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    ESP EC-254 opinion/evaluation

    I'm thinking about an EC-254, anyone who is familiar I would welcome your input, especially weight, neck contour and neck dive. I played one very briefly many years and can only remember that the neck seemed thin, it waslighter tan my Les Paul, and it was pretty.
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    Peavey Nashville 400 for Bass?

    A possibility or a pass? I'm really a guitar player, so this would be a side project. Home use now, no problems there, but how viable if there was a gig?
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    Bigsby handle in the way or not?

    Considrering installation of a Bigsby on a new build. I want to get some opinions about whether the arm is in the way when playing. I ususally leave the arm out of my strats since the get in the way of volume swells and such.
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    Artec pedal whine

    The only pedal I've ever had that has ever misbehaved is an Artec Analog Delay. Has a whine that renders it useless. Works only w/AC adapter, not with battery, so that won't help anything. Help.
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    4 oz enough to wind a single coil to 9000 turns?

    I get to rewind a single coil pickup. Will 2 oz of wire do it? 4 oz? more? thx
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    Glue in neck on a Les Paul build

    Folks, I'm building a Les Paul. I built a neck that is full width at the heel. I can either glue it in like it is, similarly to the way one would glue in a telecaster neck to the body; or I can do it the traditional way (with the tenon). Any benefits, strength-wise, to gluing in as is? My mentor...
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    Filtertron family pickup choices

    Thinking of filtertrons for a new build (pinecaster). TV Jones....$130 each, or so; Ebay "same as in cabronita" $65/pr; Chinese version, $40/pr.; "sonotrons" $100/pr.; SDuncan $160/pair. What to do? Comments from those with first hand knowledge of some of these is appreciated.
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    How to get B, B+M, B+N, N with one switch....

    Nashville tele set up, never use N+M, so....
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    Blue Peavey Generation to Gold Top

    My plan is to refin a vintage generation to a gold top finish. Reranch says strip to the wood, white undercoat, then the gold. I'd rather not disturb the original blue (poly, I'm quite sure) partly bc it's in good shape. Any ideas from you guys who have some experience with this kinda thing?
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    Carbon fiber reinforcement-square tube

    Folks- In place of a steel one-way truss rod, I was planning on using CF strips, then wanted to use a "T" shape, a stronger option, but that does not seem to be readily available. I then found "square tubing; cross-section is square but hollow in the center. I'm interested in hearing your...
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    A/B box...splitter...selector recommendations

    I'd like recommendations for a device that will allow me to deliver the same signal (guitar) into two outputs at original level. Some of these splitters just give half voltage to each output. Don't want that. Anyone?
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    "Regulated" power supplies

    Trying to get very specific about what this means. I have been checking 9v wall warts that meter around 12v, and 12v adapters that measure 15 v or more. I just went searchind and found the Fuel Tank, Walrus/Aetos, and other power supplies.I'm assuming that these provide the voltage that is...
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    Speaker help Roland Cube 60

    Folks - I have a vintage Bass Cube 60; speaker meters within range (7 ohms) but distorts even at low volume, meaning less than the spl of a low conversation. A. How can this be blown and meter ok?, and B. Any ideas about a recone kit for this obviously proprietary speaker? Thx
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    Tuna melt overvoltage repair

    I have a Dano Tuna Melt that began misbehaving. I measured the output of a 9v wall wart and it turned out to be 12v+; its brother, nearly 15v !!! Any idea what to replace now that the pedal works only in "hard" mode?
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    Rattling Tulip tuners

    I recently ditched Rotomatics(?!) on a Heritage H170 (carved top double-cut) for Wilkinson tulip plastic button tuners. These things rattle like crazy and I have spent weeks trying to find the culprit. I originally thought the buttons were loose, but have ruled that out. One youtuber suggests...
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    Chinese fingerboard removal

    I got one good neck, second one not so great....they tried to "roll" the fingerboard and cut it way back so the high E couldn't possibly stay on the fingerboard. So, I will remove and replace the fingerboard, but want to keep the truss rod intact. I can only guess what variety of glue they use...
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    Smallest shop in the world

    I and my wife are ready to downsize, so I am determining the constellation and population of my new shop. I am interested in making Solid-body electrics, some chance for flat-top guitars and mandolins, and maybe carved top mandolins later. Hobby building, not production. I have a rudimentary...
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    NAD: Roland Bass Cube 60 running hot

    Well, new amp day 2 weeks ago. This thing gets pretty hot after only about 10 minutes, whether at idle or while playing. I never had one or used one before; can anyone who has experience with these amps say if this is normal? My tech didn't seem to worried about it when I talked to him about it...
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    Pine vs Yellow Pine

    My stash includes some SPF stock from Home Despot (some fir, some spruce, pine is being used for construction projects around the house/shop), and some yellow pine. The Yellow is straight grained, so possibly useful for bodies, but I don't read much about using it either successfully or not...
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    Dimensions please for orange/vintage Cube 60

    Hey- I was able to score an orange Bass Cube 60, it looks like the housing/cabinet is a bit taller than the guitar version (and sealed cabinet, as well). Considering rehousing, would need to know the dimensions of the vintage orange/silver/cream guitar version of the Cube60. Thanks.
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    ID'ing ceramic vs. alnico visually

    Offshore sellers from a well-known auction site describe their pickups as using ceramic or alnico magnets. I'm not sure they are always correct (how's THAT for diplomacy?). Is there a way to tell visually, either in the photos, or once the pickup is in hand, which is which? If not, any other...
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    Fret leveling the old way, whatever that was

    Stew Mac's neck jig is discussed everywhere, used frequently enough, I wold guess. So.....before there was such a thing, you did the work, strung it up, tweaked the rod until it was good? Went though lots of tune-ups (and downs) to reach an acceptable result? What about instrument without...
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    Bandit 75 clicking/ticking

    My bandit started making a soft clicking sound, about one cycle per second. It's a second hand amp, works fine otherwise (power and tone are within normal limits, all controls work fine, reverb works fine). One resistor on the board looks to have been replaced. I would like to address this...
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    Hack to switch channels, no footswitch, for testing only

    I got a Bandit 65 (today) with no footswitch. I don't need one for performance, but I would like to test both channels. I have a trs plug, how would I go about wiring it up for this sort of thing?
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    ID speaker "Diplomat" APAc-12A

    I just picked up a Bandit with a replacement speaker "Diplomat" APAc-12A. Sounds OK, 12" 8 ohms. Some yahoo has hand-written "250 watts" across the magnet, which it certainly is not; it does say "made in China", which it certainly is. Guys?