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  1. Steve 78

    Capital One cancelled my Credit Card!

    I'm in Australia so no doubt it is different. I had a credit card I had basically forgotten about. I hadn't used it in a couple of years. I needed to buy a car quickly and was trying to work out an easy way to pay it on the spot, then I remembered the credit card - easy. Do credit card...
  2. Steve 78

    I just wanna see pictures of your guitars

    I just click on the "Upload a File" button: Then click on "Full Image": (sorry for the meta)
  3. Steve 78

    I just wanna see pictures of your guitars

    Pics are about a year old now. There's a couple missing but these are the main ones.
  4. Steve 78

    Have you ever used/do you use gear as an excuse for not creating music?

    No, I'm a firm believer of 'do what you can with what you've got'. Having said that, I sat down to put something together yesterday and was discouraged because I am not familiar enough with Reaper to do things quickly yet. But that's on me, not the gear. And yes I usually have a new piece of...
  5. Steve 78

    What was your first guitar, and do you still have it?

    No - 1993 MIK 'Onyx' brand LP Goldtop copy. It was complete rubbish but I played it for a long time. I still have my first 'real' guitar (2002 SG).
  6. Steve 78

    Ever used "Print screen"?

    Yes, in my job I sometimes have to create or update procedure guide documents. So I usually go through the process and take screenshots at each step to put into the guide.
  7. Steve 78

    Cliches that you hate.

  8. Steve 78

    Can't edit a post, what am I doing wrong?

    Just a guess, but there may be a time limit for the edit option?
  9. Steve 78

    Weird neighbor hobbies? (he set the canon off agian)

    Ha, I have not seen him in a while so maybe he's in Tasmania by now :lol:.
  10. Steve 78

    Weird neighbor hobbies? (he set the canon off agian)

    A couple of years ago the neighbour across the road appeared to be building a light plane in his garage. He would sometimes drive it up and down the street at low speed (we live in a short, dead-end street).
  11. Steve 78

    Songs in Films

    Ministry - What About Us, from A.I.
  12. Steve 78

    Songs in Films

    Fleetwood Mac - The Chain, from Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  13. Steve 78

    Videos that went down the memory hole.

    Good guess, but no. Holy moly I actually found it. From about 6:12.
  14. Steve 78

    Videos that went down the memory hole.

    One of my earliest memories (early 1980s) was seeing Pink Floyd's Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun on TV. I vaguely remember people walking across sand dunes. Not sure what version that was.
  15. Steve 78

    How to Spend the Honeymoon Money

    From an article from 2019: "This year, the global games market is estimated to generate US$152.1 billion from 2.5 billion gamers around the world. By comparison, the global box office industry was worth US$41.7 billion while global music revenues reached US$19.1 billion in 2018. Consider the...
  16. Steve 78

    Running effects in parallel, anybody do it? What are your faves?

    Not so much parallel effects, but I also use a Boss LS-2 to set a wet/dry mix with flanger on guitar and flanger/distortion on bass. Makes a big difference on effects that can otherwise take over the whole sound.
  17. Steve 78

    Disturbing music.

    You want disturbing? Tori Amos - Me and a Gun.
  18. Steve 78

    New Too Forum

    Welcome! That's a fine looking Tele.
  19. Steve 78

    Cat Power anyone

    She's brilliant. I did the first dance at my wedding to her cover of I Found a Reason.
  20. Steve 78

    Help understand neutral / common

    There is no such thing as voltage at a point. Voltage is the difference between two points. If we say the voltage is X here, we mean the difference between that point and ground. So ground is zero by definition.
  21. Steve 78

    "Irregardless" is now ensconced in the Dictionary. Should it be?

    Language is descriptive, not prescriptive. If people use it then it is part of the language (sadly, in this case).
  22. Steve 78

    Ever lock yourself out of your house?

    Oh yeah I remember being locked out of a car once and we called the auto assist. The mechanic put a tool down the side of the window and had it unlocked in less than 5 seconds. That was an eye opener.
  23. Steve 78

    Garage door question

    Mine is about 20 years old. I have to press a button next to the motor then hold down a button on the remote to program it, something like that anyway. I can also either set the button to work the door or the light. Sometimes it takes a few goes for it to work and it seems to reset every time...
  24. Steve 78

    Ever lock yourself out of your house?

    When I was at school I forgot my keys a few times. I managed to break in via a slightly open window once or twice but usually I had to wait around for someone else to come home. As an adult, the only time I remember was in a previous house. My wife and I locked ourselves out but she managed to...
  25. Steve 78

    Your most visited non-music related Youtube rabbit holes?

    Cinefix. They do top 10 lists and Things You Didn't Know About (movie), but they often dig into how cinema is crafted, various technical and artistic choices that directors, cinematographers, editors, etc make. I find it pretty fascinating.