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  1. Brutalblues

    Roy Buchanan's son, David J Buchanan

    David J Buchanan, Poet, Nature photographer, brother of Jenny and son of the late guitar legend Roy Buchanan has left this world behind, and much too soon. R.I.P. David! Please feel free to leave condolences on David's facebook page or on the Roy Buchanan page that David created in honor of his...
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    Merry Christmas, all. Here's an mp3 from Spyder Bolles
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    I hope I'm lucky enough to win (Joe Satriani content)

    This is really a rant. My post title is intended to be read with great sarcasm. Read this email I received from the Joe Satriani "fan club". I subscribed so I could be alerted when new shows/tours were announced. This "Contest" just rubbed me the wrong way. Please read and comment! Special...
  4. Brutalblues

    Humorous Craigslist Twin Reverb Ad

    I think the seller is slightly delusional, what do you think?
  5. Brutalblues

    Central NJ Bill Kirchen Free Show...Shhhhhh!

    TOMS RIVER — Music legend Bill Kirchen will sing at a special show at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library, 101 Washington St., at 7 p.m. Friday night,(03/06/09) library staff said. Kirchen, widely known...
  6. Brutalblues

    Google > images > TDPRI avatar > search

    "You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard, Some that you recognize, some that you've hardly even heard of." The Kinks No, but seriously, a cool way to see TDPRI'ers avatars and screen names, past and present. My search showed over 700 results.
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    Please contact the Administrator if your date of birth has changed.

    :lol::lol: I just found this line in the "User CP" section under "Edit your details" Can someone please 'splain this one to me? :lol:
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    Some cool "guitarsy" apparel

    I saw the coolest one of a kind Nike sneaks once on ebay. They were all tweed like a '59 Bassman and they had Fender logos on the heels. I saved the pics but can't find them...anyone know the shoes I'm talking about? The guy selling them said they were "one off proto-types" and he said he had...
  9. Brutalblues

    Crazy looking ebay listed "Rare" guitar

    Less than 100 made according to seller. Looks like an Edsel to me...:lol:
  10. Brutalblues

    Tasteful ebay notice

    Up for grabs is my early 1978 Telecaster at a reduced price. Please check it out
  11. Brutalblues

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig....

    Sorry, no political implications and don't even go there! Check out this MIM and read the "Certificate of Authenticity" LOL...
  12. Brutalblues

    Bikini pickguard? eBay silliness....
  13. Brutalblues

    Has anyone ever suggested/requested an "In Memoriam" section?

    Anyone ever suggest a section or page of TDP and TDPRI members who we have known who have passed on and are no longer with us? It would have maybe their Member name, Avatar and/or photograph as available. I did a search to see if anyone has suggested this before but ten pages of looking for...
  14. Brutalblues

    Tasteful eBay notice '69 and '78 Teles

    In the event anyone here may have interest, I just put my two Teles up on eBay. I'm not happy about doing it but I'm up against a few bills. Prices will probably be regarded as high by most here, but I checked around a little and they are actually pretty much in-line with what others are asking...
  15. Brutalblues

    Craigslist ALERT!! Danny Gatton worked on Tele!

    If I had $1,500.00 extra layin' around I'd be on this! Maybe someone here can snag it.
  16. Brutalblues

    Happy 54th Birthday Stevie Ray Vaughan!

    Happy Birthday Stevie, wherever you might be..... kxDfZPOoKDc
  17. Brutalblues

    From the Grave to the Cradle..The Orville Mandolin

    This is quite a strikingly beautiful tribute IMHO. Of particular interest is where they got the Black Spruce for the top!
  18. Brutalblues

    Was Axl Rose Jim Dandy's illegitimate love child?

    You decide! (This is actually a Black Oak Arkansas appreciation thread) JG-DiPZ36zE and of course there's bPsaGPzCHkQ
  19. Brutalblues

    Americas Funniest Home it Ole Fuzzy?!!

    I have seen this clip twice on TV but couldn't find it posted anywhere. I swear there's a video of a guy standing on a ladder cutting down a palm tree and he looks just like Ole Fuzzy. Black cowboy hat and all! Anyone else know the clip?
  20. Brutalblues

    I love "Blog Monkey"!

    You will need to follow the link for this because it's a little racy for the TDPRI. It's humor, but if you are "sensitive" I recommend you ignore this. "Blog Monkey" makes me laugh out loud every time I see a new one.
  21. Brutalblues

    New band "Bigelf" claiming greatness....

    Our genetic codes are from the great ones, the great acts and rock groups of the past,” says frontman Damon Fox. “We’ve been exploring taboo grounds for a long time, and the oxygen is really thin up here. It’s a very high mentality, and there’s very little room for error. When you get into those...
  22. Brutalblues

    "Amazing" '69 Telecaster (ebay content)

    Is this a con? Looks like it to me. Bad pics, too low of a price, no reserve, hilarious description padded with irrelevant "telecaster facts and history".
  23. Brutalblues

    R.I.P. Dr. Albert Hofmann 1906 - 2008

    Please, no discussion, just a fond farewell...... Just a reminder.....let's keep the "good old day" stories and clever references out of it or this thread will be closed! :sad:
  24. Brutalblues

    Let's see your MEEZ......

    I know it's silly, even somewhat narcisitic, but it's kinda fun...... And when you do it on their site the animation is longer. I think I used the only Tele they had, but you can borrow mine! :lol: If you have fun doing this and you feel like it, put my friend sportie62 as a referral...
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