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  1. buster poser

    Modern stabs at the lounge-y 'jazz standard' sound

    Couple of faves. Any others? Reminds me of this style/era quite a bit.
  2. buster poser

    Hey Johnny Law

    Little Saturday stomper from Wayne the Train. Few great solos in this.
  3. buster poser

    A year after procuring the Mickey Baker book

    Felt like it had been a while. I have another thread that was somewhat active on the book (link) and updated in January but having hit one of the original goals I had in learning at least some jazz fundamentals (notably, playing Eldon lines competently), thought I'd revisit the topic. I think...
  4. buster poser

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Fagan

    Doin' more with less... hardly gets better than Billie. Obligatory:
  5. buster poser

    Hot Club of Cowtown show last night

    Great to see a big guitar influence live and up close. The whole group are virtuoso-level. They did a fair bit of Bob (Big Ball's in Cowtown, Stay a Little Longer, She's Killin' Me, Along the Navajo Trail), some Texas fiddle (Cotton Eyed Joe, Ida Red), and a couple of standards (How High the...
  6. buster poser

    Mr. Armstrong on Francis’s program, 1952

    CBS Studio orchestra, Alex Stordahl conducting per the details. There are a few versions of this song I love (Monk ofc, Peggy Lee’s late 40s take for Capitol), but this has got to be tops. Must have been unreal to see this guy live.
  7. buster poser

    Happy 40th to Maiden's third

    Blew my little 11 year old mind in '82. Gun to my head, probably "the" metal song for me, but this album's a scorcher from end to end.
  8. buster poser

    Our Flag Means Death (Taika Waititi/Rhys Darby series)

    Anyone else? Loving it through the first 4-5 episodes. Couldn't care less about "Thor," and Star Wars, but when he does comedy, few get close to Waititi, going all the way back to "Eagle vs Shark." Big fan. Rhys Darby is characteristically great as well, whole cast. Hope they win some iron.
  9. buster poser

    Upcoming Billy Joel biopic (sans his music, likeness, and name)

    Sounds great! Isbell 🤣😂
  10. buster poser

    And then in spring, spiders started dropping out of the sky

    2022, what is you doin'
  11. buster poser

    Robbie Fulks: I Told Her Lies

    This guy. Killin' me :lol:
  12. buster poser

    Joey McKenzie, Western Swing/Texas Fiddle player

    I was looking for a new take of Right or Wrong to play along with, this one is stellar. Kid on fiddle ain't too shabby either. What a great cover. *to clarify, Texas Fiddle is a style. That's Joey on the big jazzbox/acoustic
  13. buster poser

    Cliff Burton: Happy 60th and RIP

    What a loss, can't believe it's been 36 years. The only thing good about his death is that he hasn't had to see what a joke his former bandmates have become.
  14. buster poser

    Happy 20th to Norah's breakout hit

    Released 1/28/2002. Such a satisfying progression to just roll through. I'll be honest, I didn't much care for her or this even tune ("Snorah" is still legit funny) until I heard her take on Cold Cold Heart. We've seen her three times since, total pro.
  15. buster poser

    Hot Club of Cowtown/Whit Smith

    Learning another arrangement of this and wanted to see how he played it. Don't think I'll be tackling Whit's solo anytime soon, but everyone in this group is unreal.
  16. buster poser

    They’ve got cars big as bars, they’ve got rivers of gold

    Sorry for the obligatory Fairytale; surely this has been posted today, apologies for the spam but I never get tired of this one on this day. RIP Kirsty. Sure doesn’t feel like 21 years
  17. buster poser


    Wasn't really aware of this model (3161, 'Historic Series,' circa 2003-2006), but I pulled this consignment down at my local today and put it into a little Blues Jr I've run probably 30 guitars through over the last year whilst searching for something new. With a pretty wide basis of...
  18. buster poser

    New Spoon!

    I've called 'em my favorite band for 20 years and have seen them 13 times in between. Solid as ever. New album, "Lucifer on the Sofa" to be released Feb 2022. Helluva first single. Man I want that thinline.
  19. buster poser

    RIP Leslie Bricusse, and thanks for a few memorable tunes

    Passed on 10/19, just heard...
  20. buster poser

    Fellow friends-of-pollinators, you'll want to see 'My Garden of a Thousand Bees' on PBS (US)

    Nature photo-/videographer with serious chops (has worked with Attenborough) sets his lenses on his own garden in Bristol, and the wild bees that inhabit it. Camera and soundwork are incredible, but the content is absolutely tremendous and I learned a ton...
  21. buster poser

    Welp, Sir Paul went 'there.' McCartney waves away such high-flown talk, but he isn’t above suggesting that the Beatles worked from a broader range of musical languages than their peers—not least the Rolling Stones. “I’m not...
  22. buster poser

    RIP Pat Fish (cka The Jazz Butcher)

    Wife's a big fan, haven't broken the news to her yet. RIP Pat. Pat Fish, who performed as The Jazz Butcher for nearly 40 years, has died. He was 64. Word came via his frequent collaborator and lead guitarist Max Eider, who wrote, "Very sad to announce that my old friend Pat Fish died suddenly...
  23. buster poser

    Happy 98th, Hiram!

  24. buster poser

    Travel & Leisure's Top 15 US Cities

    Obviously I have to consider the purpose of the list*, but I thought it was interesting and not just because my home is in one of these. Lots of usual suspects here, but I was surprised to see Austin and Fort Worth on the list; great towns, glad they rate highly, I guess I need to see what's...
  25. buster poser

    On the 80th anniversary of his birth, it's Otis Redding day in Georgia tomorrow, 9.9.2021

    I got to visit the foundation ( in Macon a couple of times in 2018, and picked up the 'Definitive' collection mentioned below while there; didn't realize it was OOP. Anyway, really nice people and a great mission. Very interested in these Atmos mixes...

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