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  1. Ron R

    Saw Steve Hackett last night

    Wow! The man still has impressive chops at 72 years old. If you are a fan of early period Genesis, I highly recommend going to see him. Daryl Stuermer is a fantastic guitarist, but there is nothing quite like seeing the man himself play those leads such as Firth Of Fifth, Supper's Ready (Steve...
  2. Ron R

    NGD - Harley Benton SC 450 P90 GT

    Well, despite the fact that I don't really 'need' any additional guitars, I couldn't help myself. I've lusted after a LP Gold Top with p90s for quite a while, but I couldn't justify the expense of a Gibson to myself. Then the folks at Harley Benton made it too difficult to refuse. Ordered it...
  3. Ron R

    PSA for owners of the Helix family

    Last week, my POD HD400 finally gave up the ghost after about a decade of heavy usage (and a couple outdoor gigs where rain hit us). Anyway, I picked up a POD Go, which uses the Helix engines. I don't that I saw this listed among specs/features, but I thought I'd share - if you hook the unit...
  4. Ron R

    Marillion - An Hour Before It's Dark

    New album from Marillion finally released today! It's been ready for months, but there were supply chain delays preventing the vinyl copies from being printed. Still working my way through it, but I think it's one of their strongest overall efforts. As one interviewer said "you guys aren't...
  5. Ron R

    XVive strikes again!

    For those of you looking for a budget wireless IEM solution, do yourself a favor and check out the XVive U4. Not sure you can beat this at $229 for transmitter and receiver. First thing I noticed was the build quality - metal construction means this little thing is built for the long haul. Like...
  6. Ron R

    What a glorious world we live in!

    Despite all the curmudgeonly talk about how terrible things are getting in this world, sometimes you get a reminder that it's not all bad. As I'm scouring the baking aisle looking for baking soda thee other day, I spy on the shelves "Bacon Up". Little tubs of rendered bacon fat. I come from a...
  7. Ron R

    Paul Gilbert has a new Christmas album coming!

    If this is any indication, it's going to be a great (if no-traditional Christmas) album: I really like how Paul's playing has continued to evolve.
  8. Ron R

    Herbie with Vinnie C, Marcus Miller, and Joni

    How did I miss this until now?!? And I must have been under a rock to not know of Lionel Loueke until now.
  9. Ron R

    from our practice space last night

    One of our original tunes. Yes, I'm well aware it's not high art. :cool:
  10. Ron R

    that Rachmaninoff sure could write a pop hook!

    Was just listening to his Symphony No 2, and whanmo! Listen to this, and tell me you don't hear the hook from Eric Carmen's "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" in the one melody that keeps popping up:
  11. Ron R

    R.I.P., Robby Steinhardt

  12. Ron R

    R.I.P. Jeff Labar

    Guitarist for Cinderella gone at the age of 58. No cause of death listed that I've seen.
  13. Ron R

    Genesis Reunion Tour

    Yes, I would have preferred a full blown reunion with Peter and Steve. But it's pretty obvious that is not going to work out. Just got my tickets to see them in Charlotte, NC in November, and I'm stoked. Paid more than I really would have liked, but with Phil's health issues, this may well be...
  14. Ron R

    THIS close to owning an Ibanez AS63

    Played one today at the local Sam Ash - really really feels and plays nice. I almost grabbed it on the spot. Practical me stepped in. So, if they give me a decent enough offer on my BC Rich Masterpiece, I'll own a semi-hollow this time tomorrow. Anyone have any reason I should stay away?
  15. Ron R

    You'd have to work really hard to not like Dave Grohl

    Great interview with Brian Johnson. It's long, but well worth it. Dave is just such a chill, humble guy:
  16. Ron R


    A couple clips to highlight this wonderful band (and one of my absolute favorite guitarists, Steve Rothery): and from the Fish era: and one cut from Rothery's solo album:
  17. Ron R


    featuring the amazing Roine Stolt, Pete Trewas, Mike Portnoy, and Neal Morse. New album coming in February - not one of the new tunes, but incredible (to my ears):
  18. Ron R

    a few of our originals

    video from a gig: videos from the practice space:
  19. Ron R

    Happy 71st Birthday, Boss!

  20. Ron R

    Another significant event from September 18, 1970

    Black Sabbath's Paranoid album released 50 years ago today.
  21. Ron R

    The Immediate Family

    Lee Sklar, Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Postell, Russ Kunkel. Old guys rule! EP coming October 16
  22. Ron R

    Alex Skolnick Trio

    Love the stuff they've done.
  23. Ron R

    John Hall (before Orleans)

  24. Ron R

    Kurt Cobain's Martin sets a new record

    Nets over $6 million at auction. I understand it's the founder/CEO of Rode microphones who bought it.
  25. Ron R

    LIve Streaming - anyone done it?

    If so, got any helpful tips/tricks to share? We're considering doing a live stream every month or two on our normal practice night. Not for the whole night, probably just an hour to an hour and a half each time. And handling it just like a show - predertined set list so we're not standing around...