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  1. fidopunk

    I just hate thieves...

    I wish my cordless Sawzall made such clean cuts.
  2. fidopunk

    I just hate thieves...

    I would love to know what specific type of cutter they used to do this so quickly and cleanly. I'm not kidding.
  3. fidopunk

    Suggestions for a boost pedal

    Currently sold out, but this is always my vote.
  4. fidopunk

    Songs About Guitars

  5. fidopunk

    18w TMB style amps

    I built one from whole cloth without a kit in an old PE PA Amp (the PA head for Union Carbide's tech center). I love it and incorporated some of RobRob's mods. It's mid-focused, cuts well, and does have a surprising amount of volume on tap.
  6. fidopunk

    Does 4/32" - 8/64" seem high to anyone else?

    Usually it is us Americans that'll use ANYTHING to avoid the metric system.
  7. fidopunk

    Looking for a univibe

    I love JHS's because it has a tap feature and a photocell. You can also make it into more of a vibrato effect if so desired.
  8. fidopunk

    Motorcyclists, bikers, and Harley enthusiasts, what do you think of this?

    Maybe someday I'll age into Harleys. Kawasaki and Honda for me now. For what it is, it is good.
  9. fidopunk

    Fender MIM or Squier CV

    I second this. I just bought a Vintera Strat and am blown away by the quality.
  10. fidopunk

    How Many?

    Over 40
  11. fidopunk

    Gutter replacement with filter - Racket

    I put 6" gutters, oversized downspouts, and the premium leaf filters on last year for $2,500. Pays to shop around. The fellas did top-notch work.
  12. fidopunk

    It is my brother's fault

    Oh and I should add that I've been scoped TWICE this year. And it's far preferable than dying.
  13. fidopunk

    It is my brother's fault

    I don't understand why there's so much hesitancy in getting scoped. I'm a much younger man than most of you all and I would prefer a thousand preps and scopes than say, dying at 50 It's really no big deal.
  14. fidopunk

    Joyo American Sound Pedal

  15. fidopunk

    Fender 75 amp issues again and again.....

    I have to think about this some more-- I had two old tube amps with solid state rectifiers that were displaying the same behavior. I didn't even bother testing them, I just swapped all four out and it solved the problem. The way you troubleshot it still sounds like the diodes in the rectifier...
  16. fidopunk

    Fender 75 amp issues again and again.....

    Rectifier is dead?
  17. fidopunk

    2021 Premier Guitar Stocking

    Same to all of the above. The tools to set Floyd Roses at least sell on Reverb because I have no need for them.
  18. fidopunk

    Hum goes away when I touch strings

    Sorry, I posted my comment before closely reading the OP.
  19. fidopunk

    Can you afford to live here?

    It doesn't break it down by cities, either. The difference between say, your average rural Ohio town and a loft in downtown Columbus is going to be tremendous.
  20. fidopunk

    Help Identify please!

    Oh look, I missed that the truss rod adjustment is at the headstock and not the body. She ain't American. I'll second my own vote for partscaster. It could be a good one though.
  21. fidopunk

    Help Identify please!

    This is a mutt. Someone has added the bridge cover. The headstock decal doesn't seem quite right-- it's all black like the ol' MIM series instead of being a silver or gold Fender logo. This one on the Fender website isn't the same shade of blue, but that can change year-to-year. If it is...
  22. fidopunk

    Orange Crush Bass 50W- Deep Purple?

    I occasionally use an Orange Brent Hinds on bass through an Ashdowne 1x12". It's a great sound.
  23. fidopunk

    Really Not Into Working Anymore

    Right there with you except I have much longer to go. Management keeps telling me to take a vacation but... doesn't seem like an ideal time to do it, but professionally and with everything else that's going on in the world. But in all fairness, is there ever a good time?
  24. fidopunk

    Songs about your Hometown

  25. fidopunk

    NPD Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2

    I got bored a couple months back and bought a bunch of SF-300's and re-housed them in metal enclosures and better (re: any) artwork. I found that on certain settings, yes, weird ring mod action.

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