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    New album out - instrumental jazz

    Hi folks. We just released a new album called "Lost Songs", thought I`d share it here. Instrumental, definitely rooted in jazz, but I really get inspired by all sorts of music. I`m using my old '61 Gibson Barney Kessel on this record. First year production, regular model. Quite a spectacular...
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    UK gigs

    Hi there! We`re playing some concerts North West England soon. If you`re in the area, please stop by and say hi. Used an old Gibson archtop on the album, but always a tele live :) April 19 - Hope Street Jazz / Liverpool April 21 - Band on the wall / Manchester April 22 - Hyde Park Jazz Club /...
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    1956 Fender Esquire

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share some pics/sounds of my 1956 Esquire. It`s such an amazing guitar, it sounds really good! So resonant and evenly balanced. The day I got it I brought it straight to my gig that night. I wasn`t sure if I`d use it or not, but ended up playing the whole gig with it...
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    Flamed maple top tele finished!

    Hey folks! Just finished this one. Alder body with a flamed maple top. I wanted to try something different this time, so I went with french polish instead of a lacquer finish. After some practicing it turned out pretty nicely. I mixed blonde and garnet shellac flakes, tried to copy the finish...
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    single ply tortoise guard

    Hey. I`m working on a new project and would like to try to get a single ply tortoise guard. Any tips where I can get one? (Thinking in the style of the `50s Harmony guitars.) I`m aware of spitfire and some other repro guards on eBay, but I`m hoping to find a cheaper alternative than those. Thanks.
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    my latest album is released "Pomona"

    Hey folks! Me and my band has just released our third album, it`s called "Pomona". I was hoping some of you would check it out I wrote many of the tunes on some old Fenders, so I thought "Pomona" was a fitting title. It`s available on iTunes now...
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    tele jazz "days of wine and roses"

    Squire Classic Vibe, killer guitar! Here`s a chorus of "Days of Wine and Roses"
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    Hey! Some noodling on my Danocaster blackguard! Link to video:
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    Squier Classic Vibe Custom

    Just wanted to post a little demo of my CV tele. These are such great guitars, can`t believe that you can buy one just for a couple of hundred bucks. No need to change anything, it sounds and plays quite nice :) And of course it looks beautiful :)
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    Giant Steps and Stella by Starlight

    Hey! Here are two solo versions of these standards. Hope you`ll like it :) Thanks!
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    Jazz on a tele

    Hey guys! Here`s an original tune from a tour we did last year. I`m using a Danocaster blackguard and a Swart AST, a great combo! Solo starts around 4:17 Hope you`ll like it :)
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    Just finished this surf green tele!

    Hey guys. Just finished this today! A surf green tele with a slightly yellowed clear coat. Pickups are a humb sized P90 + a hot Zhangbucker in bridge, a great combo! Color is Dupli-color, got the nitro from Rothko & Frost in the UK. Like all of the custom colors, they look nicer when the...
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    vintage knobs?

    Hey guys. What`s your thought on these knobs? Flat around the hole is after `57 I think? The chrome plating is falling off, not much left. The "knurl" looks like `65 according to the Duchossoir. My `68 tele def has different knobs. I just got a `59 Harmony H71 project and it had 4 of these...
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    My `55 tele

    Hey guys. As some of you know I got a `55 tele a while back from Emerald City Guitars. It`s a real player; body refin, mix of early `60s and original hardware, rewound pickups, original neck finish and refretted. Anyway, just wanted to write some positive words about Jay [email protected] and Eric...
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    NGD - CS 1960 Telecaster Custom sunburst

    Hey guys. I`ve been looking for a nice sunburst custom for a while now. And when this popped up last week I jumped on it right away. Traded a very nice LP for it, but no regrets, at least not yet :) Anyway, it`s a beautiful CS 1960 Tele Custom in a really nice sunburst, one of the best I`ve...
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    vintage champion pickup

    Hey guys. I bought an old champion lapsteel pickup from a fellow tdpri`er just before christmas. I thought I`d post a little demo here. It`s such a nice pickup. Quite bright and microphonic, but it`s so dynamic and articulate. Love it! RdS7j_owk1E And here`s the middle position...
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    Bill Frisell`s "custom" telecaster

    Hey! I`ve been listening a lot to Bill Frisell again lately, especially his last albums. Such inspiring music! And I really dig this short scale custom tele he`s playing. It looks incredible! Here`s what he says about: (copied from a guitarplayer article) "It isn’t exactly a...
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    Voodoo TE50 demo

    Hey. Here`s one of my favorite guitars, a Rutters Blackguard. And it has Voodoo TE50 pickups installed. They`re some of the best tele pickups out there imo. I`ve tried many pickups and I have some really nice vintage ones as well, but these are just killer! So if you`re looking for some...
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    "Galaxy of strats"

    Ok, so I got this book today. And it`s got so many amazing old strat photos. The text is in japanese, so I`m hoping for a english translation one day. I`ve been looking for it before, but it has always been so crazy expensive. But since it`s now been reprinted, I just had to order it! So...
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    Anyone recognize this tele neck pickup?

    Hi there! I`ve got this neck pickup, but I`m not sure what it is. Anyone recognize it? I think I`ve read that Seymour Duncan marked some of his pickups a while back with a "IR" sticker. That`s the closest I`ve come to identifying it. It sounds really nice though :) thanks
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    "stripped blackguard"

    The "stripped blackguard" is finished :)
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    "The strat in the attic"

    I got this book a while back, and for those of you who are interested in vintage guitars and their stories: get it asap :) Here`s one of the stories from the book, it`s about Broadcaster #0213.
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    A worn swamp ash telly

    Howdy! A friend of mine asked if I could build him a tele, and he wanted a worn natural look, swamp ash. I ran out of grain filler, so I`ve filled the pores on this body with shellac!!! lots of work, but it came out ok. But note to self, buy more grain filler :shock: After a couple coats...
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    New Blackguard Day - Rutters Broadcaster

    Hey folks! It`s some crazy guitar weeks here; first I traded my `55 LP Jr for a `62 strat, then I sold a CS ES 335 to fund this Blackguard! I just feel so much more at home with tellies and strats, than with Gibson guitars! And I`ve been talking with Marc about a custom Blackguard build a little...
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    NGD - 1962 Stratocaster

    Hey guys! I did a trade this weekend and ended up with this baby, a `62 slab board strat. It`s pretty much original, expect for the obvious body refin and a bit later pickguard, thinking it`s from `64. From the routes it seems that it`s been either fiesta or dakota red before, so it`s...