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  1. Bill

    Oculus Quest 2: Sharing Movies Help?

    On the request of my friend I bought an Oculus Quest 2 last week so that we can watch movies together in a VR movie theater. I live in England and he lives in the US. I have spent over 10-15 hours trying to make this happen with no luck. I can watch TV and movies by myself in a movie theater...
  2. Bill

    What step-down transformer for US to UK?

    Hi, Completely non-technical person here! I'm planning to bring my old Fender amps from California to London. Is it totally safe to run them using a step-down transformer? If so, what transformer do you recommend or features look for? Price isn't an issue, quality is. I'd like it to have...
  3. Bill

    Help: Designing room to use U.S. amps in U.K.

    Short version: Can I build in a US to U.K. voltage converter into my outlets so I play my US amps in England? Long version: I’ve moved from the US to England and plan to bring over my amps next year. I don’t know much about amp electronics, but know I can’t use my American amps as is due to...
  4. Bill

    New acoustic archtop day

    Hi, I just got a new archtop. I'd been looking for an inexpensive acoustic to keep at our new place that we're building. We're spending a couple nights a week there until the demolition work begins, and I didn't want to leave one of my more valuable guitars there. I'd seen an ad for a used...
  5. Bill

    Coke Carton Design Fail

    Coke has changed the design of their cartons. Basically it’s a box that’s open on both ends. Who thought this was a good idea?
  6. Bill

    Newbie: Can I hook an SM57 directly to my MacBook?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, as I am a complete recording newbie, but I didn’t see it answered clearly in a forum search. My guitar teacher is going to give me acoustic guitar lessons online. As a sound test, I tried recording some Quicktime video of me speaking and playing acoustic using...
  7. Bill

    Coolest Pedal Circuit Board?

    We’ve had a great thread on cool-looking pedals. But for beauty that is not just skin deep, how about cool insides? This is my personal fave, discovered by accident inside this pedal: Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive Pedal by Bill posted Sep 16, 2006 at 8:44 PM I noticed two tiny...
  8. Bill

    What are your travel necessities?

    I travel a lot. So far this year I’ve spent three weeks going through northern Italy by train, two weeks in Torquay on the coast of England, in November I’m off to California for a few weeks road tripping. And right now I’m on a Norwegian supply boat somewhere north of the arctic circle. As a...
  9. Bill

    About to fly with my 1930 Gibson L1

    I’ve had it since ‘97 and finally bringing it back to England with me from storage in the states. Wish me luck!
  10. Bill

    Big Muff...look what I found

    Going through pedal boxes in my storage space the other night, I came across this old pedal:
  11. Bill

    I'm thinking this guitar case will be a hard sell

    From my local used site: Guitar case
  12. Bill

    Dozens and dozens of spams in forums

    Looks like another spam attack.
  13. Bill

    Mustang III going up in value?

    I was just looking at eBay and noticed that the prices for used Mustang IIIs (version 1 and 2) are as high if not higher than they were a year or two ago. Of course, some of these ads are just asking prices, but both the asking prices and even the current bids are higher than what I was seeing...
  14. Bill

    Home repairmen...grrrrrrrrr

    OK I know there are many building contractors, repairmen, electricians, etc. who are wonderful. They're hardworking, honest, good at their job, and totally reliable. For instance, there’s the general contractor who put in several windows and doors for me. When he saw me working on the house...
  15. Bill

    My $82 computer notebook solution

    I've been wanting a cheap, light notebook computer to keep in my backpack for working on the go. I didn't want to worry about weight and power cables, size, banging it up, or having it stolen because it's valuable. After looking at various options, including replacing my Macbook Pro for a...
  16. Bill

    Londoners: Free Exhibition of Boss Pedals Sept 9-17

    I saw there's a free exhibition dedicated to Boss pedals starting this week. I guess they're showing a ton of Boss pedals, and having music workshops and Q and A sessions with musicians and even the president of Boss and the president of JHS pedals. The exhibition is free, but it looks like...
  17. Bill

    Good addition to my amp: a longer power cord

    I like my Mustang III, but I’m not fond of the short power cord it comes with. I went onto Amazon to buy an extension, when I realized that it would be simpler to buy a longer replacement power cord, instead of connecting an extension onto the existing cord. Duh! They call them “kettle leads”...
  18. Bill

    How do you get “your sound?”

    For you who have your own distinct sound, what is it and how do you get it? I’m not talking about folks who change their sound with every other song, but rather those of you who have a “signature,” core sound that you use most of the time, and that you’ve had for years. For instance, I knew...
  19. Bill

    Do Mustang III's sound like well-recorded amps vs. live amps?

    I have a Mustang III Version 2, which I greatly enjoy. I also have some old Fender amps that are the same or similar to what the Mustang models. However, all my old amps are in storage in another country, and I haven’t played them in years. While the Mustang sounds similar to my memory of my...
  20. Bill

    Bought a used Mustang III V1, did I do ok?

    Hi, I've been without an amp ever since I moved from the US to England and wanted to buy something cheap but usable. My requirements were: * Good Fender sounds for playing things from jazz to blues. (I'm used to the sound of my vintage Fenders, so I'm pretty picky about sound/feel--the whole...
  21. Bill

    Old comedy sketch with some major guitarist cameos

    Hope this link works. It's a comedy sketch from the French and Saunders show that ran years ago in the UK. It's...well, it's just brilliant. No idea how they got those guitarists to appear in it. French & Saunders Show: 100 Easy Guitar Tunes Sketch
  22. Bill

    Some people need a little more perspective

    I was picking up a package at the front desk of my apartment building last night when I noticed a woman next to me weeping and begging the concierge to let her check the second-floor ledge. I was trying not to eavesdrop, but heard her say something about "...fell from our window...I don't know...
  23. Bill

    Can't Log In On Iphone App

    I think I'm missing something obvious... For the past couple of weeks I can read posts on the mobile version on my iPhone, but it says I'm a guest, so I can't post anything. When I choose Log In, it doesn't do anything, the option just slides away after I select it, and goes right back to...
  24. Bill

    "American Epic" a great feature film + documentary series

    I saw a great movie plus documentary series over the weekend. I don't know if it has already played in the states--it hasn't here in the UK yet. I was able to see it with the BBC producers at a special showing over the weekend. It was excellent—especially the feature film part. The BBC and...
  25. Bill

    Your stories of exceptional music store service?

    We often complain about crummy experiences in music stores, so how about a thread on exceptionally positive ones? What made me think about this was an experience I had today at a small, vintage guitar shop in London called No.Tom Guitars. (One of those Denmark Street shops). When I came in...