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  1. Coloradotwanger

    Had one of my basses repainted with nitro

    2004 American Jazz Bass.I bought is used.Had a few chips and dings on it.I had it resprayed in nitro.Kind of a vintage white he mixed up.I am happy with it.I wanted it more creamish than yellowish.Put a red tortoise pickguard on it.
  2. Coloradotwanger

    NBD!My first five string ever.

    Not sure i needed a five.But wanted to add one to my collection,Sorry for the bad pictures. It is an olympic white American Professional ll.Was on backorder for a long time.
  3. Coloradotwanger


    I have always wanted a Vintage White one.I plan on putting a six saddle bridge on this one.I know...i know...i know...All of my other Tele's have three barrel bridges.I just want to do something different with this one.Anyone know which Fender MIA bridge will fit this model?
  4. Coloradotwanger

    NAD!TC Electronic BH800

    Been GASing for one for years,Andertons had them on one of those Epic Deals they do a couple of weeks ago.Had to pull the trigger on one!
  5. Coloradotwanger

    S-1 switch question.

    So i was told this is the pot that i need to put an S-1 switch on my Jazz.Fender P.N. 0061260049 My question is how long should the throw supposed to be on this?It hardly pushes down.Isn't this supposed to be a push and click and lock in position pot?Or am i wrong?The switch came in original...
  6. Coloradotwanger

    Removing poly paint?

    I have a black 2004 Fender MIA jazz bass i bought some time ago.It has some small chips and dings from the previous owner.I would like to have it refinished in nitro vintage white/butter cream.I hear getting the thick poly paint off is a chore though?Does anybody know if using a heat gun REALLY...
  7. Coloradotwanger

    Hello fellow TDPRI Bass players!

    Happy New Year to all!This is my first time starting a thread.I never new there was a Bass forum on here until recently.I am a Telecaster fanatic and a guitar player,but i am first and foremost a bass player.Been playing bass since i was 14.