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  1. willie ray

    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

  2. willie ray

    Favorite Band Name?

    there was a rockabilly band around town back in the day called "The Flaming Locos"......great band,great name.
  3. willie ray

    NGD '50s J-50

    I bought a 50's j50 back in February,been wanting one for a long time, great it.
  4. willie ray

    Break-up songs

    Break up songs....let Guy tell ya all about it...
  5. willie ray

    Favorite Live Country Albums?

    Dwight Yoakam....Live Austin City Limits cd... Just outstanding from go to whoa.
  6. willie ray

    My J-45 Original 50s has finally landed. However...

    I bought the 50's J50 about a month ago... It is absolutely awesome....sounds and feels amazing.... you only live once mate.
  7. willie ray

    Humorous blues songs

    The legendary Lightnin'...... rubber on wheel is faster than rubber on heel...
  8. willie ray

    Your top 5 favorite songs to play on the acoustic

    At the moment it's these five; Tecumseh Valley-Townes Van Zandt. If I Could Only Fly-Blaze Foley. Angel From Montgomery-John Prine Carrie Brown-Steve Earle. Old Shoes And Picture Postcards-Tom Waits.
  9. willie ray

    Dickey Betts

    I read somewhere years ago an interview with Duane; Journalist: "So Duane,you went to see Jimi Hendrix last night,he's far out and awesome isn't he?" Duane: "Yeah he's great...but he ain't no Dickey Betts though."
  10. willie ray

    Just curious: How would you define "Americana"?

    I only found that channel recently, some good stuff on there,it's where I first heard Sierra.
  11. willie ray

    Songs that mention another band/artist

    great song, love the line you are referring to...excellent writing.
  12. willie ray

    George Jones Never Gets Old

    there's a really good bit on George on the Ken Burns Country Music documentary, this is good too,Blackberry Smoke,Jamey Johnson and George,some great vocals here on a great song.
  13. willie ray

    Everly brothers and a smashed guitar...

    Damn they were good.
  14. willie ray

    Me too Haggard

    Misery and that's a great song, and Merle's vocal delivery on ACL is just perfect, I reckon he wrote that one for all of us. What a great writer.
  15. willie ray

    Blackberry Smoke in memory of Jones

    that's great, love Charlie's vocal style,and he's playing a telecaster, thanks for posting.
  16. willie ray

    ray wylie hubbard

    this is great.
  17. willie ray

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    Vincent Damon Furnier.... He be Alice Cooper.
  18. willie ray

    Allison Moorer & Shelby Lynne

    now that was goooood!
  19. willie ray

    Sidney Poitier - RIP

    Another great one gone, RIP Sir.
  20. willie ray

    New Country Music?

    I recently discovered Sierra Ferrell,absolutely amazing voice and some great old timey country.
  21. willie ray

    Banjos are alright by me.. There, I've said it

    Be like Brian....he knows...
  22. willie ray

    Never honk at fat Russell Crowe

    Looks like he needs "30 odd foot of belt" to fit around that stomach.
  23. willie ray

    Who has had the biggest impact on country music in the past 20 years?

    Great video, Marty.....well there's more country in Marty than the whole of Nashville. He's a pretty special fella.
  24. willie ray

    Hi from "down under"...

    Hello from the Great Top End... This is a great forum,lots of good folks here. Look forward to seeing the WIP.