seeing are more than that.
  15. Jakedog

    Yairi Rescue…

    1981 DY52. Horribly neglected. Very dirty. Fairly ugly neck bow. Extremely under-humidified. Little banged up, but only on the top. I think she belonged to someone who largely ignored her, but when they did decide to strum her, they did it like a gorilla using a metal spatula. There’s also...
  16. Jakedog

    New Drive Day.

    Saw a video and had to try it. I like it. I like it a LOT.
  17. Jakedog

    No more shoveling snow for me.

    My driveway isn’t long, but it’s really wide. It’s about two cars deep, plus the apron, and it’s three cars wide, so the apron is huge. I also live on a fairly large corner lot, so there is a *lot* of sidewalk. Plus a long walk on the front lawn that goes from the sidewalk to the front steps. In...
  18. Jakedog

    NAD. Engl in the house.

    Sold a guitar that was worth a chunk of change. Just came to terms with the fact that I love it, but I do not play it anymore, and I’m not likely to. Used some of the proceeds to put together the partscaster I started a thread about in the Strat forum, and used some more of the proceeds for...
  19. Jakedog

    NPD- New Partscaster Day.

    Backstory- When I was 19 years years old, I joined a band called The Phantoms. I’d been playing out since I was 14, but I still refer to them as my first “real” band, as we played all over the place, not just in the town we lived in. It was also my first experience with playing with guys my...
  20. Jakedog

    Tell me about your AO 50’s Strat.

    I’ve been offered one in a trade deal. Stuff I like- “Narrow Tall” frets. Nitro Aztec Gold Stuff I don’t really care one way or the other about- 9.5” radius. Not exactly “vintage correct” Stuff I don’t like, but could probably live with- Truss rod adjustment at the wrong end of the neck...
  21. Jakedog

    So, why all the bird hate?

    What is the reasoning behind the all the hate for the PRS birds? There seems to be no rational or legit reason for it. Every PRS thread in the history of this forum, somebody (or several somebodies) have to jump in and let all of us know how stupid the birds are and how much they hate them, and...
  22. Jakedog

    PRS Silver Sky SE officially announced.
  23. Jakedog

    NBD! G&L content.

    It got me. I never had a chance. It wasn’t a fair fight. I was looking for an inexpensive backup/jam night bass. I bought a brand new player series Jazz, it was junk, I sent it back. Looking for something else, I thought I’d check out the G&L Tribute series. I accidentally stumbled onto this...
  24. Jakedog

    So the new Frontier is a Tacoma?

    Did y’all see this? I mean, it’s not even subtle. I’ve long thought that car designers have all gotten lazy and are basically just copying each other’s homework. But… wow. They didn’t even bother to change the headstock.