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  1. htloren

    I think I figured out my EJ Strat issue

    Hi all, Just an observation. Been struggling with the EJ Stratocaster and I think I know why. I find that my EJ Strat is on the dark side, I mean compared to my ‘52 Tele and American Strat. Am starting to think it is because of the speakers he uses. I have an Eminence EJ1250, alnico. It is a...
  2. htloren

    Does hz Current difference affect my amp in any way?

    Hi all, Just a quick question. I just noticed that my Bassman has a power input requirement of 230v at 50hz. The country where I am at provides 220v at 60hz. Is there a problem with the differences in current? Thanks in advance!
  3. htloren

    Deluxe Reverb bias direction colder/hotter question?

    Hi all! Just a quick question. Wanted to ask, which direction do I turn the bias to get the tubes colder/warmer? Thanks! Loren
  4. htloren

    Pickups replacement questions

    Hi, Just curious, an in general question. When pickups for a Strat are replaced, are the pickup wires normally cut to a desired or ideal length or are they usually not cut and just installed? Do replacing pots and controls matter too? Or just replacing pickups is fine? Thanks. Loren
  5. htloren

    Eric Johnson first Strat series vs Virginia

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask. I have the first series EJ Strat. I know the specs of that guitar and the Virginia. For those who have tried both, which do you prefer? Alder vs sassafras, huge difference? Both plugged and unplugged? Is the Virginia closer to AVM or both can get you there? Love my...
  6. htloren

    Bassman sounding off. Help

    Hi all, Wanted to ask, if an amp isn’t used for a long while, do the tubes still degrade? I haven’t used my ‘59 Bassman LTD Reissue for a long while. It started off as great. A few days later, it sounded thin, lacking bass and compressed. I checked the voltage and where I live, it should be...
  7. htloren

    Bassman jumpered compression and headroom question

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask. It’s been a while since I played with my Fender ‘59 Bassman LTD reissue. Been using my Princeton Reverb and Deluxe Reverb more just because of the situations. Smaller events for the Deluxe and recording with the Princeton in a small room. I pulled out the...
  8. htloren

    Question on Beyerdynamic 880 Pro

    Hi all, Wanted to ask about the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro. I am looking to use for mixing. I recently got the DT770 Pro and love it. The DT770 Pro's sound stage is amazing. I can literally hear definition and panning and not just like a left and right thing. Really impressed. I got the 770 Pro 80...
  9. htloren

    Use EQ with reference headphones?

    Hi all, Just a quick question. For tracking I use a Mackie MC250 closed back headphones and for critical listening, Shure SRH1440 open backs. My main reference is my Yamaha HS8 with it’s matching sub. I run my headphones into my Babyface Pro FS. My question: is it a standard to use EQ with...
  10. htloren

    Monitors and room effect experience

    Hi all, Just wanted to share an experience. I just recently noticed my right speaker (Yamaha HS8) sounded compressed, small, darker compared to my left speaker. Kinda drove me nuts but I figured out the solution (with a little research and luck). It was a bad cable from my interface into...
  11. htloren

    Suggestion for Audio Interfaces for iPad

    Hi All, I hope that this is the proper place to ask my question? Can anyone recommend an iPad friendly audio interface with it’s own interface for controlling it’s internal features? I am considering a MOTU Ultralite MK5 (Cuemix 5) or Steinberg UR RT4 (DSPMixFx). Other options? Thanks! Loren
  12. htloren

    Suhr Bella stock tubes brand question

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask, what is the brand of the stock tubes in the Suhr Bella? A follow up question, does the amp have a fixed bias? Thanks. Loren
  13. htloren

    Brigadier into two amps question

    Hi all, I would like to ask if anyone uses their Strymon Brigadier out into 2 amplifiers? Also, was routing into two amps part of the design of the Brigadier? Nothing on the manual about using two amps. I would like to plug direct into the input of each amp using the Brigadier. The Brigadier...
  14. htloren

    Can anyone tell me what 6L6GC brand this is?

