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  1. Flat6Driver

    I'm so old...

    ....the songs I knew growing up that sampled are now BEING sampled. So it's like a sample in a sample. Like the movie Inception or something. Now with actual examples. See posts 29 and 31. It wasn't intended as a joke thread, but I'm LOLing over here.
  2. Flat6Driver

    Latest phone rant / upgrade? (ha!) - Where did all the podcasts go?

    It was time for a new phone. I broke the old one's screen. It dropped at practice and hit the only exposed bolt on the music stand in a way to crack the screen. The memory was all jacked up and all the sounds were on at full blast. It was a Motorola Droid Z4. I've had like 5 prior...
  3. Flat6Driver

    Selling stuff sucks

    I had a car trailer I needed to sell. I kept it off site so not in front of my house. I didn't want to deal with randos from craiglist meeting me at the trailer/RV lot. So I put on Facebook marketplace. What a pain in the ass. Some people have no manner at all. Its very easy to click "is...
  4. Flat6Driver

    Starting a conversation

    If you want to PM/Start a conversation with someone and that button is missing from their profile, is it because they are ignoring your account specifically?
  5. Flat6Driver

    Can someone explain these chords?

    I'm just trying to break down the first :10 of this video. What Jerry is playing. My understanding is the chords are Emaj7 and A from everything I've seen on the web, but I cannot figure out his fingering. It's just not how I play so those shapes are confusing me. Thanks.
  6. Flat6Driver

    Spe(ial (haract4rs - new password time

    New password time at the bank. I followed my usual conventions for passwords and used special characters. Couldn't log in. Reset it again and used the same password in case I typed it wrong the first time. (No, you can't repeat a password...). So I DID take my new password. I called the...
  7. Flat6Driver

    Black Cat Blues. (good bandmate karma!)

    Found on the internet. Cat haters go elsewhere...
  8. Flat6Driver

    What kind of weird capo is this?

    I'm guessing it's a capo. But only has limited utility. Anyone know?
  9. Flat6Driver

    Dealing with aging parents and their "issues"

    I know many of you have been down roads like this, but I need a little advice. Mrs. Flat6's mom is getting on in years. She's nearly 80, lives in a big dangerous city in a bad part of town with Mrs. Flat6's adult, and older sister. She doesn't leave the house much, doesn't really have...
  10. Flat6Driver

    How do you use a holiday?

    In the US today, it's presidents day. So lots of people have the day off. My kids as well. Today, they are catching up on homework. I'm going to go play outside on my motorcycle because I already did my Saturday and Sunday things. When you have a holiday like this (no grand celebrations...
  11. Flat6Driver

    Noob to DAWs, bought an MPK, some advice?

    I thought I would try my hand at making some backing tracks. I bought an MPC Mini ($119!) which comes with some free software (or was the hardware free?). Anyhow, it's obviously geared more towards "modern" music but in the two weeks I've had it, I have learned how to use it and how to lay out...
  12. Flat6Driver

    Quick Reverb question...

    I sold something on Reverb and I have a Payout Balance. I thought I could apply this to something else I wanted to buy. Does it not work like that? I can't seem to figure it out for some reason. Edit:. Figured it out. It does not work like that at all. Booo. Mods delete this is you'd...
  13. Flat6Driver

    PRS acoustic guitar?

    I stopped by the dentist, I mean guitar center today and was hanging out in the acoustic room. The guy who just handled my tuner return offered me a PRS off the wall to try out. The instant I grabbed the neck to take it from him I could tell it was different than the breedlove I'd been...
  14. Flat6Driver

    Current drum machine vs vintage?

    A Sweetwater popup had an SR-16 drum machine for sale. $159. I bought one of these years ago for $75/used. The design of this is from 1990 or so. Will a brand new one (an SR-16) sound just like 1990 (the one I have)? Or will they have changed the kits to a more modern sound, with the...
  15. Flat6Driver

    Nobody else got a new Strat and Princeton for the holidays?

    Me either. My wife bought this for me. She said I don't know if you like that kind of guitar....I said I had two. :). I can build in either red or black. My real ones are blue and sunburst. She's a Lego expert and said I could buy all the pieces to make a blue one to match my real one...
  16. Flat6Driver

    I think "lyric genius" actually make you dumber.

    I had memorized the chord pattern but wanted the lyrics on the screen all on one page. I googled the song and came up with the lyrics. If you read the annotations, you honestly might feel dumber. I guess there's songs/lyrics that need interpretation but some of it looks like a 14...
  17. Flat6Driver

    How many times do you reuse a humidipack?

    I bought a set of these with my new Martin years ago. When they dried up I bought another set and recharged the first. And so on. I went to install them again today and they are way fat, soaked up every drop from the container they were in. So I'm going to let them acclimate to the room a...
  18. Flat6Driver

    Something changed with mobile?

    90% of the time I browse via mobile. Now, when I click on the alerts section, a whole menu pops up versus the way it use to work, I could see the alerts about likes and conversations but not the whole menu. Can I set it back to the old way?
  19. Flat6Driver

    No free refills!

    Went out for dinner with the family. Kids got a bunch of refills on Sprite and I on iced tea. Bill comes and we were charged for all of them. Big chain restaurant...this must be a new thing as we've eaten there before. Kinda disappointing, I could have had beer refills for this price.
  20. Flat6Driver

    Retirement question for you all

    One of the Executives where I work is retiring in a couple of days. Amazing woman with a lot of experience. She has this office in the building full of business books and memorabilia from her career. She's been working remote for a while (like all of us) and will go to the office to clean it...
  21. Flat6Driver

    Do you get your mail at your house or a PO Box?

    Mail has always come to my house. The little truck comes out front and drops it off. I acquired a property in a vacation town. It has no mailbox. I asked about it and they said go to the post office across the street. Apparently they have no town carriers (it's a tiny town) so you get a...
  22. Flat6Driver

    Powered monitor buzzing

    I know this isn't an "amp" but maybe you all would have a guess. I have one of these: I have had it a few years but it hasn't been out of the house for the last two years (me either!) but it seems to have developed a...
  23. Flat6Driver

    Trip to Guitar Center, etc. etc.

    Last night I took a trip to Guitar Center, the whole drive over I pondered the scientific method and the circumference of large bodies and the earth's rotation. I went to buy some speakers to be used as monitors in my basement. I went into the acoustic room to browse a little and a guy was in...
  24. Flat6Driver

    A scientific fact....

  25. Flat6Driver

    60+ years of music existance - all at once

    Yes, music has existed before 60 years but I'll limit my thoughts to stuff I see discussed here the most as far as popular music. Beatles and Jimi existed and were gone before I joined this planet. Lately, I have become a fan of the Grateful Dead. So all eras of every band is instantly...