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  1. PCollen

    What Was the First Effect Device You EVER Bought ?

    For me, it was a VOX Bass Booster. Not really a pedal.... it plugged unto the input of an amp, and the cable then plugged into it. No controls, just an on/off switch. Paid $20 for it at Johnny Swoboda's Music Center in So. Omaha, NE in 1965. No idea what happened to it, but I wish it were...
  2. PCollen

    Amazon Customer Reviews of TDPRI Forum ....Like It's a Salelable Product I came across this. What the heck ?
  3. PCollen

    Any Gretsch Non-Trem Owners ?

    I'm trying to ascertain if a Gibson (or similar) stop-tailpiece would be a "drop-in" replacement for the current Gretsch V-shaped stop tailpiece.
  4. PCollen

    O-K : 197? Tele Neck For Sale.... a guy with two right feet.
  5. PCollen

    Look at those Lockers, and Shiny 6-saddle bridge...

    ...on Keith's Tele:
  6. PCollen

    Do Med-Jumbo Frets work with a 7.25" fretboard ?

    I suppose action would have to be higher than with a 9.5" fretboard, but significantly ? Just wondering about the possibilities. I've never seen or played a 7.25" fretboard with other than vintage frets, which I didn't care for.
  7. PCollen

    Increase TDPRI display font size of

    Are there settings within the site to change the appearance and size of the font. Since the upgrade, TDPRI appears to have an anemic font, smaller than before and the text not in bold looks thin.
  8. PCollen

    Wishing Everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS....

    ...and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
  9. PCollen

    Help: Are My TDPRI Settings Wrong

    Each time I log in, TDPRI opens up not in the HOME listing but in a Search listing . I than have to swlect HOME to get to the latest posts .
  10. PCollen

    Why Professional Basketball Hoops Still 10ft. High..

    ..when the game players and their talent has grown beyond that point. Is it time for 10'6" ? Edit: Well, perhaps I should have done my research first before posting:
  11. PCollen

    I Confess: I Bought a Klon....

    ...clone off of WISH out of curiosity, and am really VERY pleased with it. Been playing my Strat though it for a few days and there are some good tones to be had. It's buffered bypass, as are the originals, and the controls are quite responsive and quiet. Workmanship inside is very good. For...
  12. PCollen

    Why should I need an EQ pedal...

    ...when all my effect pedals have their own EQ controls ?
  13. PCollen

    She vs. Me

    She: Look at this (holding up spray can), you said you needed spray for the wasps. Me: That says it's for flying insects. I need Wasp and Hornet spray, and I already bought some. She: But this says it is all natural. Me: I want to KILL them, not feed them. She: But it would be better using this...
  14. PCollen

    Made a Big Mistake This Week...

    I sold my Epiphone Valve Jr Head Monday, which I haven't used in a couple years, for $75 (bought it for $99). Yesterday, I remembered that I had swapped out the original VJ SE OT for a Classic Tone OT and had forgot to reverse the swap before selling it. My proceeds from the sale just fell by...
  15. PCollen

    Does YOUR Fender Amp Have This Problem ?

    I had a 97 Blues Jr "green board" amp I recently sold that DID NOT even though using the same brand (IC) caps. Verify using an inspection mirror , and taking voltage readings, before charging in with the dikes and clipping leads:
  16. PCollen

    WOW, This Pickguard Is .....

    ....PERSONALIZED. Seen on FB Marketplace:
  17. PCollen

    Is it worth moving the Tone control to the Vol Pot output (wiper)?

    Just wondering if, all other factors remaining equal , if it really does make any difference vs. having it connected to the Vol Pot input (top) as it is ?
  18. PCollen

    Are You Driving a 200K + Mile Car ?

    If so, what year/make/model and how many miles . My daily driver is a 2007 Honda C-RV with 230,117 miles on it.
  19. PCollen

    My Wife's Approach to "Problem Solving"

    We are having some torrential rain in Central Florida today..started about 4 AM and has persisted for almost 7 hours. My wife just looked out the porch window and stated that our small 1" diameter by 6" tall rain guage mounted to the top of a fence post "doesn't have much water in it". I looked...
  20. PCollen

    "Frying bacon" noise comes and goes in solid state amp....

    May be power supply (???) as it persists even with all controls on 0 and nothing plugged in. The amp is an old Ampeg G-115. It splays good, except the reverb is "dead" and the cracking, frying sound with or without the reverb leads plugged into the tank.
  21. PCollen

    Can Budge JBL Speaker Loose from Baffle Board

    I'm scrapping a defective Ampeg G-115 amp. The JBL speaker is just fine, as is the reverb tank and cabinet. I want to get pics but can't budge the JBL, even with all hardware removed. Sure hope someone didn't use Liquid Nails around the frame evidence of any adhesive. Probably just...
  22. PCollen

    Can the Pre-Amp HISSSS be filtered out ?

    I built a KOMET 60 main board and coupled it to a Marshall 50W power section. It sounds great except for the exceptional amount of pre-amp hiss, expected with an amp having 3 stages of gain feeding the PI. Is there a trick, maybe from the Boogie playbook, to filter out some of this hiss ? Like...

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