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    Bassman question

    I have a white tolex Bassman head I bought about 40 years ago , I've had it stored with my other treasures all this time . When I first got it I tried it out through a Bandmaster cab , that was probably the last time I turned it on . The amp I was using at the time in my band was a Musicman...
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    Noventa Series

    I got an email from Fender today advertising the new Noventa series guitars , it appears they all have P90 type pups . What is interesting is they have a one pickup model they call a Telecaster . Pretty sad they don't even recognize the model that got Fender off the ground in the first place ...
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    The Bird

    Are you 'Mericans ready to carve the turkey ? Electric knife or conventional ? (I know you Canucks already did yours ! )
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    Captain Kirk ??

    Anyone know anything about the blues album coming out by William Shatner ? Is this for real ??
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    Alvin Lee

    I didn't see any posts about the passing of this great guitarist . He wasn't known to play Teles , but anyone playing rock in the '60s and '70s was surely influenced by him . I didn't own a Gibson at that time but that didn't stop me from playing " I'm Goin' Home" and other TYA tunes on my...