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  1. Gunny

    Thinline with P90 in the neck position

    My friend, an avid guitar player and jam space host, has a large number of electric guitars. Most of them are semi-hollow Epiphones, his general preference. He's looking for a Thinline Tele fitted with a P90 in the neck and a standard Tele bridge pup. It could be a Fender or Squier, no...
  2. Gunny

    Recommend an APP where band members can jam together

    ...meaning, to jam together in real time. There's 4 of us and we started with Google Duo. The video was ok but the audio was chopped up, ie slight delays so you couldn't play music together. Can anyone recommend an alternate program, free of course, that works smoothly? Thx.
  3. Gunny

    I'm curious - what are these threads?

    In the new threads today category, there's several that look like this...(each ending with the name of a Canadian University. Anybody know how to explain these? 西蒙菲莎大学毕业证成绩单‖留信网认证+q微信193998606办理加拿大SFU|本科/硕士|学位文凭证书,使馆认证/公证,真实教育部学历认证,回国人员证明Simon Fraser University
  4. Gunny

    No talk about 'New' Fender pedals?

    I was a little surprised that I didn't see any threads here about these. I picked up 'The Bends' compressor (the names are a bit weird) because it was $100 less than an MXR.
  5. Gunny

    Fewer tugbar/thumb rests on Fenders

    Picked up a used Highway 1 Precision bass a few weeks ago. The previous owner changed out the white pickguard for a tortoise, which I wanted anyways, though oddly he never removed the clear plastic covering and it was covered in shallow knife cuts?????? I peeled the covering off and the tort...
  6. Gunny

    DVD/BluRay Swap - Pink Floyd????

    I received a Bluray copy of The Story of Wish You Were Here. I don't have a Bluray player and I'm looking to swap for a simple DVD version of the same disk. If you're looking to trade (mine is in original wrapper) it's a very...
  7. Gunny

    G.E. Smith

    I was at the opening night of Roger Waters - The Wall Live on Wednesday. Many of the same musicians from Waters' last 2 tours were on hand including Snowy White and Dave Kilminster. Surprise, surprise G.E. Smith was also playing a vintage butterscotch Tele early on. A few songs into the night...