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  1. slauson slim

    Paul Desmond On Music

    Paul Desmond, alto sax player with Dave Brubeck Quartet and author of Take Five. “The qualities in music which I considered most important—and still do—were beauty, simplicity, originality, discrimination, and sincerity.”
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    Terry Downs Lessons

    Found on VIMEO:
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    Hollywood Guitar Center Prices March 1970

    In 1970 minimum wage was $1.60 and median annual income about $9,900.
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    This is new, and very good. SF Bay Area band.
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    This Was At Last Night’s Gig

    At an art space. Fun crowd. I played a PRS SE II Soapbar into a Joyo American Sound into a Custom Vibrolux Reverb augmented with an Eminence Delta Pro in a 1x12 cab.
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    Spirit - Nature’s Way Live

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    El Watusi

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    Puppy Then And Now

    Eva came into our life 2/25/21, born 12/31/20. Cuteness devolved into carnage.
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    Aguas De Marco - Elis Regina

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    Minstrel Banjo/Rhiannon Giddens

    Fascinating history and construction of minstrel banjos - gut strings, no frets - plus Rhiannon Giddens. Familiar headstock shape on an early banjo. Her interview by Steve Earle piqued my interest.
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    Eddie Cochran Live 1959

    From Los Angeles country music television show Town Hall Party, broadcast from Compton. Eddie does his hits and more and is interviewed by Johnny Bond.
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    Bloomberg - The Market for Musical Gear Is Amping Up Like Never Before
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    Real Nature - Hawk Kill On Our Patio

    Yesterday afternoon my wife and I were reading and having a coffee in our living room. There was a thump, we looked up and a bird had struck the glass patio sliding door and was holding on by its claws to the screen. There was a flash of dark wings, and in an instant the bird was gone, yanked...
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    Our New Dog Eva

    Eva joined the family last Wednesday night. She was born 12/31/20, and we were told she is Shepherd, Boxer, Pittie, and more. She is alert, playful, vocal and learning the ropes. She had her first walk on a leash yesterday to the mailbox and got nervous about a passing delivery truck. A couple...
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    '70s Home Stereo Equipment-Prices Then And Now

    I have been cleaning, dusting and checking over my '70s vintage home stereo system: Marantz 2275 receiver and JBL L36 Decade and L77 Lancer speakers. As an exercise I decided to look up the original list prices of the system components, their value in 2021 dollars and current sales prices...
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    Merry Christmas From The Family

    Feliz Navidad...
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    Thoughts From Willie Nelson

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    Tell Me When It's Over

    Dream Syndicate:
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    This Will Change Your Life

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    Friday Night, Salina UT

    My wife and I just got off a road trip to Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. Last Friday night about 6 pm driving in Salina, Utah - about 3,000 population - we saw two teenage girls in their cheerleading uniforms in front of the local drive-in. Friday night, high school football. Good to see, and...
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    Rhapsody In Blue - Wonderful Evening

    The other night my wife and I hosted another couple for dinner. They are both about 20 years younger, involved in the same industry we have an interest in, and are involved in cutting-edge projects and play piano. Good dinner conversation about politics - far differing opinions, music, books...