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  1. guitarsophist

    Another Homemade Cajon-based Backing Track

    This has cajon, bass, a touch of organ and two guitars, my Ovation and my Starcaster, both doing rhythm parts. It's in C (C-F and then C-E-F-D) Have fun with it. It is sort of countryish. And here it is with my lead on it. I used my Starcaster with a bit of weird echo/chorus on it.
  2. guitarsophist

    Homemade Backing Track with Cajon

    Cajon, Douglas Violin-style Bass, Ovation acoustic. The "A" part feels like A dorian, the "B" part is in C. I think I made it downloadable if anyone wants to try it. Here's my take on it:
  3. guitarsophist

    Genetically Modified Instruments

    After I bought a CV Squire Starcaster, my friend was inspired to buy a Squire Paranormal Toronado. Now the Starcaster is like what might happen if a Tele Deluxe mated with an ES 335, except it has the offset mutation and the wide range humbucker gene. The Toronado is like a Jaguar mated with a...
  4. guitarsophist

    NGD CV Starcaster Review and Audio Clip

    I broke my resolution not to buy any more guitars and ordered a Classic Vibe Starcaster from Sweetwater. I put up a review here with pictures and a quick audio clip demoing the pickups: The clip is an A dorian thing that...
  5. guitarsophist

    New Amp Head, New Pedal, Tracks

    Based on stuff I heard in the Backing Tracks challenge, I acquired a Hotone Mojo Diamond head and a Biyang Tri Reverb. I already had a Carvin speaker cabinet. I posted some pics and some demo tracks on my blog. This could go in Amp Central or in The Stomp Box, but the demo tracks are similar to...
  6. guitarsophist

    Carvin 12" Cab, What Head?

    I have a nice tweed Carvin cabinet with a 12" Carvin speaker. I like a Fender sound, maybe Tweed Deluxe, though back when I was playing in bands, a Blackface Deluxe was the thing. What head would go nicely with this? I might have to change the speaker.
  7. guitarsophist

    A Science Fiction Story about the Ultimate Stomp Box

    I didn't quite know where to put this. It is not a track, but a science fiction story written as a series of letters, emails and other documents. It is about the holy grail of guitar pedals, the one we are all looking for that will produce a rock god at the stomp of a button. The device is not...
  8. guitarsophist

    Funky One-Chord Jam

    This track was an experiment. I wanted to see if I could play cajon with my left hand while playing a ride cymbal with my right. It turns out that I can! This is almost 8:00 minutes long and it doesn't go anywhere at all. It is basically an Amin7 chord forever. However, it is not without...