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  1. VWAmTele

    Genius: Aretha

    Anyone else catch this 8 part drama series on NatGeo (National Geographic) channel? I thought it was pretty good. A lot of recording studio depictions, Muscle Shoals, Jerry Wexler, Rick Hall, King Curtis, the Swampers... No Duane Allman to my disappointment - maybe they'll make next season...
  2. VWAmTele

    Ed Sullivan Show channel

    This youtube channel is not new, but they've been putting out a lot of new videos in the last couple of months. Some great live performance - gotta be something there for just about everyone
  3. VWAmTele

    SDOTD - 335 alternative

    Stupid Deal of The Day (Jan 30) - If I was looking for a 335 alternative - this looks like a great deal at $479 (originally $799) D'Angelico Premier Series DC Boardwalk Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers | Musician's Friend
  4. VWAmTele

    52 years ago today

    Heard this version today of the 'take 6' rehearsal of 'Suspicious Minds', with the late great Reggie Young. I think the song works so much better this way without all the backup singers. Elvis's voice comes through much better and it is good enough to stand on its own.
  5. VWAmTele


    Anyone else into this Cinemax series? Late 1800's period piece on the San Francisco Tong wars, based on real historic characters. Based on the writings of Bruce Lee. I just finished the season 2 finale and found it to have great writing, character development, interesting story lines, and...
  6. VWAmTele

    Let It Rain

    Great song, great musicians
  7. VWAmTele

    More Doobies

    I didn't come to appreciate how good these guys were until much later in life. Seems like they're getting better with age. New 'isolation' music.
  8. VWAmTele

    Doobie Brothers

    pretty good
  9. VWAmTele

    Worst Western Ever?

    Scouring Netflix for Westerns, saw this. I should have known it was bad when 'Meadow Soprano' is the top billed actor. Cartoonish plot, amateurish writing and bad acting. Any bad ones you were able to make it through?
  10. VWAmTele


    New Replacement Guitar Day - I bought a Gibson J-160E VS Standard back in 2007. It had a bit of an issue I was able to adjust out, but it kept getting progressively worse (twisted neck up by 10 fret). Called Gibson, they said to send it in. Received a call three weeks later from Gibson Bozeman...
  11. VWAmTele

    Deadwood is back!

    May 31 - Deadwood returns as a movie. This show is in my top 5 of all time. It was the role Ian McShane was born for (Al Swearengen).
  12. VWAmTele

    Guitar refinshers recommendations

    I need to get a Rickenbacker (Jetglo) stripped and refinished. Current finish was from a bad batch (2007/2008) that they admitted, but wouldn't rectify. Anyone have anyone they would like to recommend (or stay away from)? Places in the southeast would be preferred. Rickenbacker forum? Yeah...
  13. VWAmTele

    Miss Universe

    I just want to see if Steve Harvey solved his dyslexia problem. I'm calling Miss Thailand. Cut me a break, there's nothing else on.
  14. VWAmTele

    Butch Trucks and The Freight Train Band

    Saw them Friday night in Clearwater. A lot of ABB content and probably the best looking guitar player I've ever seen :) (21 year old Heather Gillis). The rhythm section was just incredible. Berry Oakley Jr plays a very powerful and melodic bass, a new guy (his first gig with them) on various...
  15. VWAmTele

    Sittin' In

    Weekend wedding band in Orlando FL takes a call from a woman asking to play for her sons college graduation party. He can't do it, already doing a wedding on that date. Later in the week the wedding date gets changed, he calls the woman back saying he can do it after all. She asks him what they...
  16. VWAmTele

    Cabronita Pickguard

    My humble CAR Cabronita has become my favorite guitar (at least for a while). Nothing wrong with the white pickguard, but I'd like to explore some options. I'm color-blind and not good at matching colors and knowing which colors clash. How do you think this would look with a CAR Cab? Web site...
  17. VWAmTele

    Roy Orbison

    Pretty good 30 min program on Roy Orbison (on again at 11:30 PM on FOX News channel). It's the "Strange Inheritance" program and this one is about a recently discovered unpublished song Roy left his sons. One of whom looks and sings very much like him. Some great gear and of course, Roy Orbison...
  18. VWAmTele

    Width of vintage Strat saddle

    Could someone tell me the width of an individual vintage style Strat saddle made for 2 1/8th bridge? (similar to the one pictured)
  19. VWAmTele

    NGD - Cabrinita

    Couldn't resist blowout price - %15 from MF. I never played or owned a CAR Fender - I didn't expect it to be such a deep red - absolutely beautiful. Guitar arrived setup just about perfectly for me, no adjustments necessary. The FideliTrons are a bit under-powered, but clear up and down the neck...
  20. VWAmTele

    Goodbye Mr. Cub

    One of the greatest baseball players of all time. For us old guys, another part of our youth died today. RIP Ernie. "Let's Play Two!".
  21. VWAmTele

    PSA: Backing Tracks

    I was just browsing thru Spotify and came across 'Backing Tracks for Guitarists' volumes 1 thru 64 (Zoom Entertainment). They seem to cover a pretty wide range of music and artists, Beatles, Stones, Eagles... Some are better than others, but they're all available with the free version...
  22. VWAmTele

    Old Supro Amp question

    Saw this in my local shop today. They just took it in, said all they knew was that it was about 50 years old (I think it's a '51). Didn't get a chance to play it, but assuming it's in working order - how much is a fair price? They're asking $300 (sorry for the crappy phone pic)
  23. VWAmTele

    NFL 2014 Thread

    212 days of waiting is over! Miami, Jax and Browns looking for upsets...
  24. VWAmTele

    Gregg Allman

    Just a heads up for any Gregg Allman/Allman Brothers fans - Sunday 5/11 at 8 PM 'All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman' AXS TV (channel 569 on Verizon).
  25. VWAmTele

    Keith Urban is the new Esteban

    Channel surfing at two in the morning last night I came across the Home Shopping Network (about 10 miles from me) and they were hawking some type of guitar package: For $289 And there's Keith, all smiles, taking phone calls from his gushing girl fans, professing how great the guitars...

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