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    Tweed covering with hide glue?

    I am getting ready my first tweed covering job on my Champ cabinet and I'd like try to use hide glue like back in the day for some extra mojo (or more likely a big mess :-) ). I use hide glue a bunch for guitar builds but this will be a first for me for this kind of application. Question for...
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    Question about 5F1 baffle grille cloth stapling

    I am curious about the optimal and/or vintage correct way of stapling grille cloth onto a 5F1 Champ baffle. Using the ¼" (or more like 5mm) baltic ply, I see a lot of builders add a ~1" extra strip around the baffle edge to raise the grille above the baffle surface. This seems to also add to...
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    Rob's JCM800 Micro EF80, B+2, B+3, B+4, B+5 voltages?

    Hello, I am getting ready to try building Rob's JCM800 Micro EF80. I have very little experience but am not in a hurry and want to learn and get myself up to speed as much as I can before I get my build underway. I was hoping someone could kindly fill in some details. In particular, I am...
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    Where to get a B-Bender kit?

    Does anyone know of a source to get a Parson's-style (i.e. neck strap button operated) B-Bender kit? It looks like all the folks offering these today (Forrest, McVay, Glaser) only do them as a full install into a customer provided Tele. I'd like to build my own/install it myself.
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    Skunk stripe finishing?

    When doing a vintage-style thin nitro finish of single-piece maple necks, how do you guys seal the pores in skunk stripes? Do you use a pore-filler on just the stripe? Spray sanding sealer on just on the back of the neck/stripe? Spray the entire neck with sanding sealer before nitro...
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    Nitro primer?

    Looking for a good white nitro primer, similar to the ReRanch rattle cans for spray gun application. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Colored laquer -- upgrading from rattlecans

    I've done a couple bodies with ReRanch rattle cans and Deft clear aerosol with good results and I'm ready to try going the spray gun route. It sounds like the way to go is to mix pigments into some clear nitro? I was going to try clear Deft (non-aerosol version) and some of these Stewmac...
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    Good source for neck blanks?

    Where do you guys order your 1" neck blanks for one piece necks? I haven't found a good local lumberyard yet with useable stock/in a reasonable driving radius (I'd be willing to drive pretty far at this point), so I have been relegated to web purchases. Lot of folks seem to offer 3/4"...