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  1. jkats

    Suggest a Rewinder?

    I have an early 70s Tele bridge pickup and a late 80s Tele Fender 1959s Vintage Reissue rhythm pickup that both need rewinding. These will be going into a 1969 Thinline clone (MIM 1969 Thinline neck, homemade mahogany body, late 60s bridge), so I'm looking for a vintage tone -- not an overwound...
  2. jkats

    Virus in Message from Webmaster

    Paul: I just opened my e-mail to find that my ISP ( had blocked an e-mail containing a virus from "TDPRI Webmaster." The detail is as follows: From: "Webmaster" <[email protected]> Subject: Judith...
  3. jkats

    What to do?

    My main Strat is a partsocaster with a 1986 MIA Fender Vintage Reissue neck (back from when they were available separately and had a medallion on the back of the headstock) and a very light 3-piece alder Warmoth body. It plays and sounds great, but since I never can seem to leave well enough...
  4. jkats

    Where to buy white lacquer?

    I'm building a mid-50s Tele clone, so it'll have a white blonde finish. From my post on Telecaster Technical, I've determined that I want to spray the body in a 10-1 lacquer/white lacquer mix for the translucent color coat, and then I'll clear coat it with nitro. I'll mix the white lacquer with...
  5. jkats

    Suggestions for a Mid-50s Finish?

    (I posted this on Telecaster Technical also.) I soon will receive an ultra-light T-style body from Brian Poe and am looking for some finish suggestions. I want to build a mid-50s style guitar, and so I'm looking for the light blonde finish, not the butterscotch blonde. I had the opportunity to...
  6. jkats

    Dobro Truss Rod Adjustment Tool?

    I have a 1992 OMI Hula Blues wood body Dobro that needs a truss rod tweak. I removed the truss rod cover to tighten the nut, and found that the cavity is too small to allow the use of a nut driver (like you'd use to adjust a Gibson or Guild truss rod). The cavity also is too narrow to use a...
  7. jkats

    Sunday NY Times Article on Basement Guitar Players

    For the benefit of your long-suffering spouse or significant other, you may want to read an article entitled "Sleeping With the Guitar Player" that appeared on page 7 of the "Style" section of yesterday's Sunday New York Times. In it, the author describes her reaction to her husband's mid-life...
  8. jkats

    Deburring Strat Bridge Saddle Height Screws

    I recently installed a new USA vintage reissue bridge on my MIM 50s Classic Strat, and it was a real improvement. However, the tops of the saddle height adjustment screws are sharp. I've noticed this same problem in new Telecaster saddle height adjustment screws as well. I've tried using a metal...
  9. jkats

    Tele Knob Set Screws?

    A couple of years ago, I bought two sets of Fender Tele knobs at a guitar show at prices that were too good to be true, and now I know why -- the knobs are missing their set screws! I've checked the local hardware stores and have found nothing that would work. Does anyone know of a source for...
  10. jkats

    Maine Music Report

    Just back from The Source festival in Lewiston-Auburn Maine. This festival is a first-time celebration of various styles of guitar music and of the visual arts (a slight disconnect, but OK). It was a beautiful day for live music -- temperature in the low 70s, low humidity and a slight breeze...
  11. jkats

    Recommend a Rewinder for Tele PU?

    I have a 1974 Tele bridge pickup that recently shorted out -- now when you press down on the top coil fiber piece, it works, and when you let go, it stops. It might have been rewound before I bought it -- perhaps by Seymour Duncan, since it has the very old style winding direction/polarity. I...
  12. jkats

    Tele Rhythm PU Identification, Anyone?

    I've been asked to install a 4-way switch in a Tele-style guitar. No big deal, I figure. The lead pickup is a Van Zandt vintage early 50s -ype pickup, and the rhythm pickup has a chrome cover. However, when I open the controls up, I see that the rhythm pickup has three plastic or teflon leads -...
  13. jkats

    Anyone Have a Fender 75 Amp?

    I just acquired a Fender 75 chassis with all wiring and transformers -- no faceplate, knobs, cab, tubes, reverb tank or speaker. I understand that this was Fender's attempt at a Mesa Boogie, but I bought it to build a portable clean amp. I'll build a solid pine cabinet and install a single...
  14. jkats

    Advice on Resonator Pickup?

    I recently purchased a Johnson Style O-type metal body resonator (I know, it's not a National, but a metal body resonator with 14 frets for $200 was too good to pass up), and now I want to install a pickup. What do you recommend?
  15. jkats

    Extension Cabinet on 63 VVRI - Is This Safe?

    Can I use a 2-10", 4 ohm extension cabinet on a 63 Reissue Vibroverb (which already is a 4 ohm load with its 2 10" 8 ohm speakers) without melting the output transformer? Thank you for your thoughts.