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  1. johmica

    P-90s for Jazz?

    So, I had a NGD a few weeks ago: I can't leave well enough alone, and I love trying out new pick-up brands and models. I've already got a couple of modded jazz boxes: an Epiphone Emperor with a Lollar humbucker-sized P-90 in the neck position and a humbucker-sized P-90 in the bridge; an...
  2. johmica

    Simple caps question

    I'm getting ready to build several different wiring harnesses for my Tele '72 Custom clone. I'm trying to find the right combo of caps in order to capture the "classic" tone of a '72 custom in the middle position. Here's the wiring diagram that I'm working with: So, here's the simple...
  3. johmica

    My rendition of Frank Vignola's arrangement of "All of Me"

    Been working on his courses on TrueFire. This one isn't perfect, but it's fun to do something that resembles music:
  4. johmica

    NGD! Happy birthday to me!

    I need another jazzbox like I need another hole in my head, but when this little gem popped up on the online auctions, I couldn't resist. I wonder how long the ole "but sweetheart, these never show up for sale left-handed" line will work before my wife grows wise . . . 😁
  5. johmica

    1000th post!!!

    It only took eleven years! 🤣
  6. johmica

    Noob question about NAMM and new models

    So, I've played forever, but I've only recently been in a position to buy guitars on the reg. Being a lefty, I'm sick of my options right now. I've gotten the sense that the big players (Fender, Gibson, etc.) drop new models at Summer NAMM. Is this right? Can I expect some new stuff on the...
  7. johmica

    What style guitar do you have the most of?

    I gravitate towards guitars with f holes. I've got two true archtops and three thin, 335-style guitars. I've got more f hole guitars than either solid bodies or flattops. What about you?
  8. johmica

    Patterns, Scales, and Modes for Jazz Guitar - Arnie Berle

    Has anyone worked their way through this book? I just started on it this weekend. So far, it's just been a review for me (I'm pretty familiar with the Major, Mixolydian, Dorian, and Aeolian scales; at least in first and fourth positions), but I'm excited about it's potential. I've been...
  9. johmica

    Chasing the unicorn

    I'm quickly closing in on the big 5-0 milestone. It's actually not THAT soon, but I turn 50 in about two years, and I've decided that I want to treat myself to a birth year guitar to celebrate the occasion. I've got a nice collection of 14 or so guitars, but they're all "players." Nice...
  10. johmica

    Something fishy . . .

    Is it just me, or do you guys think it's a major red flag when there are multiple individuals in a bidding war for a guitar on the 'Bay, it's six days before the end of the auction, and all the bidders are listed as "private listing - bidders' identities protected"? I see that option used so...
  11. johmica

    New Pickup Day

    Just got this back from Willcutt: It's a Lollar Johnny Smith. I was hoping that it would sound jazzy. It turned out to be the jazziest. I could see this thing becoming my favorite guitar for a while.
  12. johmica

    Help Identify this Tele, Please!

    The seller is marketing this guitar as a 1985 MIJ '62 RI...
  13. johmica

    Volume acting like a tone - Why?

    I recently built a left tele Custom clone (with two volumes and two tones). I've been trying to tweak it a bit, and recently I installed 1 meg pots (it's got a FWRH in the neck position). Since installing the new pots, the volume kills all of the treble when not cranked wide open. Does anyone...
  14. johmica

    Learning to play "lead" or melody - my arm wears out

    First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone for making this amazing community where folks of all experience levels can come, bear their throats, and ask stupid questions without fear of being judged. This place rocks. I've posted fairly frequently about my practice routine over the last...
  15. johmica

    For those of you who have worked at boutique guitar shops with good relationships with major brands

    I've got a pretty good relationship with a couple of boutique retailers that move a lot of higher-end guitars (I've not purchased tons of those high-end guitars personally, but between buying guitars and getting set-ups, fret levelings, etc., I'm on a first-name basis with them). Also, I'm a...
  16. johmica

    My Hand is Cramping!!!!

    I quit playing for a while (mostly during and immediately following law school), but I got back into it in April of 2020. I got an all access pass to TrueFire, and I've played more diligently in the last two years than ever before in my life (I've been playing on-and-off for more than thirty...
  17. johmica

    Do I really want my neck straight?

    So, in my never-ending quest to achieve basic competency in guitar set-up and maintenance, I purchased a straight edge. Seems like the bare minimum, right? Anyway, when I started taking a look at all of my guitars, I found that all of them, without exception, had a bit of relief in them. I'm...
  18. johmica

    5-ply binding - how do you keep control over the glue????

    After much deliberation, I just removed my first attempt at 5-ply binding from the guitar I'm learning on. It was close to being good, but it had a few issues, and the point of the project is to learn how to do it correctly, so I just pulled it off, ordered five more plies from StewMac, and I'll...
  19. johmica

    NGD! (About a week later)

    I got my used Gibson J-45 Studio about a week ago, but it's been sitting in the case, awaiting the arrival of new strings. Finally, today, they arrived. So this afternoon it got a good polishing, including the frets, a little truss rod adjustment, and a new set of 11s. She's fun to play . . .
  20. johmica

    Tools needed for fret leveling?

    I've been slowly building my understanding of the fret-leveling process, and I want to check my understanding against the knowledge of those with experience. I've got a couple of cheap-o Chinese made guitars that I bought specifically for the purpose of practicing my fret finishing and leveling...
  21. johmica

    Pickup Height Adjustment on CuNiFe FWRH Tele Custom

    I've been working on trying to refine a tele build that I did several months ago. I've posted these before, but here's a photo or two: It's an MJT build with a Musikraft neck, a FWRH RI in the neck, and a Don Mare Green Onions in the bridge. I just got it back from getting Plek'ed (I'm...
  22. johmica

    Cab Calloway - Insane Betty Boop Animation

    Check this out:
  23. johmica

    Help me pick out a set of acoustic strings, please!

    I just got my first flat top in about five years. I've got an archtop acoustic that I put flat-wounds on, but I know nothing about acoustic strings. I play either D'addario Chrome 10s or Chrome flat-wound 10s on all of my electrics, depending on the guitar. The new guitar is a Gibson J-45...
  24. johmica

    New Pickup Day

    Working on installing a Lollar Johnny Smith on my Epi archtop:
  25. johmica

    A holiday "Thank you!" to the mods

    I just want to thank the moderators for so effectively performing their otherwise thankless job. This site remains a beacon of civility, usefulness, and downright fun precisely because the moderators go above and beyond. Musicians tend to be a cantankerous lot, and if often rubs people the...