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  1. ScottJPatrick

    NAD Musicman content.

    Picked this up about a month ago but have been away for the last three weeks so didn't get a chance to try it properly. 1981 Musicman 112 RD50 in very clean condition. All original as far as I can tell, still has the green ink Sylvania 6L6's and the 12ax7 for the drive channel. I have been...
  2. ScottJPatrick

    Nashville, worth it for a couple of days?

    Coming over to Montgomery Al next weekend to visit the in-laws for 3 weeks. Thinking of a trip up to Nashville for a few days, approx 4/5 hour drive so not too bad. Then I hear about really expensive hotels in the centre or stay out in the outskirts and use Uber's to get around, traffic hellish...
  3. ScottJPatrick

    NoGD, unexpected purchase.

    Went a bit daft and put my 1954 ES140 online as I really didn't play it enough, didn't help that someone came round to my place and played the heck out of it, made me think I really don't play anything like the way the guitar deserved or should be played, let's face it, I love Tele's, Esquires...
  4. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    Had a spare neck I bought a while back, plenty parts and a couple of Cavalier pickups going spare so decided to go ahead and buy a body to finish the job off. (In the real world I would just have sold off all the parts I didn't need but this is TDPRI land so the obvious thing to do was buy the...
  5. ScottJPatrick

    Nile Rodgers 50's Tele's up for auction

    He is selling off a lot of gear to raise funds for the 'We are family' charity including a couple of 50's Tele's. There are a couple of other Tele's too and a lot of other nice gear. Quite low estimates that I'm sure will be broken...
  6. ScottJPatrick

    R.I.P. Charlie Watts

    Just heard, this one really hurts. edit, please do not 'like' this post, there is absolutely nothing to like about it.
  7. ScottJPatrick

    N(o)GD, 75% of one anyway!

    This is getting to be a bit of a habit, took delivery today of a 1959 single cut melody Maker 3/4 scale. I recently picked up a 1954 ES140 and have always fancied an original single cut Melody Maker so this was just waiting to happen. Feels great, 7/8'' pickup with 7.8Kohms output, sounds very...
  8. ScottJPatrick

    Early/mid 70's Truss rod access channel

    Anybody know when they stopped using a square channel for the truss rod access in the 70's? Saw that Dacious mentioned this in a recent thread and also mentioned less sanding to the edges of the body at about the same time giving them a sharper edge. I know it happened around the time when they...
  9. ScottJPatrick

    NoGD, well, a couple of weeks ago but hey......

    Actually posted a pic of this in a couple of other threads recently but this is it's official NGD post on TDPRI. Turned 60 last month and decided to treat myself, sold a 1963 SG Special a couple of months ago so also felt a bit of a gap in my gear because of that. Had lots of nice guitars over...
  10. ScottJPatrick

    Rivera Champ II (2) on ebay uk.

    Not mine, just putting it out there.
  11. ScottJPatrick

    New pickup day, Cavalier Twin Lion.

    Ordered it 12 days ago and it was assembled and delivered to Scotland today, pretty good going in the current situation. Rob did a custom build as I wanted a Nashville/Fat Lion but with the turn count on the Fat increased to 12500 to give it a wee bit extra. Readings are 7.8 and 10.2k which is...
  12. ScottJPatrick

    1959 tweed Gibson Invader on eBay.

    Seems reasonable if it's all good, cheapest tweed Gibson I've seen for a while.
  13. ScottJPatrick

    Re-inventing the wheel? Esquire stealth pickup.

    Love Seymour Duncan pickups, used them for years, love Brad Paisley and his music, great songwriter and guitar player. Apparently they have 'discovered' a way to make your Esquire more usable, they call it a secret agent, pretty sure we've all called it a stealth pickup for quite a long time...
  14. ScottJPatrick

    Help with EVM 12, possibly S proline.

    Hey, got a new (old) speaker delivered today from eBay but not the one in the photos on the listing. Trying to sort out the serial numbers to see if there is any difference in them but not getting very far. This is the speaker that arrived, serial 812 0890 9217 so from 17th week of 1992...
  15. ScottJPatrick

    Rivera Super Champ in Reading, pickup only or I would have bought it by now!

    local collection and cash preferred, not a bad buy it now price if anyone is near Reading.
  16. ScottJPatrick

    Birthdate guitar, set myself a near impossible task.

    Trying to find not just a birth year, but a birth date guitar for my son. Narrows it down a bit to looking at Gibsons and preferably an acoustic so chances are pretty slim! 10th June 1997, first 5 numbers on the serial need to be 91617***, been looking for a while.......... Any other good guitar...
  17. ScottJPatrick

    I'm confused by this ad, local Gumtree/Craigs list

    Custom shop Rory Gallagher Strat, all good so far but then the seller describes it as being in 'unplayed condition', just doesn't sound right to me.....yet another mint condition relic!
  18. ScottJPatrick

    Kenny Rogers, R.I.P.

    Country legend passed this morning.
  19. ScottJPatrick

    This Tele needs to go on a diet.

    Not sure if this is a Tele or a coffee table, possibly both.......
  20. ScottJPatrick

    Lonely days, lonely nights, live in Japan. Roy Buchanan's best solo?

    Inspired to post this after I replied to a thread earlier about guitar solos. I have always rated this as one of Roy's best, possibly one of his shortest too but just gives a great insight into his feel, touch and tone as well as his undoubted skill. There are obviously a great deal of stunning...
  21. ScottJPatrick

    5 way superswitch again!

    trying to adapt the diagram below to give me B series, B series + N single coil, B+N, B series + N single coil, N series. Basically what it is below but with the bridge pickup in series the whole time, doesn't matter what coil of the neck pickup is split. 1,3 and 5 need to be full humbuckers, 2...
  22. ScottJPatrick

    Nice wee practice amp for someone, vintage Fender, Glasgow area.

    Go on, you know you want to.....
  23. ScottJPatrick

    5 way super switch help, twin humbuckers

    Trying to do a wiring job for a friend, used this diagram, pickup combinations turned out nothing like they are meant to be! Am I missing something obvious? What I ended up with was 1/ both humbuckers 2/ Bridge north and Neck north coils 3/ Bridge south coil + Neck humbucker 4/ Bridge south...
  24. ScottJPatrick

    Esquire control plate/wiring harness on ebay uk

    ok, so it's not actually a pickup but couldn't think where else to post it, decent looking Esquire control plate/wiring harness on ebay uk if anyone's interested. Seller obviously doesn't know what it is...

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