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    New Vox Pathfinder 15 Day

    Picked up this Pathfinder 15 (non reverb version) off ebay for $99. Had a faulty input jack, easy fix. These are fun little amps. I think this is like the 3rd or 4th one that I have had. I think I might keep it this time.
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    Princeton AA964

    Starting a build of a Princeton AA964. It is going into a vibrochamp chassis so rather than drill another hole in the chassis for the second 6V6 I plan to use the rectifier hole for that and use diodes instead of the GZ34 for the rectifier. Does this look like what I need to do?
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    NPUP & NPGD Day

    I purchased the Golden Ale Stratocaster set from Bootstrap and a 3 ply reliced white pickguard from Real Life Relics for my Strat. I also purchased the Strat Blender wiring kit from The pickups sound great and I think the look turned out nice as well.
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    Blackface Champ #3 Complete

    Just wrapped up Blackface Champ #3
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    Shout out to Precision Design

    I sent an email request for a faceplate for my new Blackface Champ build to Precision Design today at 11:38. At 12:54 I received an email saying it was complete and ready to be shipped tomorrow morning. I highly recommend them for your faceplate needs!
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    Joined the Bootstrap Club

    I built this Esquire style guitar and was looking for a pickup that was a touch beefier and warmer than my main tele that has Dimarzio Twang Kings. I tried a Dimarzio Pre-B1, and a Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue pickup. They both sounded good but neither were quite what I was looking for. I read a...
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    NGD: Martin 000-15M

    This showed up yesterday from Gruhn Guitars:
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    AC30/6 About to Begin

    So I have been commissioned by one of my previous customers to build an AC30/6. I have never built a Vox circuit and this looks like its going to be quite a challenge. He has sourced the chassis and tagboards and has an original cabinet. Going to be interesting. If any of you guys have tackled...
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    5F1/GA5 Build

    So here is my latest creation 5F1 built to GA5 specs. Transformers are Hammond 290AX and Hammond 1760C, Cabinet is from Mergili, Chassis is from Carl's Custom Amps, Hardware and passives are from Tube Depot. I started this build because I had an 8" Vox Bulldog speaker from my previous...
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    Vox Pathfinder 15 to 5F2A Conversion

    So I picked up a non-functioning Vox Pathfinder 15 that was blowing fuses. I thought it might be an easy fix but turned out not to be and I don't want to spend any significant money or time to revive it so it shall become a 5F2A. Here are some pics as it is now.
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    RobRob's JCM800 Micro

    Will it fit in a Vox Pathfinder 15 chassis. I picked up a Vox Pathfinder 15 for cheap that I am going to gut and put something in. Will the JCM800 Micro Fit in the chassis?
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    Blackface Champ AA764

    So this amp is for me. I had the board made by Hoffman Here are the current readings: Power = (V_plate - V_cathode) * (V_cathode/R_cathode) 376-24.09*24.09/479 351.91*.0503 17.70 Current Amp Readings 6V6 Cathode Voltage: 24.09 vdc Cathode Resistor Value: 479 ohms Cathode...
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    New 6G2 Build

    So I was commissioned to build a 6G2 which I have never done before. Thanks to @theprofessor and @King Fan, and others for their great build threads. Turns out I needed to build this in the same chassis as @theprofessor, also used the same transformers so his thread answered almost all of my...
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    Mostly Point-to-Point GA-5

    I am thinking of doing a PTP version of the GA-5. Any feedback on this layout?
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    New Build - 5F2A sort of thing

    So I am starting a new build that will basically be a 5F2a circuit. I am however using a Hoffman Stout chassis. I would like to use a power transformer that can drop right into the chassis without any alterations. I am getting a Hammond PT. The one that would be correct for the 5F2a is the...
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    1973 Silverface Champ Modified with questions

    So I picked up a 1973 Fender Silverface Champ. It had already been removed from original cabinet and housed in a Mojotone cabinet with 12" baffle. The speaker in it was a 12" WGS G12C/S. The cap can had already been replaced as well as the bypass caps and 1 coupling cap. I wasn't fully enamored...
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    5F4 Treble Pot and Capacitor Values

    I had to replace the treble pot and capacitor on a 5F4 but I did not have the stock values. The stock value of the pot is 1 meg and the stock value of the capacitor is .01 uf. I replaced them with a 500k pot and a .1 uf capacitor. What would the expected results of this change be?
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    Blackvibe 6V6 with 18 watt transformers?

    I am planning to build a head using the Hoffman Stout chassis which is set up to use the 18 watt transformers
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    5F4 Rehab (shout out to jsnwhite619)

    So I was on my weekly visit to the local musicgoround and saw an ugly duckling sitting in the corner. The tolex was falling off, cigarette burns all over the top, the entire amp was covered in smoke stains. Looked like it had lived in a bar for 20 years. I plugged it in and it sounded great...
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    Harvard 5F10 Build

    Been thinking about building a Harvard 5F10 for a while and came across a chassis on ebay for a decent price so I pulled the plug. I have the Fender layout that is commonly available. I have seen a couple of board layouts on this forum. Does anyone have a good complete layout including offboard...
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    AA764 Preamp 5F1 Power

    I am putting together a layout for single input Blackface Champ preamp into 5F1 power section. Does this look right?
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    Dr. Z M12 Help Needed

    So I am trying to revive a Dr. Z M12. It powers on as it should. Voltage readings on rectifier, power tubes, and heaters all look normal. There is no output. There does not appear to be any DC voltage on the preamp tubes. When poking around on the power tubes I hear pops and crackles through...
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    HRD Filter Cap Replacement

    So I am replacing the filter caps on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I really don't want to have to pull the pcb if not necessary. My question is can I just clip out the existing filter caps and leave the leads on the pcb and then solder the new caps to the existing leads. Obviously I know I can do...
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    Transformer Question?

    I know we primarily build tube amps here but I am trying to revive a Vox Pathfinder 15r. I am upgrading the amplifier chip from a TDA2030 to either a TDA2050 or LM1875. I also am replacing the transformer which needs to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-0-18. Do any of you very smart people...