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  1. ronzhd

    Firefly 338 - New Bridge and Tuning Keys today, Review update.

    A while ago I posted about my recently acquired FireFly FF 338. Today is the day it gets new tuners and bridge. Background, I bought a Gibson '59, Es 335 reissue, so after feeling the pain of the expense, I sold a couple of guitars and amps, the Epi was one and this was the replacement (The...
  2. ronzhd

    Robert Jon and the Wreck..... Wow!

    A buddy just told me about these guys, get a weird de javu as well, hmmmm.
  3. ronzhd

    Remove my ads please

    TDPRI debited my account yesterday, remove the ads.
  4. ronzhd

    NGD - Firefly ES338 Goldtop...... sweet

    I missed the boat on these guitars in 2019, and really lusted after the GT. I saw this one "used" on Reverb a few weeks ago. So one thing lead to another, and it came yesterday. Out of the box, I spent the rest of the day playing it. The intonation was off a very tiny bit, but that was it. They...
  5. ronzhd

    Hieronymus Bosch - Yep, went down that rabbit hole.

    I am not quite sure, but I think someone posted a thread on here that lead me to chasing down this 30 x 60 canvass reproduction, "The Garden of Earthly Delights " and now I'm not thru yet either. Hanging in my music room.
  6. ronzhd

    50's gear, VS, today's options, what would our hero's be using?

    Do you think early players went with the best equipment they could afford, or what was available? I think that a lot of the less expensive equipment available to day would have been used. Also, if we have any time travelers here, grab a handful of pedals and effects next time you visit the...
  7. ronzhd

    What happened to Blowtorch?

    Was reading an old thread and came across one of his posts, got to thinking I have not seen him around in awhile. Anybody know where he went. I liked his sense of humor.
  8. ronzhd

    12 tips anybody?

    I bought a 12 string because I like that duel changy tone and swampy vibe you can hear and feel while listening to them. However.... I bought a Japenese made Epiphone, Texan (70's bolt on neck blahblah). I learned how to tune it, had it set up and restrung, great neck by the way. Now the...
  9. ronzhd

    About last night: Participation trophies for music... is that where we are now?

    I have always carried the banner to "support live music". But over the past 10 - 15 years, it has changed to support any individual with an instrument. A lot of the bands/musicians are not worth showing up for. I will make several attempts to "catch a good show" maybe 3 times. We have some...
  10. ronzhd

    NGD - the things I didn't think about.

    I bought this used 2019, Gibson '59 Re Issue 335 VOS about a month ago, and I have been playing both the Epi 335 Pro and the Gibson constantly since then. Here IMHOP is the differences for me. You can feel the difference in the necks, either one works for me with Epi being a bit slimmer...
  11. ronzhd

    EOW PSA...

    Roulette with semi auto, ya lose every time. My home will be the gathering point of ALL orphaned telecasters. Feel free to PM me today to make arrangements. That is all.
  12. ronzhd

    Can you Relate?

    Ok, so I am a huge ZZ Top fan, especially the early stuff. So I decided when I saw that Squier was making an "Esquire" for the UK market, I had to get one. Fit it out for the Rev's tone. Ordered the Dunlop BG 10's to see if they could beat out my EB Slinky's. Then The Seymour Duncan BG 1400...
  13. ronzhd

    Help please...

    I'm getting an alert anytime anyone starts a new thread. Cant find out how to disable it from the "alert" preferences menu.
  14. ronzhd

    Color and finish, deal killer over Sound, feel and play?

    It seems like there have been many recent post' that have to do with "color and finish". I don't think there is a color I wouldn't take, if the guitar had the mojo feel, even "hello Kitty pink" or for the boys on here dealing with the DPP, lol. That still kills me! So, how important is the...
  15. ronzhd

    5F4 kit, Mojotone or different? what can you tell me....

    Gentleman, I just bought this amp, a 5F4 Super clone. The seller had little info about who built it. It came from Chicago. When I got it, I plugged it in in and played it, everything works and I especially like the break up at higher volumes. He told me that he thought it was built in 2016...
  16. ronzhd

    Given my CV some love over the 4th, dang what a good guitar!

    Spent the 4th with this CV. All stock. My guitars are like my kids, have to spend time with all of them. I have some really nice tele's. Nash, Kirn, Fender GE Smith, Vintage V-52, and others. But this.... seller refurbished CV, honestly, if [email protected]! went south for some reason. I could sell them...
  17. ronzhd

    I just purchased "enter artist name here" signature model. Why??

    I got the idea for this thread from another one, imagine that. Anyway, lots of back and forth about any signature items. Guitars, amps, pedals, on and on etc..... so that leaves the question, what was your motivation for buying the product? I have a GE Smith tele, I bought it because it is...
  18. ronzhd

    Red Beans and Rice....

    Woke up this a.m. and it was 28 degrees.... in Houston, Texas. So I make my cold weather comfort food. Ham Hocks, garlic and bay leaves, red beans simmering now. Saffron rice a bit later. Lone Star and a tuned guitar, I'm all set now. Comfort foods for y'all?
  19. ronzhd

    2nd thoughts are expensive....

    I had been kicking around replacing the speaker in my old USA made BJR, with a Cannabis Rex, and then while getting "low" on some chord changes, my PRRI is started to fart out a little. So for six months I read everything I could about the fart issue, PUP vs Speaker, I bought the Rex for the...
  20. ronzhd

    Big Bad Blues- BFG, pre-ordered w/doubts

    As I have mentioned before on this site, ZZ Top is my favorite all time band, and the Rev., lists the top of my guitar heros. That being said, the 1st release from this new album, "Rollin and Tumblin" just doesn't seem right. I don't care for the song, but yes, I pre-ordered the rest of the...
  21. ronzhd

    Sara Shook and the Disarmers....."Sidelong". Oh yeah, I like it!

    If you have a little Outlaw Country/Old school country and spattering of punk in your veins.... This album is pretty damn good. Heck, it's pretty good no matter what you might like.
  22. ronzhd

    AC/DC, I forgot how good their music is...

    With the passing of Malcolm Young, and AC/DC being all over the news. I went back to school listening to them and Wow, I forgot how good the "Back in Black" album is. Crazy that it was Brian Johnson's 1st writing experience with them, and to pull it off with these results. They rocked it...
  23. ronzhd

    NAD..... Fender Tweed Blues Jr.

    Every now and then I get the urge to check out my local pawn shops and see what I can find. Came across this 2016 Fender Blues Jr., Tweed upgraded edition. $340 dollars later, I own this bad boy. Always wanted a tweed, just felt that $599.00 retail was a little steep.
  24. ronzhd

    Ok "Bad Dogs", tell me what you know about "Orpheum" Guitars.

    Saw guy wanting to trade this guitar for an amp 4 of 5 years ago. I had a Bjr. with a new Weber speaker that I wasn't particularly fond of, so I swapped him out. Yeah, only one P-90 and the paint looks like it was a re-spray. The damn thing plays great, stays in tune and the neck is really...
  25. ronzhd

    Any fans of umm... Starbucks Coffee?

    Ok, brief Sunday rant as I sit here in H-town, knockin back a French pressed, freshly ground cup of joe . Was reading through another post and noticed a lot of people say they don't go the cheap route when buying their coffee. There is a difference between "good" and "expensive" with out being...