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  1. TG

    Who is buying them?

    I often browse the listings on Reverb and I notice that there are a lot of 4 and 5 figure guitars on there. It's got me wondering who is buying these guitars now. There aren't the gigging venues there used to be and budget/standard price guitars are very good quality. I'm also thinking that...
  2. TG

    Help......ear worm!

    Spice Girls. Bad. Very bad. Suggest anything....
  3. TG

    Just musing...

    I've noticed over the years that there is a similarly between personal relationships, especially romantic relationships...and guitar ownership. Many times there have been guitars that I've liked the look of and imagined having, but when I actually got one I didn't like it at all. Other times...
  4. TG

    What song is this?

    I have an old memory of a song and I think I remember hearing it in highschool, ie, in the late 1970s. I think it's Joe Walsh or the Eagles maybe. I think it's in 3/4 time and the guitar riff goes E...B...C#/D/C#......E...B...C#/D/C#...... E..B....Bb..A..G...E. A.....G.....E Can...
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  6. TG

    Midrange problem

    I fancied a white telecaster so I just bought this Bullet Tele on Reverb. Tidied up the frets and set it up...nice little guitar. But I noticed a teeny tiny issue with the tone. And I KNOW tone. Something was wrong with the midrange, like it was being blocked or smothered. I determined that...
  7. TG

    Your current favorite noodle.

    What's your favorite song to play these days? I have a number that are my go-to licks when I pick up a guitar such as The Stumble and Cissy Strut, but the past several months the thing I enjoy the most is Mr. Moto by the Belairs. It brings back that magical 'electric guitar' fascination I had...
  8. TG

    Where are all the organs?

    Awhile back I came across an old organ in a charity of the ones from the 60s/70s with lots of buttons. Different voice options including piccolo, violin, guitar, clarinette, and built-in percussion with choices such as bossa-nova, tango, salsa, march, etc. I'll insert a photo...
  9. TG

    Jazzmaster with 12s

    Just sharing... I've a Squier CV Jazzmaster that I've been ok with since I got it last year, but I haven't been overly thrilled with it. So on a whim I thought I'd try my first ever set of 12 gauge strings on it. I know that a lot of 'modern' issues with Jazzmasters and Jaguars has to do with...
  10. TG


    I sold an acoustic and bought myself a Harley Benton SC450 P90 goldtop. I had one of these several years back and regretted selling it so I got another one. Incredible guitar for the money (€159). Quite a chunky neck, a bit like a Gibson 50s profile. Sounds fine. Plays good after a setup and a...
  11. TG

    In praise of a 70s Thinline

    Just a Squier, but I've decided this is the most 'me' guitar I've ever had. I've been thru loads of guitars over the years and I currently have 15 or so, but until very recently I never pushed the button on any wide range humbucker type Fenders. They always had a sort of bodged, slapped...
  12. TG


    Got me a Squier 70s Thinline this morning. I've been listening to Tab Benoit a lot recently so I reckoned I should get one. First impressions are very good. Love the tone. Kind of like a Tele and a Les Paul had a baby. I got it a bit cheaper as it was a returned B stock...and it's perfect...
  13. TG

    NGD.....and a FEDEX van

    Got myself a new guitar off Reverb that arrived today from Spain. A tasty little Tokai SG Junior. First impressions are good. However... It arrived late in the afternoon in a rainstorm just as it was getting dark....and the delivery van broke down. Gearbox, I think. The driver got...
  14. TG

    Anyone else ever do this back in the day?

    Making my breakfast bagel this morning this bag fastener brought back memories of trimming the edges of one of these and using it as a guitar pick back in the 1970s.
  15. TG

    New batteries

    I love this thing.
  16. TG


    Did a trade yesterday and landed a nice little Squier CV 60s Mustang. I had to drive nearly across the country to meet the fellow (don't be impressed Americans, it's only a few hours) but it was worth it. I've had Mustangs before and struggled with them playing onstage, but now I only sofa...
  17. TG

    Mike Rutherford and the Bullet

    I can understand this. I have a hardtail Squier Bullet that would be an acceptable 'only guitar' in a pinch.
  18. TG

    Rush during half-time

    Haven't seen a thread about this (unless I missed it...) so if any of you haven't seen this I recommend you do. Geddy and Alex reacted to this with one word... Speechless.
  19. TG

    My current rig

    I spent decades going thru a variety of amplifiers. From the late 1970s when your ampifier was often bigger than you were, through my main gigging days trying a variety of tube amps, speakers, tube types and pedals...and my more recent period jamming and doing occasional gigs using small...
  20. TG

    Why I tend to dislike neck pickups

    Just realised something. You know how sometimes you need a flash of insight or awareness to understand something? Well, all my guitar playing years I've never felt comfortable using a neck pickup on its own, although I also tend not to stay solely on the bridge pickup either, although I have...
  21. TG

    The place Gollum was born

    No...not beside the River Anduin. County Clare in Ireland. J.R.R.Tolkien spent time in Galway in the 1930s and was fascinated by the limestone Burren area in County Clare, not far from where I am. Parts of Middle Earth such as the Misty Mountains and Mordor were influenced by it, and there is...
  22. TG

    Trivia for fiddle players...

    ...and nerds who like to impress people with useless information. Several centuries before the development of the violin there was a bowed instrument called a fithele....which is where the word fiddle derived from. Nobody is sure why it got associated with violins, especially as the fithele was...
  23. TG

    Vintage prototype chainsaw

    Or so it says on the ad I found our local for sale website. Tempting...
  24. TG

    Humbucker sized p90 set €28 delivered!

    ...and they're fine. I have a Harley Benton SC-Custom I got as a return B stock for pretty cheap. €189 or something. It's an ESP EC copy and it's quite nice. A little bit heavy for its size but it's very ergonomic with a satiny finish. Plays great and looks nice. Wasn't thrilled by the stock...
  25. TG

    Where are all the old but not vintage guitars?

    Recently I've noticed that on Reverb, eBay and other online sites you tend to mainly see recent model guitars and expensive 'vintage' guitars. For example, it's easy to find Squire Classic Vibe models but there are few if any Vintage Modified guitars from 5 or 6 years ago for sale. Right now...

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