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  1. 6stringcowboy


    Update. 3rd of 4 carcasses. This one has drawers with false fronts.
  2. 6stringcowboy


    Put this together for my brother. Squier Bullet donor body in Sea Foam Green w/mint green pick guard, Musikraft neck, Tone Rider pickups CRL switch, CTS pots w/treble bleeds, and Grover tuners. Its a beast, those pickups are bad ass.
  3. 6stringcowboy

    Shop cabinets

    So I'm finally getting around to building some shop cabinets.
  4. 6stringcowboy

    Possible solution to tube problem

    Link to Ultimate Guitar article Edited to fix link.
  5. 6stringcowboy

    Affordable McCready Strat

    Mike McCready non-custom shop Strat I acknowledge that affordable is relative here. But hey if it's your thing...
  6. 6stringcowboy


    Kelly Slater just won Banzai! Days before his 50th birthday! More than twice the age of closest competitor. RESPECT!
  7. 6stringcowboy

    Good dog in The Bad Dog

    After a lifetime of owning dogs of all types, three years ago we got a Great Pyrenees puppy and he has been such an amazing animal. He's a dog, but so very different than any of my previous pups. So yesterday, he got a little sister. Meet Elfie! Disregard the geezer. ;-)
  8. 6stringcowboy


    A buddy had to cut several large white pines and saved me a nice piece of 8/4, 14" wide, 12 feet long... oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  9. 6stringcowboy

    Jason Isbell talks about his sig Tele
  10. 6stringcowboy

    PSA G&L Limited Edition Tribute ASAT Classic Ash Body Electric Guitar Gloss Natural
  11. 6stringcowboy

    Inspired By Gibson Epiphones, anyone?

    Anyone pull the trigger on the new Epi Hummingbird yet? Looks tempting. If so are they worth the price, $800ish retail?
  12. 6stringcowboy

    Christmas dinner NC style...

    Starts on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas y'all.
  13. 6stringcowboy

    MusiKraft wait times?

    Anyone order a neck from Musikraft since COVID started? How long did you end up waiting? I just placed an order and I'm curious as to how long I need to prepare myself for. Thanks in advance!
  14. 6stringcowboy


    New Bigsby Day Put a B6 and Towner on my Ibanez AS83. I'll give it a go at practice tonight! Serpentune TruArc on the way!
  15. 6stringcowboy

    You get what you pay for

    Broke out a new Diablo 1/2" pattern bit (1/4" shank, top bearing, double fluted). Less than a minute into my first cut, it self destructed. Smoke, sparks, and a ruined piece of 1/2" ply...
  16. 6stringcowboy


    Picked up a new Makita track saw, the SP6000J. Been wanting one for a while. Made quick work of a 4x8 sheet of plywood for a project I'm working on. Not sure how I got along without one for so long. ;-)
  17. 6stringcowboy

    PSA SDOTD Gretsch Streamliner w/P90s $399!
  18. 6stringcowboy

    Your #1

    Post a picture of your number one guitar. This is my Ibanez AS83, upgraded with GFS P90s (Mean 90s) and all new electronics. It's been in the #1 spot since the soldering iron cooled off. It really surprised me but there it is.
  19. 6stringcowboy

    ...making lemonade

    So, quarantine blues got you down? Here's how I spent my day.
  20. 6stringcowboy

    Purchasing a Strymon Flint?

    So I finally decided to buy a Flint and I'm finding that all vendors other than Strymon themselves, while saying they have them in stock and are ready to ship,want me to call them to order it. Am I missing something? Why can't I just put it in the cart and buy it?
  21. 6stringcowboy

    A funny thing happened last night...

    My pedal board flaked out so i just plugged straight into my Li'l Dawg D-Luxe with my Ibanez AS83 w/GFS Mean 90s. Pure tonal bliss.
  22. 6stringcowboy

    Hey Lefties! You're welcome :cool:
  23. 6stringcowboy

    Carr Telestar demo

    With a CS Nocaster Really sweet cleans!
  24. 6stringcowboy

    Eye Test

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