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  1. budglo

    Stick closely to the original , improvise or somewhere in between and why..

    Just as the title says . How do you approach to the Sunday morning set list . As a guitar player I’ve done both improvising and trying to do something close to the original. I much prefer improvising as I think if the giftings are there it allows space for worship to really happen and allows...
  2. budglo

    Well my 70th Anny Broadcaster neck pickup crapped out….

    It just quit working and took it to the local service center for warranty. Apparently the neck pickup needs replaced , but it’s a limited edition that was only produced for one year. It should be interesting how this gets resolved . I think it came with 50/51 blackguard handwounds.
  3. budglo

    Post your Sunday setlist here….

    Just like the title says. Just interested to see what you are playing . No judgement of any kind . Just curious. Todays setlist was… My Testimony- Elevation Yes I Will - Vertical Worship Singing in the Victory- Austin Stone Worship You Keep Hope Alive - City of the Church
  4. budglo

    New WL /sound director suggested we run the sound direct from my pedal board!

    I’ve been running my DRRI into a mic and it’s been working out mostly great . At rehearsal we needed to hear a Spotify version of a song and afterward my electric dropped out of the mix. Finally got it back . After rehearsal WL who is also in charge of the sound said he’d like to get my guitar...
  5. budglo

    Best capo for vintage radius Fenders

    I am using a capo occasionally for my electrics from time to time. I have a G7th and a G7th art , which is supposed to be for all radius’ but it seems to pull the notes sharp slightly . It works great on my 9.50 Fenders and Gibson’s are fine . Any recommendations for a capo that works good with...
  6. budglo

    Same worship team new worship leader

    Our worship leader had to step down for some personal reasons , so now we have a new worship leader who filled in occasionally and has overseen the audio visual ministry. Since he has filled in occasionally, we are familiar with him and he should be a great fit . Things change though. Our...
  7. budglo

    59 bassman Ltd intermittent volume issues

    I bought this amp used 6 months ago. It’s mainly for my studio as I usually gig with my drri . I retubed it as soon as I got it as one of the power tubes were busted in transit. They had removed them , but 1 somehow got broke. Retubed it with JJs and tung sol 6l6s. I biased them to run at about...
  8. budglo

    It appears my 70th anniversary Broadcaster might be leading me down the tele path

    So I’ve been playing electric for 20 years and never been tempted with a tele of any kind. I’ve been primarily a strat player with some Gibson’s sprinkled in. I’ve always wonder what I’ve been missing so in December I bought a 70th anniversary Broadcaster. I really love this guitar. The neck is...
  9. budglo

    Played my 335 Sunday for the first time.

    I’ve only been back into playing worship a short time after a 5 year hiatus. I’ve been playing my strats on Sunday thru my deluxe reverb. I get great tones with it. The one thing it does lack imo is a nice thick crunchy tone. Yesterday I decided to bring my 335 into the mix. Both clean and...
  10. budglo

    New worship team (and Church) ,thoughts and questions

    I have been playing Guitar and have been doing worship for quite a while , but got out of it about 5 years ago and wife and I decided to look for a new church. Old WL suggested checking his church out. We've been going a little while and asked if I would be interested in playing lead . I told...
  11. budglo

    70th anniversary Broadcaster owners, what’s your verdict ?

    Now that the honeymoon period has worn off. I have had mine since December . I was looking for my first tele at the time and came across this . Tbh I haven’t put it down much . My other guitars pretty much stay in their cases these days. I love the versatility of it. The blackguard pickups can...
  12. budglo

    NGD- my first broadcaster

    This is my first t type guitar after years of strats. It’s a 70th anniversary Broadcaster. This is an outstanding guitar and I haven’t put it down since I got it last week. Love the tones and the U neck is really great. Pickups are nice and articulate . The neck pickup is very stratty. The...
  13. budglo

    Neo speaker for my drri

    Looking for something more efficient and as light as my p12q . Love the lightness of the drri with it. Somewhat bright though. Looking for something more efficient but in a neo. Anyone have one they like in their deluxe reverb?
  14. budglo

    Crackling when my 68 Princeton Custom warms up?

    I have had this amp for 3 years and have gigged with it .Ever since I have had this amp it crackles when I first turn it on for maybe 2-3 minutes. It doesnt have a standby . I suspect its just the sound of the tubes warming up , but I could be wrong , maybe a tube going bad.I had a blues jr...
  15. budglo

    Setting the bias for my DRRIto

    For starters I purchased a Wine Red edition of this amp. I have had a love/ hate relationship with this thing and have considered selling it . The speaker is well broken in on this thing but have felt this amp sounds so icepicky/ shrill. I figured before I do I at least owe it to myself to check...
  16. budglo

    Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb RI icepickiness

    A couple of years ago I purchased a wine red DR and have had a love/hate with this amp. It can be the most shrill sounding amp I have ever heard. I will be honest I havent played it alot , so I attributed it to speaker break in. I realized I had some brand new JJs from when I had my Blues Jr . I...
  17. budglo

    68 princeton reverb ri -too much bass with humbuckers?

    I purchased this amp as a grab n go amp last year. Mostly have played my strats with it and get good tone. Lately I have been playing my 335 with 57 classics . To my ears it seems the bass is way too overpowering even with the bass at zero. Any one else have this experience?