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    Ugliest Band Ever

    It's a fun not offensive thread, as shown by the amount of replies, If not ugly then how many guys are pretty? I think what this thread really points out is how many managers didn't think it was important to hire a " stylist " just show up to a photo shoot in whatever clothes you have and...
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    (Belated) New Amp Day - '84 Fender Super Champ

    I have a super champ with no spare 6c10 , [ I see my mystery tube is a 6k11 light grey printing on the top, slight scorch marks on the top, no idea if it works though it seems the compactrons don't fail too often ? ] That's another point, in this current tube crisis, I've also been considering...
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    (Belated) New Amp Day - '84 Fender Super Champ

    this could be another thread, I need a back up 6C10 , and or another super champ! I have a tube that looks like a 6C10 but the printing is completely gone so I have no idea what it is
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    Peavey TransTube Studio Pro 112 any good?

    I know it's been a couple of years, But does anyone find the overdrive channel too hissy or noisy ? I see a used one for sale locally and the seller mentions this.
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    Tried a Mesa Mark V

    I was coveting the mk V , but recently too many fet switching problems on other mesa amps has me NOT trusting any modern mesa, after years of reliable service a friend's roadKing is now in it's third recovery, fix it, works.... craps out again, how many times do you go to the well? or what is a...
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    HSS Strats

    Before Fender started doing it, it was the most popular mod changing the bridge p/u to a humbucker , no?
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    What’s the diff between mim and Mia Tele’s?

    Do they both have the same bridge spacing ? [ is it 55mm & 50 mm ? ] Is it only asian strats that have the more narrow bridge ?
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    Are you seeing short hour gigs?

    With covid restrictions, say at 50 % the bar decides it will only pay the band 1/2 the usual
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    Dedicated pedals or a modeler?

    And then there's just plain economics , Let's say 10 pedals at an arbitrary 100.00 each that's a grand then board of some sort cables psu , maybe a switcher. I liken it to home recording where they can sell smaller items one at a time, so a couple hundred is nothing compared to 2K in parts...
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    I inherited lots of tubes

    Google each tube individually, there's microphones & Recording gear that use no longer produced tubes those would be worth something.
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    Joe Bonamassa - what's the deal with him?

    Some players are truly great, others Have good hussle!
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    Joe Bonamassa - what's the deal with him?

    Love him or hate him I find him fairly polished not a bad singer either but not very original. Someone Like Gary Moore came by it honestly, Joe .....He set out to be ProFessional blues player, and what's his face mayer , Well, If he never had a pop hit, you know the rest of that story
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    Boutique builders that aren't SMT

    never mind smt or through hole, how about [ how ] original ? how many variations can they sell? or add feature sets to make them look different when under the hood ..........
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    How Much Fret Wear Do You See?

    Brian May I believe has a light touch with his metal coin, but highly depends on how well you hear yourself, don't use an electric to play acoustically like with the tv, or if you have a low gain amp wacking the crap out of the gtr for more level , also check the pick up height
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    The switch is too close to volume knob. Is this really a common complaint?

    I'm new to teles and have a cheap one for contrast, but yeah getting under the switch to flip it bugs me I hit the volume knob , good thing I don't use it live! I intend to order one of the angled switch plates
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    How much would you guys pay for my partscasters?

    I'm not reading through 8 pages , Did anyone simply say, See what the market will bear ? Have you had problems getting as much as you think? Are they not selling ?
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    Who's an elite level guitarist AND singer ???

    Anyone say Phil X yet ? he's been doing some covers lately where he could cut it singing in a Deep purple cover band [ as well as the gtr ]
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    What gear will hold value?

    Ah that's Funny, as a young man I took out a loan and bought a Boogie amp [ it seemed amazing at the time ] their ad campaign was " Boogies retain their value " Of course it went nowhere but down , I'd be lucky to get a third of what I paid now but just like buying a new car , you lose value...
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    I'm Done With Reverb

    I fine with Reverb , it's flee bay I'll never sell another thing on. Reverb has treated me well!
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    anyone built the TUT (Kevin O'connor books) standard preamp or amp?

    Which of his books does this circuit come from ?
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    The Original Fender Super Champ Club

    Thanks for your great detailed reply, I'll be away from home most of this month so won't get a chance to try, but here is what's currently happening on the clean channel it s fairly distorted gain 5 [ hb or ss emg ] albeit a pretty nice distortion. pulling the lead switch it gets thicker but not...
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    The Original Fender Super Champ Club

    I'd blame myself first , I did make the mistake of doing a few mods at once and not trying confirming them one at a time [ a more sound way to not get in the pickle I currently am ! ] I just put it aside, another mistake, so I don't recall exactly all mods done , but I believe footswitch not...
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    The Original Fender Super Champ Club

    Hey Bendyha , I tried your values for making the o/d clean switch not suck tone , but now it doesn't seem to switch right , just dirty to more dirty I'll triple check I have used the correct values , can you shed any insight ? I have no clean now ! [ I very well may have done something...
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    musicshop.........Facebook scam??

    Not only do you not get your gtr but they get your CC info , 10% off for mastercard orders ?
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    The Original Fender Super Champ Club

    20.00 for the vinyl and my Friend Howard at Groove Jungle Wpg Mb. whipped it together for me we made it slightly bigger than it needed to be but, Sexy , no ?