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  1. Martian

    ‘58 Esquire, $1250

    I think I posted this on a different forum by accident. If so, here it is again. From a guitar store’s brochure circa 1980...
  2. Martian

    ‘58 Esquire for $1,250

    From a guitar store mailer circa 1980...
  3. Martian

    New York Doll

    I saw this doc about 10 years ago and then it seemed to disappear. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Well it’s now offered on Amazon Prime and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s about Arthur Kane of the New York Dolls, about being haunted by the past and his need for closure. It’s sad and sweet and...
  4. Martian

    Hello, All!

    I found this site a little over a year ago while recovering from knee surgery. I’ve always been a guitar nut and I love telecasters but what struck me most about this site was the true sense of community. There are some really good writers here and for the most part everyone is not just well...