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  1. Dana Rudd

    New Fender Day With Problems

    So in March Musicians Friend had a sale on Limited Edition Player Strats and Teles. I thought about it for approximately two weeks and ordered a Blueburst Strat and a case for it also. When I saw the case had been shipped but not the guitar, I knew there was going to be a problem. The case...
  2. Dana Rudd

    Very Belated NGD

    Was taking pictures of my newest guitar and found the pictures of the last Gretsch on the camera. I couldn't figure out how to transfer from the iphone to my computer until just now. Bought this in August of 21. G2627 Streamliner in Shoreline Gold. Bought just to see how the triple pickups...
  3. Dana Rudd

    Belated NGD, Sorry not a Tele

    Last Thursday I received my newest Gretsch. G6120T Players Edition, haven't had a chance to plug it in yet. Sounds great unplugged, will try to get it plugged in today. Gotoh locking tuners, a first for me. Rocking bar bridge. V cut Bigsby string thru. HS Filertrons. Came with Schaller...
  4. Dana Rudd

    Recent NGD

    Finally bought a Gretsch proline. Took a while to decide what I wanted but went with a G6120T-DCH-LTD. Was trying to get a G6119T players edition but Guitar Center wouldn't answer my emails. Found this at American Musical Supply with 12 payment 0% interest, so got it instead. Dark Cherry...
  5. Dana Rudd

    NGD Yesterday

    Spotted an ad on Facebook Marketplace from our little town. I know the woman that was selling her late husbands MIM Stratocaster. I also knew that she had had an amplifier for sale too. So I requested a price on the two items together. The amplifier she had left was a Peavey TNT 115 bass amp...
  6. Dana Rudd

    Tele Pickups

    I have a Squier CV 50 Tele that I love the sound of. My MIM Standard sound is weak. The Squier has a nice twangy sound in the bridge position. To get any kind of twang from the MIM the switch must be in the middle position. Since I'm new to Tele's looking for suggestions to get the sound I...
  7. Dana Rudd

    Recent Purchase No. 3

    Been really liking the sound of my Squier CV 50's Telecaster and came upon this Fender Player Series Telecaster for a good price. Really like how it plays but the Squier sounds better to me. Think I'm done buying for a while.
  8. Dana Rudd

    Recent Purchase No. 2

    I bought a Gretsch G5435 for my grand-daughter and liked it so well I bought this one for me.
  9. Dana Rudd

    Recent Purchase No. 1

    Been busy building up my collection and decided I should have a bass guitar and amp. Bought a Squier CV 60's Precision Bass, Gator case and a Fender Rumble 100 amplifier. So now trying to learn bass.
  10. Dana Rudd

    New Tele and Strat

    I've finally gotten back into Fender territory after an absence of fifty plus years. Received them both about ten days ago, but was unable to get decent pictures. These photos suck but the best this old man has been able to get so far. Both are Squier Classic Vibes 50's white blondes, 2019...