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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    To me, a toss-up between Hot Stuff and Too Much Blood.
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    What do you call '80s music?

    It's seems like the '80s has become the forgotten musical decade. You can draw a line of influence from the '50s through the '60s, '70s, and into the '90s. But the '80s music I'm talking about seems like it barely related to what came before it, and didn't much influence anything that came...
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    The guy with the gray pompadour

    The one who keeps popping up in the lower right corner. Dude bugs. Don't know what he sounds like, because I'm not gonna click on it.
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    Lap steel builder Todd Clinesmith loses entire shop in wildfire

    If any of you aren't familiar with the work of Todd Clinesmith, he builds beautiful reproductions of 1950's Bigsby steel guitars for a living. He lives and works in Oregon. Unfortunately, his shop was just completely destroyed in the wildfires there. There's a go fund me page for him, and he...
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    "Scientific" as a description of music

    I've read people using the term "scientific" to describe bands or music, and it's always heavy rock. I've heard applied to the Ramones and Black Sabbath. I can only guess at what it means. It seems to be an east-coast expression (I grew up in California) for music that's heavy and primitive (?)...
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    Blue Mink - Randy

    Does anyone remember this song? When I was a kid, a friend of mine had a k-tell compilation with this song on it. I had never heard it on the radio, and I've never heard it since. I've also asked people over the years if they knew the song, and no one ever did. I think that's weird. Something...
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    Do you vibrato like BB King or Eric Clapton?

    I learned guitar all on my own as a teenager, and I always did string vibrato like BB King. I didn't know it was his style, it was just the way I figured out how to do it. You put your finger on the string and rock your hand back and forth, so the weight of your hand moves your finger a little...
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    2/4 time vs. 4/4

    We all know a 4/4 rhythm is. And I've always referred to swing and shuffle rhythms as 2/4. But why is that so, when both have the same number of beats per measure and both are counted the same way?
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    the word "a" in country music

    I'm going ask a really stupid question, but it's something I've always wondered about. Why do country singers give an often incorrect long vowel pronunciation to the word "a" when singing? No one (not even in the south) does that when speaking. Are they trying to sound like they're illiterate...
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    Cellphone recording - advice needed

    I have a good friend, a former bandmate from years ago. To put it mildly, he's not too tech savvy. He's been emailing me demos of songs he's trying to record with his phone (I'm guessing not an iphone) – and they're a mess. He's got a $30 Beringer mic and $30 Beringer interface and is somehow...
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    Did Muddy Waters actually play much of anything on his Tele?

    I was watching a clip from the 70s of Muddy Waters – he had his red Tele. It almost seemed to be a prop. He was mixed very low most of the time and didn't seem to play much. He made some noise with a slide a couple of times, but it seemed more like showmanship than actual good guitar playing...
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    open vs. closed back cabinets

    What are the differences most people perceive between open and closed back cabinets?
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    How sensitive is a bender to movement?

    A guy I'm going to be playing music with asked if I had a B Bender... which of course got me thinking again about getting one! It's probably been asked many times, but how sensitive is a B bender to slight movements of your arm & shoulder? Obviously you can't swing the thing around like Pete...
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    Melodic country lead playing – the major 7th scale tone

    When playing single note leads and fills in traditional country music (melodic playing, not chicken picking), why is it that the major 7th tone (not talking about the natural 7th) is often omitted? You could say, "because it sounds better that way" – and it often does – but why? To me, adding...
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    What made '60s Teles more "hollow" sounding?

    What made '60s Teles more "hollow" sounding on the bridge pickup on the lower strings? Was it the pickups? The rosewood fingerboard? Or do you not agree that Teles from this era have a more hollow sound?
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    Too much to ask of an overdrive?

    Sounds like a dumb question, but does anyone know if there is a pedal that will make a Telecaster plugged into a Fender amp sound at very low volume like the amp is turned up to about 6 or 7? I want a clean-ish sound with just a slight breakup and the compression you'd get from turning up the...
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    TS808 or TS9 for Tele country sounds?

    Which of these two stock, out-of-the-box pedals do you feel works better for slightly overdriven country type sounds using a Telecaster, bridge pickup, and DRRI? And why? Please note, I'd just like to get feedback on the two pedals stock for country and country rock... not really looking for a...
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    Adding banjo tuner to high E

    This question is not specific to benders per se, but Im posting it here because it relates to the Clarence White / B bender thing ... and I think the people who could answer me will be more likely to see it here. Im interested in possibly adding a banjo tuner to my high E like Clarence White...
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    Overdrive/distortion pedal with compressor

    I have a Zvex Distortron – it goes from the lightest overdrive to almost fuzz levels. One of the coolest things about it (to me) is the way it cleans up by rolling back the guitar's volume control. Even on the highest setting, I can get it completely clean by rolling back the volume on the...
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    Blues Deluxe Reissue

    This amp has tweed tolex. Does it have a tweed type of sound (like a bassman)? I'm guessing that it doesn't, and is actually similar to the Hot Rod series.
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    New Riders of the Purple Sage – cool Tele playing

    Since everyone's talking about the Grateful Dead, here's The New Riders of the Purple Sage. Not some of the best singing I've ever heard, but I love the guitar break: watch?v=k_avn_xAYUY
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    Should i get a Fuzzface or a Tonebender?

    I'm thinking about buying a fuzz pedal. I want that late 60s/early 70s midrangey, aggressive kind of sound. Doesn't have to be Jimmy Page exactly, but somewhere along those lines. I want something where the sound of the pedal really takes over and changes the tone of the guitar, so I'll get lots...
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    A sad day: my turntable has died

    It was 'til death do us part, and now one of us has died... luckily not me. The one and only turntable that I've ever owned, which I bought as a teenager in 1979, has died. A Sanyo with real simulated wood grain around the edges. How it lasted all these years is beyond me. Let's all take a...
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    Looking for traditional Christmas music

    ...or my idea of "traditional," anyway. Obviously, I've got Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole already. What I'm looking for are simple, straight forward versions of traditional Christmas carols and Christmas songs I used to hear when I was a kid... but I can't find any. All I find are either the...
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    Little Heartbreaker by Marty Stuart... the classic Waylon sound

    I heard this song at my in-laws on thanksgiving. I couldn't believe it... Ralph Mooney on steel and a phase shifter on the Tele... it sounded just like Rainy Day Woman on Waylon Live. In fact, the steel parts were almost note-for-note the same. I knew it had to be Ralph Mooney or someone doing a...

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