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  1. gwjensen

    Tone Specific pickups

    Anybody try them? Not cheap... Sometimes I wonder if any boutique pickups are any better that SDs or Fender...
  2. gwjensen

    CS headstock decal question

    I've never seen "Custom Shop Telecaster" on a CS headstock... These are pics of used CS Tele at a local GC I was thinking of checking out. I'm nervous about it, though, because of that headstock decal, plus I don't know enough to spot a fake and I wouldn't know if the pickups have been switched...
  3. gwjensen

    My perfect jazz guitar...

    If only I had 15k lying around.... Chris Fleming Masterbuilt. I think its stunning!
  4. gwjensen

    Transformer, rectifier, and output tube questions

    Hello, all. I'm hoping to get some clarification about transformer size and switching between 6V6 and 6L6 tubes and 5y3 and 5AR4/GZ34 rectifiers Amp - Little Walter. 22W A 5e3 type circuit with 2 inputs, 2 volume, and 1 tone control, but with more wattage (22-watts) and octal pre-amp tubes...
  5. gwjensen

    Steve Lukather serenades his neighbor - funny
  6. gwjensen

    DHGate advertising on TDPRI

    Their add is right above Sweetwaters... They're either selling counterfeits, or showing pictures of Fenders, Gibsons, etc. as "representative" of the guitar(s) they're selling, but not the actual guitars they ship... They look shady to me... Here's an example. They show you a Gibson headstock...
  7. gwjensen

    Black or white?

    I think they both look good.... The white guard seems to deepen the butterscotch. I took several pictures and it was consistently the same in all the pics. The white is a single ply 60s stark white or also referred to as refrigerator white. I think I’ll go with it just for a change...
  8. gwjensen

    Reina Del Cid

    These YouTubers have a whole bunch videos, but here's just one... I think they're really good and fun to watch.
  9. gwjensen

    Chrissie still rocks

  10. gwjensen

    Why do I like Liam’s new album?

    I’m not a huge Oasis fan... I like some songs from the first two records, but haven’t heard the rest of the catalogue... The album’s hooky, but the production is over the top... Nothing especially interesting lyrically, but I do like his voice... It must be the nostalgia... The record...
  11. gwjensen

    Guitars In The Space Age

    Bill Frisell discusses the inspirations behind the album, which is one of the most enjoyable guitar albums I've ever heard. Highly recommended!
  12. gwjensen

    NAD Supro Blues King

    Crappy pic, nice amp.... Looks like we might have a burgeoning club here.... sold an OR15 I bought used a couple years ago and basically broke even for a like-new BK. Almost took it back because it had what I thought was a tube rattle. I replaced the 6L6 and it was still there.... turned out it...
  13. gwjensen

    Help with Baja decision

    I've been mulling over the two Baja models (Classic Player and 60s), but none of the local stores have them to compare side by side. I'm not too concerned about the neck differences. I have various Gibsons and Fenders, including a Strat with a beefy V, and I just adapt to the different...
  14. gwjensen

    Has Eminence been hacked?

    You try to go to their website and instead you get some Russian Facebook page. I've tried this a bunch of different ways. Very weird.
  15. gwjensen

    Cool looking Ebony T

    Sure looks tempting for $499 - compound radius, bone nut, mini and full buckers, coil tap, swamp ash with ebony top, flame maple binding...
  16. gwjensen

    Did I let a good one get away?

    Saw this Honey burst Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute at the local GC over Labor Day weekend (stock photo). I think the tag said it was a 2016 model, but I could be wrong about that: I always wanted a P90 Les Paul and $765 after the 15% discount seemed like a fair price. It felt good...
  17. gwjensen

    Family fun: Pat Benatar, 07/08, Warner Theater, D.C.

    I was never a fan, but my wife was back in the day and when she asked if I wanted to go I figured why not. My 20-year old son Eric was going, so it could prove to be a fun family evening. Not a fan of 80s rock in general, I thought her albums were a little too processed and sterile...
  18. gwjensen


    Picked up a used but mint Bernie Marsden SE from GC last week for $449 (around $650 new). I traded two G&L Tributes that I paid around $225 each three years ago and wasn't playing, so I was happy with the deal. The G&Ls were redundant and not as good as my Fenders, so it made sense to unload...
  19. gwjensen

    JJ Cale's Harmony mod

    Maybe posted before, but with his recent passing, here it is again. We got NOTHING on JJ when it comes to modding. Check out what he did to his Harmony acoustic at 4:05 and then again at around 12:15. When you get done with that, watch the concert! He actually plays this thing live and...
  20. gwjensen

    Three cheers for Larry F's book...

    ..."2000 Blues Licks That Rock". I just got the book on Wednesday and I've already spent countless hours exploring it and playing with the excellent backing tracks, but I'm taking a break now to write this review. Chapter 1 starts with licks in the minor pentatonic, then builds on that in...
  21. gwjensen

    My first partscaster assembly

    I won't call it a build since the neck and body came finished from Warmouth, but I was impressed with quality, fit and finish nevertheless. All the hardware's from Callaham, including the Lindy Fralin broadcaster style pickups cryogenically treated by Callaham. He claims it improves the tone...
  22. gwjensen

    A pickphaney? (yes, another pick thread...)

    Always used medium picks, sometimes even light, for single note playing and never thought too much about it until a recent rash of pick threads got me thinking. I have a bowl with every kind of pick you can imagine, so on a whim I picked up a small, fat jazz pick, and good God was that a...
  23. gwjensen

    New to wah. Suggestions?

    Interested in a wah pedal to expand my tonal vocabulary. I don't want to spend a lot on boutique or signature models. I'm thinking the ole Crybaby would suit me as a wah beginner and the price is certainly right. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  24. gwjensen

    Excelsior hits the big time

    Mike Campbell talking about the new album. “About halfway through the album, Fender brought this amp in called the Excelsior. It's like a vintage amp – it has two knobs on it and a 15-inch speaker. We used it on some of the overdubs. We liked it so much, we're going to make it a Heartbreakers...
  25. gwjensen

    2nd fret capo love?

    Anyone else love playing with a capo on the second fret? I think it sounds more articulate with better note separation and balance between the low and high strings. I'm mostly an electric player, but I can't put down the S6 I bought several weeks ago and I just love the overall tonality with...