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  1. TwoBear

    Small caps? Possibly bootleg or incorrect?

    These are the only available at my local store, J&K electronics. They are so small I would think they are 200 V and not the 630 that they are advertised as. I was going to publish it next to a cap inside the amp, for comparison but the amp is out in the garage and I just can’t do it right now...
  2. TwoBear

    Klipsh 15 R-15PM

    Thoughts on these speakers for my little home studio? I’m trying to get a pair used for 220 delivered
  3. TwoBear

    Thoughts on these R’s

    Putting in an order at tubes and more. Considering the 470 Ohm For my power tubes-fender super reverb and fender bantam bass, for reduced size and workability is it overkill? Would I want them to blow easier...
  4. TwoBear

    Grill cloth choice for silver and black face share

    Has anyone worked with either of these? Edit (sorry the pictures are doubled- there’s a link at the bottom for the other choice) I’m thinking of putting it on a 69 fender bantam bass, that has a new baffle with a 10 and 12 inch speaker. One weird thing is that the cabinet, although an original...
  5. TwoBear

    Grille cloth Q

    I cut a new baffle for my Bantam Bass-If you’re unfamiliar it’s basically a removable front baffle era super reverb cabinet/chassis, with aluminum cast frame, Yamaha 30 W trapezoidal speaker. The grill cloth on the original baffle is in perfect shape, and I’m wondering if anyone has removed...
  6. TwoBear

    Rewire Re-Old-New Guitar day

    Just finished this up last night or early yesterday morning. I had it up & playing, but wiring needed to be redone, and the pots weren’t correct for me. I went with 500K A CTS, for both volumes and the one tone. I didn’t have enough (4) so I tried a used dual gang one meg for the rear tone...
  7. TwoBear

    Wilkinson Bass PU set?

    Does anyone have experience with either these Wilkingson pick ups or AliExpress or Angel something or other store? I have an inexpensive Yamaha Bass that I use in my home studio that is stock and has one PBass type of pick up. I would like very much to have also that jazz bass sound, and...
  8. TwoBear

    Bantam ‘Bass’ guitar amp recap & add adjustable fixed bias

    I finished the doghouse and the bias board. I have been kicking around the idea of adding adjustable fixed bias to the bias balance, And I came up with this as I had the potentiometer, board & resistor, And figured it was a little better this way than trying to adjust it sideways. It’s...
  9. TwoBear

    Gosh Barn it!

    I’m not 100% sure how this got started but I think I mentioned that a SR Was pretty much my go to amp most of my playing career, which is definitely on the tail end now, but I’ve definitely got a guitar in my hand more often than not still. It had gotten to the point where I just didn’t/couldn’t...
  10. TwoBear

    50’s wiring

    i’ve been considering changing over to 50s wiring and seeing how I like that. It appears this is wired with the modern scheme. I figured I would just move the tone cap over to the middle/output/volume pot but I’m wondering if the difference in the way the tone pot is laid out would make a...
  11. TwoBear

    Dunlop strap lock problem

    Has anyone run into a problem and solution for a locked on Dunlop strap lock? In 30 or more years using these I’ve never run into this problem before. I’ve obviously depressed it as much as I could, and I’ve also soaked oil in there overnight and this morning used a spring pin punch on it, but...
  12. TwoBear

    How do I learn from mistake-or ?

    I just saw one of my, I guess it was a reply, was deleted due to something political I don’t know exactly what, and that’s what my question goes to. Where would I see what I wrote so I could figure out what I did? Is it obvious and I’m just missing it?
  13. TwoBear

    Shave & a backcut?

    Thoughts on the thickness of LP standards and customs, and most similar guitars with a maple cap on a mahogany back in regards to the decision to make the back so thick? Wouldn’t this type of guitar benefit from losing, in this case a full 3/8”? I bet my back, shoulder, and hand(s) would...
  14. TwoBear

    Shoulder pads off the (sports) field

    I have to admit I haven’t watched the video footage, but I listen to this, it reminds me of some of the better times/tunes from back then. Maybe someone more fashion forward can fill in if there were actually a couple eras of shoulder pad wearing days? I’ve heard that trends repeat themselves...
  15. TwoBear

    Bridge saddles?

    I showed the headstock to get an idea of what guitar it is, it also says made in Indonesia on the rear of the headstock. It’s a fun guitar I use it in my home studio a lot. It came with a full set of those roller saddles that you see in the middle four spaces. I don’t know why they were...
  16. TwoBear

    Electra voice floor/wedge monitors

    Sorry about that title was supposed to say ELECTRO VOICE—- On a whim I purchased a pair of older somewhat large Electrovoice floor/wedge monitors. I should have grabbed pictures. I’m going back to pick them up tomorrow, they are factory stock with their factory markings, and my eye was caught...
  17. TwoBear

    Two tattoo or not to tattoo-or two

    While I am covered in scars and burns I have made it through, probably well past middle life without any tattooing. not really here or there and I really couldn’t care less if anyone has or doesn’t have them, but I am really contemplating my first right here. as people say that they’re...
  18. TwoBear

    SoundClick problems?

    I erroneously posted a query earlier today in which I mentioned SoundCloud but I meant to say SoundClick-I've been having problems all day and I still can't load anything there, has anyone else experienced this?
  19. TwoBear

    Any trouble loading at SoundCloud today

    It's 5:00 p.m. Friday December 3rd for the past few hours been trying to load stuff to SoundCloud and just wondering if others have experienced problems. I mean SoundCloud specific, not your problems in general, haha, although been pretty good day so far so I'm open.
  20. TwoBear

    Line 6 pod go FX loop transparency?

    Is anyone using their effects loop extensively and are you noticing a change in the sound when the loop is kicked in? I guess I could call it sort of nasally. I have experimented with the patch parameters such as send and return levels , global controls pertaining to effects loop level-...
  21. TwoBear

    Tokai reborn LP tailpiece issue?

    I use this quite often for home recording, and I’m always noticing that the top strings are usually flat every time I take it out of the case. Today there was actually a buzz and I thought it was maybe my B string saddle. So I messed with that because the intonation was a little out but then I...
  22. TwoBear

    Everybody/Anybody on the ‘fence’

    Bring me your stolen goods… no I’m just kidding obviously, although as guitarists i’m sure we would all admit to a little pirating/stealing? This is to anybody thinking about adding whatever they want to the tracks it could be just rhythm parts or drums or singing or whatever, of course even an...
  23. TwoBear

    Grovers versus? Heavy head

    I have two Epi 335 style guitars, One with Grovers and one with unmarked Grover style tuners. Is anyone aware of the weight difference between, say a set of Klusen, or what might be a good substitute to keep the headstock from falling down as rapidly as it does on both of them. I am open to...
  24. TwoBear

    Pod go trails function

    Is there an actual specific pod go place to go or do I just shoot my questions here? Thx. I’ve seen varying used to this question but I still haven’t found out if when trails are engaged do they actually go from patch to patch or are they only inside of a patch. I’m pretty sure I’m inSnapshot...
  25. TwoBear

    Bridge placement a little off

    I’m pretty comfortable with this gauge of string-10-46. My high E string bridge saddle is adjusted as far forward as it will go, set as it is. Problem is intonation is just a touch off, it’s-flat, and needs to push forward just a bit. Is my only recourse to change all the saddles after rotating...