    Hi, A friend of mine gave me what he thought were TAD 6L6WGC-STR tubes. He got rid of his 6L6 amp and put JJ’s in it. He knew I love TAD tubes so gave this to me. I finally got to physically check it out and it turned out to be NOS 6L6GC tubes! Matched pair from the Tube Store. The brand is...
  15. htloren

    What is v2 in a Fender ‘59 Bassman LTD?

    Hi, Just wanted to ask what is the v2 in Fender ‘59 Bassman LTD? What does it do? Does it matter what I put in there? Thanks. Loren
  16. htloren

    Tubes with different PC rating question help

    Hi all, I have two TAD 6v6. One with a PC rating of 35, the other 32. A difference of 3. I seem to remember but can no longer find the reference, that a max PC difference of 3 is acceptable? Can I use them together? I understand my amp won’t be as clean but will it harm either the tubes or the...
  17. htloren

    DRRi hiss help

    Hi, My ‘65 Deluxe Reverb has hiss. I can only say that even without any guitar plugged in and the volumes of both channels are at zero there is hiss. Increasing the volume doesn’t increase the hiss. it’s not loud but loud enough in a quiet room to be annoying. Quiet I mean, small room, no...
  18. htloren

    Use DRRi Normal channel with direct guitar, Vibrato channel reverb only question

    Hi guys! I have a 2 channel Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb reissue. The Normal channel has no reverb but the Vibrato channel does. I was thinking of using the Vibrato channel as sort of like a reverb effect to the Normal channel (direct channel) using a Radial Engineering amp switcher set to “both”...
  19. htloren

    Vintage pedals noisy is this normal?

    Hi, Are vintage pedals normally noisy. Are old, analog, bucket brigade type pedal susceptible to noise like hiss? I am considering getting pedals like the vintage Boss CE2 or Boss DM2? But the few I have tried have hiss. I have read noise to be an issue with these pedals. Thanks. Loren
  20. htloren

    What happens to dry signal in 2 control chorus pedal

    Really was just curious. In a 2 control (Speed, Depth) chorus pedal like a Boss CE2 or an Anadime ADC-3, what happens to the dry signal? Is there still a dry signal (separate from the wet that can be heard)? Is the dry signal in a fix setting or is the dry signal connected to the Depth control...
  21. htloren

    Help on proper install 2x12 different watt speakers

    Hi all! I have a question on installing 2 speakers with different watts. One is 50w. The other is 40w. Both are 8ohms. Right now I have 2 speakers in the 2x12 with the same watts. I have yet to put the 50w speaker in it. I noticed in my 2x12, one speaker has all the connections there, all...
  22. htloren

    Speaker cone cry questions

    Hi everyone! I have read online that paper cones are prone to cone cry. All my speakers use paper cones and I have noticed that most (when used in a 1x12 configuration) have cone cry. The alnicos cry way louder and my ceramics can be low enough that most won’t hear it but but it is there. I...
  23. htloren

    How are amplifier dimensions measured?

    Hi all! I have an odd question. How do I measure a guitar cab’s dimensions in inches? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for an extension cab that has the same exact measurements as my Deluxe Reverb. I think I found it from Guitar Cabinet Direct. My Problem: when I measure my...
  24. htloren

    Inside Cab cable and speaker cable different awg question

    Hi all, I am interested in getting an Eminence 1x12 Wood Works cab. The spec says the cab uses a 16awg wire inside. From the head to the cab, the speaker cable I am using is an Evidence Siren. I believe the cable is 20awg. A second question, I am also considering an Avatar Traditional 112...
  25. htloren

    ‘65 Deluxe Reverb thud on vibrato want to move photocell

    Hi all, I have a thud thud vibrato problem with my ‘65 Deluxe Reverb reissue. It only appears when I have my vibrato turned on and it follows the vibrato settings. My amp has come back from the shop and was told it was normal but louder than usual. No harm to the amp. I wonder if it will harm...