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  1. drf64

    Record Sunfish in GA That is one huge bluegill.
  2. drf64

    Texas Woman buys ancient artifact at Goodwill This lady definitely exits the elevator last and could show Demi Lavato a thing or 2 at the museum...
  3. drf64

    Happy Superhero Day!

    April 28 is SH day. Who knew? This doesn't give me much time, but my plan is to go to Hobby Lobby and get some of what I need for a @Dan German costume, and then go to Home Depot to get the materials to build stilts. Who is your TDPRI hero?
  4. drf64

    For aircraft enthusiasts: we told them this was a BAD idea!
  5. drf64

    Goaded by sketchy guitar forum postings, man now knows "how long" with Mike Tyson
  6. drf64

    Crown Royal Peach!

    it's that time of year! It is the only guilty pleasure to which I actually confess. This and CR vanilla are the only flavored whiskies I like. Best in iced tea (try it before mocking, you UK friends!) limited supply so get yours while supplies last. Buy it and sell the bag on Amazon!:
  7. drf64

    For aircraft enthusiasts: how is this a good idea? feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
  8. drf64

    OK man teaches FL man a thing or 2 about special delivery The difference between this guy and Karl Malone is obvious. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
  9. drf64

    Sticky, dusty fingers; the dark side of the moon race; and Mr. Gorsky. feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
  10. drf64

    Florida Man laughs at gator, then has regerts
  11. drf64

    It's Uncle Phil's fault that Will Smith resorts to violence

    With the possible exception of Webster, children who were sent to live with rich people in the 80s and 90s learned really bad life coping mechanisms. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
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    test vid

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    Is Woodinville Cask Strength the best sipping bourbon for the price?

    I say it gives anything in the $300 a bottle range a run for it’s money. And full disclosure, I have never had anything in the 4 figure price range. Woodinville cask strength is my new favorite sipper. And at $80 it’s a no brainer. Now I know the prices are going to get stupid just like with any...
  14. drf64

    Pete Davidson will NOT go into space next week!

    Much to the relief of @studio1087 , and Marc Hagle (whose wife, Sharon will be on board and Marc is only too aware of Pete taking every opportunity to chat up the hot babes), as well as the chagrine of @SPUDCASTER, increasingly popular-as-a-TDPRI-whipping-boy, Pete Davidson, will NOT go into...
  15. drf64

    Calfornia man steals cubs from den, inspiring entire state of Florida I don't know why but being stupid in CA sometimes has fewer consequences. Some guy with a jet pack has been flying around big airplanes and not getting caught. And now this. If this...
  16. drf64

    Now they know how many holes it takes to trigger Rod Stewart From the looks of things Rod's street was not designed for Ferraris.
  17. drf64

    Florida man's concern for truth in advertising leads to consequences please discuss amongst yourselves
  18. drf64

    So can I wear compression socks with cargo shorts? I need to know by noon...

    Temps will be in the 40s by 3 PM. That's 6 for you metric types. If this is a TDPRI faux pas then can I wear lederhosen?
  19. drf64

    Florida man practices good faith car theft

    and it didn't end well. But his intentions were okay.
  20. drf64

    Cincinnati Bengals get Bourbon shamed meanwhile Stetson gets the neck pour on a Pappy Van Winkle: What do you think? Could the Bengals do better? Discuss...
  21. drf64

    I, for one, welcome our new Washington Commanders

    but I'm still disappointed that they are not the Washington Generals.
  22. drf64

    Raising Ned Devine: County Carlow Man outdoes Florida Man

    New Steve Martin Movie: Dead Men don't get Paid. Also, anyone not from the UK, try reading Ken Murnane's quote without hearing your own (bad) version of an Irish Brogh
  23. drf64

    Get Back, deciding on a venue: "what about a hospital?...."

    I know this Documentary has been well discussed here, but I have to say, I'm finding glittering nuggets by going back through it repeatedly. I'm fascinated by this bit of dialogue about doing the live show and Paul has the idea of trespassing and getting arrested, suggesting the main hall of...
  24. drf64

    Kick the Kicker? Why we need ANOTHER Urban Meyer thread

    Kickers don't typically command respect and coaches are often quite open about this. The legendary John McKay once said "Kickers are like horse manure. They're all over the place." But Urban, if we can believe Josh Lambo, kicked a kicker...
  25. drf64

    Never honk at fat Russell Crowe

    Just don't. I beg of you. You'd have a better chance with ripped Russell Crowe in a Roman Coliseum.