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  1. Davecam48

    What is this???????

    I know this is something that seemed to be fairly common to those living in the USA but I cannot tell from the photo or following commentary what it is!!!!!! Can anyone enlighten me????? DC DC
  2. Davecam48

    Prostrate Cancer

    As the majority of contributors here are men, thought I'd call out a warning to all about prostrate cancer! Just got home yesterday after having my prostrate removed due to cancer. The operation went well according to the Doc. and I'm grateful for his skills but there are some negatives as...
  3. Davecam48

    Stew Mac advertising

    Had a bit of a laugh just before I posted this, Stew Mac adverts appear on my email pages all the time! This morning they were selling nut-file holders/handles made from aluminium very similar to what I posted a while back. Theirs were a lot sexier looking and much more expensive but...
  4. Davecam48

    One of the very best!!!

    Just flicking through some "stuff" on the computer and came across this video clip which I consider to be one of the best ever. Enjoy might pass a few minutes of "Self Isolation" Enjoy DC
  5. Davecam48

    Stew Mac nut slotting files

    Just had to cut some slots in a string guide for a zero fret unit I just about finished but I (up to now) have just used the blades on their own holding them between my fingers. That's OK with the 3 or 4 thicker ones but the thin ones for the top strings get a bit tricky sometimes. Years...
  6. Davecam48

    Dual Humbucker for a friend

    Just finished a little dual humbucker unit for a friend who's had some bad luck in the recent past, losing a lot of guitars and amps along with all the contents of his house in a flood. This was a fairly quick construction using what I had in the sawdust factory and it consists of dual...
  7. Davecam48

    Does anyone here make their own guitar cases?

    I recently had occasion to make a guitar for an old friend and ex-boss who had some really bad luck and lost a small fortune in instruments and other equipment as well as extensive damage to his home in a flood. He lives in another state and I built a plywood transport case to get it to him...
  8. Davecam48

    The Buddha in the box!

    As I have said previously I have diversified a bit having too many guitars for one poor guitar playing person, I have been making a few jewellery boxes. It started with one for my step-daughter's birthday, and I enjoyed the process so have made a few more. I have been using camphor laurel...
  9. Davecam48

    Just finished another one!

    Hi All! As I have too many guitars SWMBO keeps at me "Why don't you make something you can sell???" So...................I have sourced some timber from a noxious weed here in OZ and have made a few jewellery boxes the first was for "Her indoors'" daughter for a birthday present and I enjoyed...
  10. Davecam48

    Does anyone here make their own guitar cases?

    Just looking around what my wife calls the "rubbish room"where my guitars and stereo equipment and computer are housed. Sure it's fairly messy but I seem to know where "stuff" is if I need it (unlike my sawdust factory/shed/workshop) Looking around just now and I have five guitars built by...
  11. Davecam48

    Home-made T-track hold down clamps.

    Thought there might be a little interest in these home-made T track clamps. Needed to hand-saw some smaller pieces of wood and didn't want giant F-clamps in the way so I used a couple of 1/4" galvanized foot plates I had laying around. I cut them into 1" wide strips about 6" long and cut a...
  12. Davecam48

    Poisoned by some magnificent old timber!

    Many years ago myself and a mate cleaned up and demolished an old fernery at the rear of a lady's home. Her husband had recently passed away and she wanted to clean up a bit with a view to selling the house and move into town. Amongst the stuff were several blocks of wood that had been...
  13. Davecam48

    Merry Christmas All

    Hi In just under 4 hours from now it will be Christmas Day here in Oz. We are bit ahead of most on the forum except New Zealand. So have a great day tomorrow one and all! DC
  14. Davecam48

    The Vlad-O Caster ( well the humbuckers anyway!)

    Hi all Just a quick thread to show my latest and possibly my last guitar build. For those of you who said why? ............ I have about 12-14 guitars at present, and more than half were built by me and are OK in varying degree but as a non player these past several years, I am getting...
  15. Davecam48

    Woo-Hoo! drill press.

    Got sick of my 20 yo something little bench top drill press so bit the bullet and bought a much bigger one. It's branded "Renegade" which got me excited to start with, and is a "Made in China" special......but so is my wife, and fairly well built, as is my wife, (for her age ;)) It has an...
  16. Davecam48

    200mm (8 inch) disk sander...........Home brewed!

    Hi All! Just a quickie to show a small project which I have just finished. As the title suggests it is an 8 inch diameter disk sander, funny that! My old disk/belt sander still works reasonably but more often I find I need a sander a bit larger and a bit more accurate. I attempted to...
  17. Davecam48

    Another guitar factory in China

    Here's the oppositions Chinese factory. DC
  18. Davecam48

    Dust extractor for my bandsaw

    Hi all! Just a short post to show you what I've come up with to try to get rid of the excess sawdust when using the bandsaw. Over the years I've used various versions of vacuuming away the dust which takes a lot longer to clean up than it does to make, and came up with this el-cheapo fix...
  19. Davecam48

    Anyone here like beer?

    I guess not many TDPRI'ers like or enjoy beer,?, but I must say I just chugged one down and I really enjoyed it, so much so I just might partake of another. :p I'm in China ATM and we are staying at a friends new unit as our place is tenanted at the moment. Swmbo and I just got home from a...
  20. Davecam48

    Jointing a join (the cheap way)

    Hi Have had to do some plumbing at the house recently and did some damage to the old worn out body so not up to anything too difficult so yesterday decided to give my old (and too small) router table edging device a well needed update. basically its a piece of scrap wood that is flat with two...
  21. Davecam48

    Steam Benda'

    Hi all ...........just a small post to demo a quick project I slapped together yesterday. I seem to work mostly with very thin timber lately, usually in the order of 1.5mm to about 2mm as I keep trying to perfect my method of building with full kerf type construction to build very strong but...
  22. Davecam48

    Resawing small timber help

    Hi all! I've been cutting some sides and pieces for full wall kerfs lately and needed to make the process a little more reliable and repeatable. Most of the sections are only about 40-50mm high so my large resawing fence just seems to get in the way. Doing some yesterday and I had the...
  23. Davecam48

    Sharpening a bandsaw blade?

    I've been using the same blade in my 14" bandsaw for longer than 12 months now and have noticed that the saw is noisier now than it used to be when cutting. The saw basically gets used most days so ordered a new one which arrived a few days ago. The one I have been using was 3/4" x 6tpi and...
  24. Davecam48

    Merry Christmas

    In 4 hours and around 2 minutes it will be Christmas Day here in Oz. May you all have a happy and rewarding day with your families, and stay safe. Ho Ho Ho!!!! The Fat Man Cometh.............not me , the other one! DC

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