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  1. inanevoyage

    Been a great year so far with my PRS 594

    My 2010 American Deluxe Tele is getting a little less playtime these days thanks to this new axe. 10-top in faded whale blue. Really compliments the tele versatility well with the low wind humbuckers and coil-taps.
  2. inanevoyage

    [NGD] Holy Grail ES-335. Heaven on Earth.

    She’s a truly unique 335 out of Memphis. A 2011 with special dog-eared P90 pickups instead of the ’57 buckers, giving a hot bright sound. The Custom Shop gave it their coil-tap feature to limit the output on the pups on jazzy occasions. They did a run of these P90s in the ES semi-hollows a...
  3. inanevoyage

    Glad to be here! From Cambridge, MA

    Hey guys! With the help of archives from this forum, I picked out my Xmas present - a new American Deluxe Tele! I also picked up a cute little Vox tube amp to juice her in my apartment. I don't have a video of me playing it yet, but I did get a little wacky in my excitement last...