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    No name amp sounds good

    Found this at a rummage sale, I know it’s not a fender or Marshall but it sounds ok
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    Thank me later

    Canaan CT. If your interested
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    Not even trying

    Lame stream marketing at its best
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    Tupelo honey

    never seen this before, lm a big Band fan. Apart from the gal and Marty not being to interested Robbie reminds me of me in my younger days uhm… listening to music
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    Tech help needed

    I have a Catalanbread valcoder tremolo that I use to be able to turn down “off” the speed and depth and have no trem but a really nice sound. Now when I turn them down the trem bleeds through. It’s a 2015 and any help will be appreciated
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    Let’s do this

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    Wedding uke

    I made a uke for my friends wedding. They play they surf
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    Holy cow

    Hats off Minnesota
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    Boss rc 30 help

    I've been working on this for half an hour. Exhibit A. I know how to record on track 1 and stop it, then record on track 2(let's say a bridge) but I can't figure out how to seamlessly stop track 1 and start track 2
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    Or, we all need cars

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    A bass I made

    I posted a pic of this bass in the "artsy gear shots" I made it 8 years ago. It is walnut back and sides, spurce top,mahogany neck, frettless ebony fb w/maple fret markers. The strings go trough the back (no bridge pins or surface mount on bridge) The headstock has a big valoutte and a "spine"...
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    Tag sale find

    Found this at a tag sale, some scratches and miss matched knobs I bought it for my GF who is just learning guitar and is a lefty so I'm going to bring out the jigsaw and make it a double cut so she can hit the high notes
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    Seymour Duncan 100w convertible

    does anyone know somebody in northeast USA that can service these amps
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    Teles make me happy

    new guy here,bought my first tele in '85 because mr burton,mr white and mr cropper played them. I haven't played six strings for a couple of decades but it seems to be coming back.I have a g&l blues boy and a fsr ash tele to go with my '86 Duncan convertible(soon to be replaced) I'not a "player"...