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    Where can I buy a key for my 2009 AVRI '52 G&G Case?

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year to all! My Title asks it all :)
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    How does Pleking affect the resale value of a guitar?

    I'm curious how Pleking affects the resale value of a guitar. I'm sure many of you would NEVER buy a guitar without playing it, but the world is a changin', and I suspect more guitars are now purchased online than at brick and mortar stores. Regardless, I'll use an American Ultra...
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    Please define "Made In America" for me.

    What does it entail/mean if a Fender is Made In America? Does every part of the guitar have to be manufactured in America? Does the guitar have to be assembled in America? Could some parts be made elsewhere, but as long as the guitar is assembled in America, does that fit the definition...
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    What I have learned :)

    Hi guys! Please note that what I'm about to say is only MY take, and I'm confident that many of you already have found out what I just realized, but hopefully this Thread can save a few others from going through the struggles I have gone through to finally get to this point:) Over the last...
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    How does changing the bridge and saddles on a Road Worn '50s Telecaster affect it's resale value?

    Hi guys! I'm getting ready to sell a Blonde Ash 2019 Road Worn '50s Telecaster, and I removed the original Fender bridge and steel saddles, and installed another original Fender bridge that has Fender brass saddles on it. Please note that I still have the original bridge and steel saddles. My...
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    Where do you insert a volume pedal and wah pedal in your pedalboard chain?

    My questions asks it all!
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    Can a Strat be palm muted as easily as a Tele?

    Hi guys! This Thread is geared towards those of you that have both a Strat and a Tele :) I'm trying out a Strat, and I must admit it plays and sounds pretty dang good, but I'm having a little trouble palm muting it as easily as I do on my Tele. Is it "simply" that I need to get used to a...
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    Recommended pedals for Rhythm Guitar.

    For these genres: 1) Pop. 2) New Country. 3) R&B/Soul/Funk. 4) Contemporary Jazz. What pedals would you consider as essential for a rhythm guitarists Pedalboard?
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    What do I need? A DI/Splitter/etc.?

    Hi guys! Here's my goal: Split my Tele signal into two separate paths. One will go directly into my pedalboard, and the other will go directly into my UAD Apollo Twin Interface (which has (1) 1/4" input on the front, and (2) XLR inputs on the back). The signal output from a Strymon Iridium...
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    Boss GT-1000 or Helix Floor for $220.00 more?

    Hi guys! Been busy with other things (life/marriage/children :) ), but I'm back to having a short breather period now to think about ME :) If I go with a Line 6 Helix Floor, I can sell my Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard and my Radial ProRMP (both purchased with good intentions, but still new...
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    Still having trouble deciding between my Nash T-63 and AVRI 52 :)

    I'm not rich by ANY definition of the word, but in a way I wish I could have only been able to afford and buy just one GREAT guitar, and then move on to just PLAYING the damn thing! So to my fellow members and friends, please forgive Jerry for being Jerry :) Here's my "dilemma": 1) I love...
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    I JUST found out the significance of Amps :)

    Okay, this is a new month, so I'm cashing in my "Dumb Question Of The Month" Card! As some of you know, I've been struggling over how I love my 2008 AVRI 52, and I think the stock pickups sound fine...
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    Telecaster versus Stratocaster Poll.

    I'm borrowing a friends Stratocaster, and while I admit it's a better looking guitar (just MY opinion :) ) than a Tele, I think the Telecaster sounds better, AND also seems to stay in tune better :) As this is a Tele Forum, and I'm aware that some of you own a Strat and other guitars as well...
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    Any suggestions for a Splitter?

    I would like to send my DAW a wet signal from all the pedals on a pedalboard, as well as a pre-pedalboard dry signal. Any suggestions?
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    GT-1000 (or "X" f/x unit) vs individual pedals in 2021.

    I'm STILL struggling with whether I should go with a multi f/x unit (I like the GT-1000 a LOT based upon all the YouTube videos) or individual pedal based around a Strymon Iridium. Here's what's causing the confusion :) Lifelong musician, I play/record drums, bass guitar, keyboards, etc. for...
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    What capacitor is used in the Nash T Series?

    Does anyone know the specific cap (series/voltage/values/etc.) that is used in the Nash T Series guitars?
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    Am I the ONLY one who is going through this?

    Believe it or not, I come to this Forum as a form of Therapy :) Here's what's driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a way, I wish I wasn't able to afford so many guitars, because if I couldn't, I would be forced to have just one guitar, and I...
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    Do you prefer a guitar that has a fairly long or fairly short sustain?

    If you strum an open chord fairly hard, do you prefer a guitar that sustains longer (say up to 10 seconds to finally not be heard, or one that sustains for just a few seconds (around 5/7 seconds)?
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    I need a good illustrated book for Jazz Chords.

    I play by ear (I can play a chord if I know what the name of the chord is), and I'm using jazz chords on many of my original songs that are written on a keyboard. My best friend, who has been playing guitar for 50+ years, doesn't look forward to playing the rhythm guitar chords on many of my...
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    Dedicated pedals or a modeler?

    Do more of you prefer the "real thing" effects pedals, or multi-effects floorboard processor devices such as the Line 6 Helix, Boss GT-1000, Fractal FM3, etc.?
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    Why the current obsession, by some, of the weight of a guitar?

    I've read some Threads where the topic of weight is brought up occasionally, but I'd like to take that discussion a little further :) Okay.................................................................................................................... Back in the 60's/70's, I don't...
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    Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb or Twin Reverb?

    DISCLAIMER: Many of my Threads are intertwined :) It has been suggested in another Thread that perhaps a Tone Master Deluxe Reverb is favored more over the Tone Master Twin Reverb. The needs for either amp is mainly for recording at a home studio, but for the hell of it, I'll say you might...
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    What 5 (or any number) pedals would you deem as essential?

    This Thread is an offshoot of my previous Thread regarding "Which of these two for my first Combo Amp?", the two being a Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb or a Katana Artist MKII. It dawned on me that it's not really a true "apples versus apples" competition, as the Katana is a modeler amp with a...
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    Which of these two for my first Combo Amp?

    Okay, I'm tired of looking at this amp, and that amp, and with my convoluted thinking, it will be another year before I buy ANY amp :) I've narrowed it down to THESE two, and ONLY these two, so please help me out brothers and sisters, just as you ALWAYS do! To set the ground rules: 1) I...

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