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  1. jed mac

    Has anyone put a bigsby on a telecaster deluxe

    I really like my telecaster but it feel weird not having a bigsby on it. And of course the deluxe is two humbuckers so the normal vibromate won’t work so I’m at a lost for words. Do any of you have any ideas on how to go about this
  2. jed mac

    Gotta love pictures

    So since I deleted my Instagram I discovered that the sd card in my camera ended up being corrupted so I lost all my photos . I do think the new photos came out fairly well if I say so my self They are a 74’ twin reverb and a 79’ Mesa mk2a
  3. jed mac

    It will buff out, I think 🤔

    Someone dropped off three guitars to me yesterday when I wasn’t home. This is one is rough but I think with a little spit and polish it will buff out
  4. jed mac

    Squier cv 70s deluxe sounds

    Some sound samples on my squier telecaster deluxe . The amp is the 74 fender twin reverb
  5. jed mac

    Fender vs Mesa

    Some differences between my fender and Mesa . 1974 twin reverb: I absolutely love how smooth it sounds after I figured out a volume level that works well for it and the reverb and tremolo are absolutely amazing. I am now sold on fenders for a clean amp. And I love how you can play it at next...
  6. jed mac

    Mesa boogie walk through

    He’s a little walk through and thoughts on the Mesa
  7. jed mac

    Amp questions

    So I have two amps a Mesa and a fender Both amps use the same tube combinations ,but yet the fender is far brighter than the Mesa . Even when you plug the two twelves into the Mesa it’s still not nearly as bright as the fender but you do hear a huge difference. Does this have anything to do...
  8. jed mac

    Mesa and fender are done!

    So today I picked up my old Mesa and dropped my fender off to my technician . we quickly went over the fender realizing that it was serviced already besides fixing the tremolo. that was interesting to watch get done and he also fixed the original footswitch for the reverb and tremolo. now...
  9. jed mac

    74 fender twin reverb going for maintenance

    So as you guys know I just got my 79 Mesa done over. I was asking him if it was okay to drop my twin off because of the following reasons 1. My tremolo doesn’t work 2. I don’t trust the fella that “supposedly” recapped it but couldn’t bother fixing the tremolo. 3. The person who last worked on...
  10. jed mac

    79 boogie gone for repair

    Today was both a joyful yet sad day for me . I have discovered there are somethings I’m a little more attached to than I should be and my old Mesa is one of them. The Mesa was my first tube amp and has always been a love hate thing going on but it was mine and was my first real amp. I’ve had...
  11. jed mac

    Some sounds from the guild sfv

    I was doodling around tonight with the guild starfire and I came up with something I’d like to share and sorry it’s not YouTube link but I’m not a fan of posting short videos on YouTube
  12. jed mac

    When one’s not enough

    I posted on another forum that the telecaster is my favourite guitar style and honestly there’s still two more style of telecasters I want . I’d like to eventually have a 50s style telecaster modded with a humbucker in the neck and telecaster custom. Here’s my current two a squier 7 deluxe and a...
  13. jed mac

    79 Mesa down

    The other night I was using my old Mesa and I switched it to the lead channel and was like what? Where’s my volume? Not knowing what was going on I shut the amp down and dragged it into the other room where it remains for the foreseeable future lol 😂 I get no volume increase after volume 4 ...
  14. jed mac

    Ngd fsr deluxe

    so you guys probably say this coming a mile away but today I bought my first guitar since April of 2020 and it’s another telecaster! I’ve been fascinated by cbs fender telecasters for years now . I know some don’t like them but the idea of fender trying strange things pretty cool. So I ended...
  15. jed mac

    My telecasters over the years

    So over the yes I’ve went through many styles of guitars but keep going back to two shape an es335 double cut hollow body and of course the telecaster! 70s mij thinline 1982 jv squier 52 reissue with vintage Gibson humbucker A telecaster custom I built. And my current thinline I built ...
  16. jed mac

    Fsr deluxe telecaster

    So I found out today the local music store still had a sea foam green sparkle deluxe. I played it in December and it was a really nice plying guitar so they put it on hold till Monday and I’ll have to see if I can find someone with a credit card to but a deposit a down payment if I can’t I cross...
  17. jed mac

    Npd strymon mobius

    So my strymon mobius finally came in. After a few hours I got really pissed off at it !After the 5th or 6th time of messing up the settings I wanted to throw it through a wall. But then I found out all the options you can do by accident it was worth it . I have neat sounding chorus that that...
  18. jed mac

    How long would wait

    So I’m supposed to be buying a pedal board and the accessories for it on another forum. I sent the emt transfer yesterday at lunchtime and now it’s 7:30 and still hasn’t been accepted. I’m generally confused because he’s been online several times since then . So Like I said I’m confused because...
  19. jed mac

    Inpd xotic ep boost

    I have this coming in the mail
  20. jed mac

    Eqd dunes vs Friedman dirty Shirley

    So I’m very troubled and need some advice on making a decision. See to day I was offered two of the three od pedals I was looking at never expecting to get into and predicament like this. I posted on another place I was looking at three overdrive pedals eqd plunes Eqd dunes Friedman dirty...
  21. jed mac

    74 twin reverb review

    So it’s been almost a month since I bought my twin reverb and I must say it took some time to adjust to tonal differences between the Mesa and it but man did it ever grow on me . the twin reverb is a bright amp with lots of top end and the vintage 30s let you hear every little mistake you make...
  22. jed mac

    Pedal board build

    So I’ve officially started my pedal board Tuner-NA Volume-NA Compressor- keely compressor plus 1st over drive-NA 2nd over drive - NA 1st Delay- EARTHQUAKER Spiral space 2nd delay- NA Reverb- strymon flint Tremolo- strymon flint Chorus- NA right now all three have been shipped out and I’m...
  23. jed mac

    Possibly Stryman flint coming

    So I found a Strymon flint one of 9 pedals I’m look for so . He said he will hold on to till Monday when I have access to my money due to my debit card isn’t linked to online banking so unless he goes back on his word I’ll have a strymon flint coming
  24. jed mac

    Npd x2

    I have pulled the trigger on two pedals one delay and a compressor Earthquaker space spiral Keely compressor plus
  25. jed mac

    Earthquaker avalanche run & jhs lucky cat

    I am fairly interested in either one or both the avalanche run and lucky cat but I haven’t had the chance to try either. Years a go I was supposed to get an avalanche run but last minute things fell through. So I my question is have anyone have any experience with either pedals. the reason I...