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  1. tap4154

    Florida man gets drunk on flight, harasses Mike Tyson, gets punched

    Only a Florida man would get drunk on a flight and continually harass Mike Tyson, then throw a water bottle at him. Maybe he thought Mike was an alligator?
  2. tap4154

    Winter Paralympics!

    I'm watching Canada versus USA in paralympic ice hockey and it's an amazing game! On NBC right now.
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    1971 CT1 Yamaha Enduro

    Anyone remember the old early 70's Yamaha Enduros? In 1971, when I was sixteen, my dad bought two of them. We went riding out in the desert several times, but unfortunately one time he fell and broke his knee very badly. He had a bad ankle on that side from a war injury, and he wasn't able to...
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    Have another hit of fresh air

    I think I posted this video back when it happened seven years ago, but I was just looking back on my YouTube page, and really love it. Unfortunately it's not a good video, because it was taken with an old cell phone camera. This was the very last act of a long 80s concert festival at the beach...
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    Problem with security camera software any experts here?

    I have a Zumminal security camera on my garage eve, and it's using the Zumminal software, which is similar to CloudEdge. I'm trying to locate some vehicles that drove by to help the police on a case they're working on, but every time I scroll to a time. I let go and it pops back in an hour or...
  6. tap4154

    Anyone else not give a rat's ass who doesn't give a rat's ass about watching football?

    I'll never understand those threads. If you don't like to watch something, just don't watch it. I don't watch football, baseball or any team sport all year long. I usually just watch some playoffs, then the championship games. Not that anyone gives a rat's ass what I watch, and I don't give a...
  7. tap4154

    Quick note to Cincinnati Bengals fans

    It's normally about 20 degrees below zero here this time of year, so don't you even think about staying after you guys lose the game tomorrow, just because it's going to be in the mid 80s during the game.
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    NASCAR racing in the LA Coliseum today

    They built built a quarter-mile track inside the LA Coliseum. Race begins at 12 Pacific today. Here's a video of Kevin Harvick taking his first laps.
  9. tap4154

    Static shock from door knobs?

    I've been getting shocked like crazy the past week, it's very low humidity and high winds. I never realized this before, but if you hold metal and touch the door with the metal first, it will discharge the static electricity in you, without shocking you. Actually you might feel a few hairs stand...
  10. tap4154

    Does anyone know how to delete multiple emails at one time on iPad?

    And why there is no "select all" option? I rarely use my iPad mini, and everytime I open it up it has a hundred or more emails, and I have to select one at a time to delete them. That's ridiculous!
  11. tap4154

    Found a vintage Wen "All Saw"

    I finally got around to cleaning out the bottom compartment of my dad's old craftsman tool chest. By the way he passed away back in 2008, so it's not a recent thing. Found three old jigsaws, but this is the most unique. I think it was made in the early 50s, and they called it an All Saw because...
  12. tap4154

    Tsunami alert on West Coast of USA

    Because of an underwater volcano in the Pacific. I've gotten several alerts on my phone in the past few minutes. I don't think they expect any widespread damage, just a strong surge.
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    Just stabbing the low E, "Moving in Stereo"

    I just love how this song just keeps stabbing that low E. Can I get an amen? Yes, I'm listening to Sirius.
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    21 year old musician has encounter with mountain lion at Pyramid Lake

    He roared at it, and that scared it away. I've had a few encounters with dogs, as I've worked at people's homes, where they ran to attack me, and I did the exact same thing. One was a German Shepherd, I'd walked into a customer's patio, set my toolbox down right next to a sleeping German...
  15. tap4154

    Bounce dryer sheets for pickguard static, it actually works!

    We've had some typical local offshore winds the past few days, and that means low humidity and a lot of static electricity. Been getting a ton of pickgard static, and I never tried Bounce dryer sheets before, but heck, they actually work! Of course now everyone's going to tell me now how they...
  16. tap4154

    "The City", Mark-Almond

    Listening to Deep Tracks on SiriusXM, and I haven't heard this song in many years. What a great song!
  17. tap4154

    James Taylor and Carole King special coming up on CNN

    I think it should be good, a two-hour documentary / concert with Carole King and James Taylor. 9 PM on the East Coast and 6 PM here on the West Coast.
  18. tap4154

    PNC Golf Championship, Tiger and son climbing the leaderboard

    Wondered how many people are watching this, it's on NBC. I watched yesterday and it was very entertaining. Tiger actually is hitting very well, and his son is absolutely amazing. He has a ton of poise for such a young man. Hadn't seen John Daly in years, he looks like Santa Claus now, but his...
  19. tap4154

    Anyone use the second input of your amp?

    The one that cuts 6 DB? I never did, except a few times, and it always sounded weak. Because I was working on my Pro Junior I pulled out my Super 210 to play for a while. I was playing my Jimmy Vaughn Strat last night, which has fairly powerful pickups, and suddenly decided to plug it into the...
  20. tap4154

    Looks like a cheap daisy chain power supply blew the fuse in my Pro Junior

    Just turned on my Pro Junior and it made a noise and went dead. Plugged into my Champ amp, and it works fine, then I started wiggling wires from the daisy chain power supply for the pedals, and started getting weird noises. Seems like I'm getting shorts in the wires. So I disconnected that DC...
  21. tap4154

    Shared fences with neighbors, when they suddenly want to build block walls and ask you to share cost

    I'm perfectly fine with my redwood fences, but the neighbor today said he's going to remodel his backyard and would like to put up a block wall around it. I know he was just putting out feelers, and he has three other neighbors that would have to agree to share the cost. After mulling it for...
  22. tap4154

    The Staples Center being renamed the Arena?

    I think they spent twice as much money for the name licensing rights than the entire arena cost to build. So I guess the nickname will be The Crypt?
  23. tap4154

    Did anyone see the Peter Jackson Beatles segment on 60 Minutes?

    The director Peter Jackson found a bunch of tape from the Let It Be sessions that had never been seen before. I believe he's making a documentary out of it, and they showed some of this on 60 Minutes tonight. It looks super interesting! It seems that contrary to what they seem to remember, they...
  24. tap4154

    Mild case of trigger finger

    I occasionally wake up with trigger finger in my right hand index finger. Not from shooting guns, but for the past four decades I've used a cordless drills and sawzalls quite a bit in my work. Usually within a half hour, it goes away. Actually over the years, I try to consciously use my middle...
  25. tap4154

    Dodgers kicked arse, and Lindsey Buckingham played with Halsey on SNL

    A very good night.