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  1. Jakeboy

    A little tongue in cheek; Incessant Tuning?!?

    I made sure the nut was not binding and kept it lubed very well. The other game changer for me was pulling the standard Fender Ping tuners and replacing them with Hipshot lockers. 3 springs. Floating about 1/8” off the deck. And I abused that vibrato bar like Hendrix. Treated it like a Floyd...
  2. Jakeboy

    Subbing 6L6WGB or 5881 in place of 6V6

    All this said, even though I am a 6v6 guy, I LOVE the old Tung Sol brown base 5881s. They have a sweetness that sets them apart from the rest of the 6l6 family…,even from the 6l6wgb, at least to my ears.
  3. Jakeboy

    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Snoopy and the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen.
  4. Jakeboy

    A little tongue in cheek; Incessant Tuning?!?

    Strangely enough, my Strat Trem once I committed to floating stayed in tune once I spent some time setting it up. Far better than with the vibrato decked…FAR better. Floating for me.
  5. Jakeboy

    A little tongue in cheek; Incessant Tuning?!?

    I tune if needed, period. I am a blues-rock type player in is who I am and I bend strings... So we call this “boomer bending“ now? So Gen x and Millenials don’t bend strings?? I call BS. My guitars hold tune but my Hamer Newport with a Bigsby gets wailed on...but I only retune during...
  6. Jakeboy

    6L6 Power Tube key slot breakage

    I use old tubes exclusively…,I have had them break off..,I buy tubes with them broken off. get great deals on killer tubes this way. They are extremely old and brittle plastic. You just have to be careful when inserting them into the amp. I love the product shown above and had no idea they...
  7. Jakeboy

    JTM45 NOS power tubes, Tung Sol 5881 or RCA 6L6GC, drop voltage for 5881?

    Old Tung Sol 5881s are special and to my ears, sweeter sounding that any other 5881s. Tough too. 460v will be no issue.
  8. Jakeboy

    Post your Sunday setlist here….

    Our Worship Pastor was out on Palm Sunday as his wife just gave birth. I was asked to lead worship on acoustic. Drums and bass were there. We played: Lift high The Name of Jesus Lord I Lift Your Name on High At The Cross Amazing Grace (fast New Orleans style)
  9. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    I do know that it is a complicated situation there That goes back decades and decades. Ukraine and Russia have been intertwined in various ways over the centuries. That said, naked aggression of this nature is to be condemned. IMO anyway. My prayers continue as people continue to die. May God...
  10. Jakeboy

    Celestion Ceramic 10's

    I love the GB10s. Sound like Greenbacks should. Vintage. I have had a set of the G10 vintage 80th Anniversary. They sound like 10” V30s. Not overly bright. They would be perfect with the right amp. Like a Blonde Bassman or something similarly bright. Haven’t tried the CB10.
  11. Jakeboy

    Top Hat Owner Club

    My Mini Junior HG ships within a couple weeks!!!!!
  12. Jakeboy

    Quilter Amp Club

    I am in with a Superblock UK. I had and returned a Superblock US that I just hated…,the UK is a keeper.
  13. Jakeboy

    The Dawg Pound---Lil Dawg Amp Owners

    Oh and Jim’s original square cabs are the best combo cabs I have ever played. I still have my Champster with one and man I love that amp.
  14. Jakeboy

    The Dawg Pound---Lil Dawg Amp Owners

    This is spot on correct…but ….with the addition of the Mid control, you can get some brown and tweed is tones if you crank it. I prefer to leave it around 11 o’clock. I love the Deluxe setting with humbuckers and the Super setting with singles. Just classic BF Fender tones. I am using 2 speakers...
  15. Jakeboy

    Choosing is never easy…Duesenberg, Les Paul, or Rickenbacker….?

    You need a Strat in your stable. You really do. Strats were Petty’s favorite guitar. If you go Ric get a 660 since TP came up with that formula….wider neck, toasters, 620 body, etc.
  16. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I do appreciate them. Gear for the main rhythm guitar part was my Hamer Newport with filters into a Lil Dawg WonderDawg head with a cab loaded with a Red Fang. Same for the lead but I also ran it into a Lovepedal Gold Ghost OD and a Chase Tone Secret Preamp. The...
  17. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    I appreciate this well-thought out response, @teletimetx . And yes, I agree, the imprecatory psalms take desires to God and leave it there. God knows who David’s enemies are. And the Psalmists are specifically calling for God to act against their enemies. This song does the same, though Putin is...
  18. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    Thanks @Rene Asologuitar !
  19. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    I pray for Ukraine daily. The song is asking for God to either take out Putin or change him via regeneration precisely BECAUSE of t(e tragedy of this war. The first lyrics are “I hate oppression, the war in Ukraine, I’m for Zelenskyy, I think Putin’s insane.” The purpose of the song is to...
  20. Jakeboy

    A New Song…”Prayers for Putin”

    @Ascension I am retired military and still hold a USG clearance in my job and understand you exactly. God’s people need to pray!
  21. Jakeboy

    Your odd but awesome direct to PA setup? (Not iridium, ACS1, Helix etc)

    The Joyo AC Tone works fabulous in this setting. Way better than a $25 pedal should. Crazy.
  22. Jakeboy

    5F1 Voicing - New Build is Very Dark

    Glad you figured it out. I have a 5f1 with a 12 and I find the amp is HYPER dependent upon speaker choice and that is IS a dark circuit in the same way a 5e3 is dark. They need a bright speaker and come alive with one.
  23. Jakeboy

    I'm getting an AC15 advice needed!

    For my Vox circuit, I prefer a treble booster, Hotcake clone, Timmy, or Lovepedal Gold Ghost if I need a dirt pedal.
  24. Jakeboy

    Vale Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

    This is sad. I hope it wasn’t an OD or suicide.Just so sad. And that clip with Page/JPJ was awesome.Hawkins and Grohl were like we’d be…kids playing with their heroes. Priceless.
  25. Jakeboy

    The single amp solution to a relegated home guitar player with a to loud Lil Dawg Deluxe.. help and opinions needed

    I have had 7 Lil Dawgs and I’d recommend Jim’s original 4 watt Champster tweed 5f1 Champ. Perfect for the home,takes pedals well, records beautifully, and is a classic. Another option would be a 15 watt WonderDawg. Does BF Fender Deluxe and Super tones at bedroom levels all the way to small gig...

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